About this Recording
8.554414 - SCHENCK: Nymphs of the Rhine, Vol. 1

Johannes Schenck (1660-after 1712), born in Amsterdam, was a composer whose work represented an early synthesis of French, German and Italian styles. Le Nymphe di Rheno par due Viole da Gamba sole, Opus 8, (The Nymphs of the Rhine for two Solo Violas da Gamba) was published in Amsterdam between 1697 and 1706. Opus 8 is a set of twelve sonatas or suites with an Italian title but a style that suggests French influences. The first six sonatas are performed in this first volume, and the various changes of mood and dance require both technical agility and a deep sensitivity to this graceful, plaintive and often profound musical expression. Upon hearing such richness, one is immediately reminded of the first encounter with the music of Marin Marais.

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