About this Recording
8.553451 - SOR: Introduction and Variations Opp. 26-28 / Etudes Op. 29

We have now reached Volume Seven in the complete guitar music of Fernando Sor, a release which will be a landmark in guitar recordings.

Sor had backed the wrong side in the Spanish war and eventually fled the country where he had already established himself as one of the great virtuoso guitar players. He first of all made his home in London and then settled in the mecca of guitar music of the period, Paris.

He arrived in the capitol of France already having written successful operas, ballets, piano music as well as his immense library of guitar music. However, there were already many well established guitarists in Paris, and though he was to join their ranks, he was also forced to take up the teaching of talented amateurs and professional guitarists, and for that purpose he wrote a number of studies, the second book of his Op. 29, obviously intended for intermediate to advanced guitarists, is included on this disc.

The remainder of this discs is largely devoted to displays of virtuosity in the three wonderful Introductions and Variations on well known themes. They come from the latter years of his life, and display the complexity to which he had developed guitar composition. The disc ends with one of Sor's great exhibitions of technical accomplishment of the musician.

For those who take an interest in the technical side of recording, this disc, made in June 1995, uses the latest 20-Bit Technology for high definition sound quality.

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