About this Recording
8.553526 - ARNOLD, M.: Dances

For the first time on CD we have the complete set of Malcolm Arnold Dances, the English, Scottish, Cornish, Irish and Welsh conducted by Andrew Penny who has already given the quite outstanding premiere recording of Arnold's 9th Symphony.

The recording was made by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, and before departing for the recording in Australia, Penny worked with Arnold on the scores to ensure that he met the composers wishes.

This is quite another matter from the 9th Symphony, for it captures Arnold in his most rumbustious and popular mood, each of the titles drawing from him music related to that particular part of the world, the composer never afraid to draw upon a folk idiom.

The 9th Symphony has been a tremendous marketing success, and with this disc released as part of his 75th birthday celebrations we are expecting an equally enthusiastic market reception.

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