About this Recording
8.553388 - RAMEAU: La naissance d'Osiris / Abaris ou les Boréades

Jean-Philippe Rameau was born in Dijon in 1683, in a house which still stands at 5-7 Rue Vaillant. The seventh of eleven children, he was sent to study law, but spent so much time composing and singing that he was expelled from school! That was to prove a very shrewd move for the world of music, as he became one of the finest organists, harpsichordists and conductors of his time. His compositions were vast in numbers, spreading from keyboard music through to ballet and opera.

The two works on this disc are orchestral suites drawn from dramatic works written towards the end of his life, La Naissance dating from 1754, with Abaris composed in the last year or his life, and was never performed in the composers lifetime.

Neither would rank as part of his major output, but they do demonstrate the sheer craftsmanship of a composer who in his day was thought to rival Bach.

Neither work is receiving its first recording, but there is no other coupling, and to add to the authenticity we have the fine Hungarian original instrument group, Capella Savaria making their debut on the Naxos label.

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