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8.554428 - RYBA: Czech Christmas Mass / Missa Pastoralis
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Jakub Jan Ryba (1765-1815)
Czech Christmas Masses

Over the years, the Czech Christmas Mass "Hej, mistře" (Hail, master!) by Jakub Jan Ryba has become an inherent part of Czech tradition. This is mainly owing to the simplicity, the emotional impact and pure comprehensiveness of Ryba's music. These are also the attributes that have been accepted without exception by all interpreters taking part in this recording. It has been the intention to record Ryba's Christmas music with an approach and a spirit that are as close as possible to the original intention of the composer. In addition to the Czech Christmas Mass, the present release also includes Ryba's Missa pastoralis, which has been recorded here for the first time.

In the Czech lands in the eighteenth century, music occupied an irreplaceable position. Based on along tradition, it drew on perennial local resources. Apart from their basic school duties, country schoolmasters were also musicians and music teachers. Teaching music in elementary schools was important for educational and social reasons. It gave talented pupils access to many ecclesiastical and secular scholarships, especially those for choristers, allowing them to go to higher schools; and the musical talent of students opened up opportunities for employment in private or public service. Music and school were the main sources of activity for the many promoters of the Czech national revival of that time, and Jakub Jan Ryba, as teacher, writer, poet and composer, was one of those who made a great contribution through their prolific creative work.

Jakub Jan Ryba was born the son of a teacher, organist and composer on 26th October 1765 in Přeštice. When he was seven, the family moved to Nepomuk, where he also started attending school. His father taught him to play the violin, the piano and the organ. His first attempts at composition from that time have not been preserved. In the late 1770s the young Ryba started learning the basics of Latin grammar and Greek. His father, wanting to give his clever son a higher education, tried to secure one of the secular scholarships for him, but without success. Help finally came from Ryba's uncle, Jan Vaniček, who took him to Prague in 1780 to study at the Piarist Gymnasium. Apart from his studies, he devoted much of his time to music. He learnt the cello, and went on to play in the St Wenceslas Seminary and in church choirs. He also played the organ in the Church of St Salvator. Having started to earn an income by playing the cello or organ in church choirs and selling his compositions, Ryba could afford to go to the opera. In this way he became familiar with the music of many composers, especially Italian opera composers, and also with the music of Mozart. Later, he was to conduct Mozart's Marriage of Figaro in Prague.

In 1784 Ryba found that a teaching post in Nepomuk had become vacant and he gave up his studies as well as his plans for making a mark on Prague's musical life. It was at that time that many of the scholarships were abolished, and it was highly unlikely that under these changed conditions Ryba would have been able to support himself and his studies. He applied for the teaching position and received an appointment notice as an assistant teacher on condition that he presented his teaching qualifications. After a teaching course he obtained qualifications to teach in parish schools and spent a short period in the school at Nepomuk, leaving in 1786 left to teach in Mníšek where, besides his teaching work, he started composing, with works including the Festive Mass in D major, three other Masses, and a hymn, lste Confessor.

In February 1788 Ryba came as a new teacher to Rožmitál, where he was to spend the longest period of his life. Here, in 1790, he married Anna Langlerova, who bore him nine children. It was in Rožmitál that Ryba composed his most important and popular works. In 1788 he wrote his Missa pastoralis in D major using Latin as well as Czech texts, a work for which there is no surviving autograph. It may be assumed that for most ordinary church-goers the pastoral mass with its Latin text was made more familiar by using the tunes of popular carols and folk-songs, and Czech texts set to music would be even closer to the listeners. Pastoral scenes, too, were included in the liturgy, mostly in the interchangeable sections of the Mass or at the end. Their inclusion in the fixed sections of the Mass was probably a constant source of debate.

Ryba wrote his Christmas Mass "Hail, master!" in 1796. Its programmatic sequence basically follows the plot used in the folk Christmas Nativity plays. In a rather unusual treatment of the introductory sections, Ryba demonstrates his ability to create a dramatic increase of tension among the listeners. The angel voices do not announce the birth of the Saviour until the second section of the Mass, the Gloria. In the first section, the Kyrie, the shepherds argue about the possible causes of the natural phenomena observed in the night. In the Graduale and the Credo the shepherds are preparing for their journey to Bethlehem. The Offertory pays homage to the new-born child. The three final sections, Sanctus, Benedictus and Agnus Dei, are presented as celebratory songs of praise before the cradle, with the choir in the final passage praying for peace on Earth to men of good will. Although in form this work has all the hallmarks of a Mass, the use of text and musical setting make it more like a Christmas cantata.

A characteristic feature of both Masses on this recording is the bright mood of joy and the feeling of happiness radiating from every note. The schoolmaster of Rožmitál always seemed to have bright, expressive and memorable tunes at his fingertips. In his music Ryba achieved the aim that he pursued throughout his life: to speak clearly and vividly to people's hearts. On 8th April 1815 Ryba took his own life in the forest outside Rožmitál, apparently as the result of progressive internal depression.


Česká mie vánoční


Czech Christmas Mass






Hej mistře, vstaň bystře,

vzhlédni na jasnost,

nebes na švarnost,

krásu uhlídáš,

v tento noční čas.


Hvězdy jsou dnes krásnější,

obloha je jasnější,

měsíc krásně plápolá,

světlý je jak obora,

denice již vychází.

z hájů volá zvěř,

cvrlikáním přelibým

ptáčků zvučí keř.

rozléhá se les.


Slyším za horou tam zvuk,

moldánkový jemný hluk.

Ejhle! Slyšíš, mistře,

slyšíš dudlování, libé hraní,

jak to zvučí, krásně hučí,

honem vstaň, mistře,

prohlédni bystře!



Nu, nu proč mi nedáš

v spaní pokoje?

Proč mne nyní lekáš?

Řekni, copak je?

Celý den jsem v práci byl,

v potu tváře lopotil,

a tu když mám odpočinout

ty mně nedáš spáti;

řekni, řekni.

copak přece má to znamenati?


Tenor, Bass

Co jest to,

co jest to za libé hraní?

Nebeský toť jest zpěv a plesání.


Totojá slyším dnes celou noc.

To musí znamenot velmi moc.

Proto jsem tě probudil,

abys slyšel hraní.

Jsem rád, žes mne probudil

k tomu podívání.


Bez všeho honem prodlení

běžme tam, kde to libě zní.

Těto noci přepodivné

všecko všudy jest jak ve dne.

Jak vše padá libě vuši,

jak vše proniká mou duši!


Zas to hučí,

mile zvučí,

pojdme tam se podívat,

nechtějme prodlěvat.





Master, hey! Rise I say!

Look out at the sky,

Splendour shines on high,

Such a glorious sight

At this time of night.


Now the stars more brightly shine,

Seldom was the sky so fine;

Brightly glows the moon tonight,

And the park is bathed in light;

Early shines the morning star,

Game calls from afar;

From the bushes twitterlings

Ev'ry bird there sings

And the woodland rings.


O'er the mountain I can hear

Gentle syrinx sweet and clear.

See now! Hearken! Master! Hearken!

Do you hear the bagpipes sounding,

Lovely tunes and drones resounding.

Master, do take heed!

Rise now, rise with speed!



Why disturb my sleeping

When I need to rest?

Why are you arousing

Fear within my breast?

Long I toiled and I perspired,

By the day's end I was tired;

Now my strength I must recover;

But since I am stirring,

Tell me, tell me, what's your reason,

What can be occurring.



What may those strains be?

Beauty that lingers?

Jubilant voices, heavenly sing.


That is the music I heard so long.

Much meaning lies in celestial song.

That's why I awaken'd you,

So that you could hear it.

You did right; that wond'rous sight,

Who would e'er believe it!


Let us both haste with winged feet

To where that music sounds so sweet.

Over the lea on this strange night,

All can be seen flooded with light.

To these strains I am attracted,

And my soul is now affected.


Lo! that singing,

Sweetly ringing.

We must seek these sounds so gay,

So no longer we'll delay.






Sláva budiž Bohu velikěmu,

pokoj lidu všemu pokornému,

neb se narodil Spasitel,

všeho světa Vykupitel.


Vstaňte rychle,

pastýřové srdce věrného,

zanechte stád,

pastuškové srdce dobrého.


Pojd’te k Betlému, městu svatému,

uvidíte tam světlo nebeské.

Syna božího v podobě lidské.

To vám zde zvěstujem, nad tím se radujem.

Vstaňte rychle, běžte k Betlému,

k Ježíšku dnes narozenému!



Co je to? Kde je to?

Co to slyším za hlas,

jenžto volá na nás?

A hle! Všecko všudy jasno,

vše se krásně třpytí,

neobyčejným způsobem

obloha se svítí.


To musí něco znamenat,

musím hned stádo domů hnát.

Vzbudím svou chasu,

aby tu krásu pozorovala

a pak se mnou šla k Betlému,

jak jsem slyšel,

z oblohy když hlas vyšel.


Alto, tenor

To jest jasnost skvostná,

to jest noc milostná.

Hvězdičky krásně plápolají,

krásní tónové

ze všech stran se rozléhají.


O vy krásná nebesa,

proč se dnes šlechtíte?

Proč se dnes tak překrásně

nad námi třpytíte?

Betlém stojí jak v ohni,

co to má znamenat?

Jenom, bratře, tam vzhlédni,

pojď se tam podívat!



Bratři moji!



Copak chceš?



Vám zvěstuji,



Jen pověz!



Že jsem slyšel z nebe hlas,

a to v tento noční čas,

že se narodil světa Mesiáš.



Alleluja, alleluja,

chvalme Boha mocnéha!

Alleluja, alleluja,

ctěme Boha mocného,

ctěme Boha dobrého!


Pojd’me tam, pojd’me tam

Dítě vítati,

Písněmi, hudbami



Bohu prostým

srdcem díky vzdávati,

slavně, hlučně zpívati,

Dítě vítati.


Pojd’me tam, pojd’me tam,

Pojd’me dítě vítati,

jemu díky vzdávati.


Alleluja, alleluja,

ctme Boha dobrého!

Alleluja, alleluja,

chvalme Boha mocného,

Boha mocného,

Boha dobrého!

Ctěme Boha mocného!





Glory to the mighty Lord most holy,

Peace be unto all the meek and lowly,

God be praised for our Saviour's birth,

He who comes to redeem the earth.


Faithful shepherd rise up quickly,

For your hearts are true;

Steadfast guardians, leave your pastures

Angels summon you!


Come to Bethlehem, to that holy place;

There you will behold heav'nly signs of grace.

God's son has been born On this happy morn.

Joyful news we're bringing, Praising God with singing.

With all haste to Bethlehem now run,

For the Lord has given you his son.



What is that? Where is that?

Whose voice am I hearing

With good tidings bearing?

Lo! how clear the sight before me

As I stand here waiting,

And the sky with jewels studded

Is now scintillating.


I'll find out what it must potend,

Buty first make sure my flocks are penned;

Next my lads I'll wake;

Beauty they shall see;

They too I shall take on the road with me,

And for Bethlehem we'll make,

For that was the voice's plea.



Brilliance so amazing

From the stars is blazing!

And on this night from all directions,

Heav'nly music rings.

Wafted down on gossamer wings.


Why such splendou in the sky

Everywhere abounding?

Why magnificence on high

Which is so astounding?

Bethlem seems to be ablaze;

Why can it be glowing?

Brother, yonder cast your gaze,

There we must be going.



O my brothers,



We can hear;



Tidings have I.



Let us hear!



I have heard the angels sing

Of a truly wond'rous thing;

On this very morn our Messiah was born!



Alleluia! Alleluia!

To Almighty God give praise!

Alleluia! Alleluia!

To our bounteous God give praise!

Worship now our bounteous Lord!


Let's away and we'll pay

Homage to the child;

Praises sing to our King

Who is undefiled.


Let us thank the Lord!

Our hearts are filled with joy;

Praise with one accord

All hail the new born boy.


Let's away, let's away

To the infant we must go

To pay hommage and bow low.


Alleluia! Alleluia!

Let us worship the good Lord!

Alleluia! Alleluia!

Let us praise the mighty Lord!

Praise Almighty God,

Praise our bounteous God!

Let us worship our Lord God!






Vzhůru bratři,jenom čerstvě vstávejte!

K Betlému se se mnou honem vydejte!

Pospíchám teď zvěstovat velikou radost,

nelenujte jen vstávat, spatříte jasnost,

která Betlém osvěcuje,

celé nebe okrašluje,

vstaňte s rychlostí,

pojd’te k Betlému,

k Neviňátkovi dnes zrozenému.



Kdopak se narodil?

Pověz nám!



Mesiáš dnes přišel k nám.



Kdepak je?



V Betlémě.



Kdopak je?



Pán ze mě.

Vstaňte, pojd’te se mnou tam,

kde se zjevil nám světa všeho Mesiáš,

Vykupitel náš.



Vstaňme, běžme tam,

kde se zjevil nám světa Mesiáš.

Vykupitel náš.



Jste všichni připraveni?



Jsme, jsme!



Na cestu přistrojeni?



Jděme! Jděme stáda spraviti,

potom půjdem k Betlému,

s přivítáním poběhnem,

k Ježíškovi milému.



Jeden svolá všechnu chasu a jí vyřídí,

aby vzala housle, basu, to jí nařídí,

Ty pak, Ferdo, běž hned za háj,

vzbudiž celý Záleský kraj,

a ty, Jožko, jdi za horu,

Janku svolej lidi v boru.


Pozvi všecky dobré hudce,

zpěváky a hodné trubce,

a tak půjdem k Betlému

s hlučnou muzikou,

k místu právě šťastnému s chutí velikou,

s chutí velikou.



Budem Boha ctít srdcem pobožným,

jeho velebit duchem pokorným.

Všecko všudy svoláme,

na cestu se vydáme.

K Betlému teď půjdeme,

Boha slavit budeme.





Wake, o wake up brothers, quickly you must rise;

We'll to Bethlehem where a baby lies.

With all haste I come to bring glorious news each night,

Rise up quickly one and all, dazzling is the light;

Bethlehem with light is glowing

And the sky with light is growing;

We must hasten now on this blessed morn,

For at Bethlehem

There's a child been born.



Who was horn on this morn?

We would know!



Our Messiah was born today.



Where is he?






Who is he?



Lord on earth.

Rise up come along with me,

The Messiah is here; seek where he appeared to me.

Our redeemer dear!



There's no time to waste,

The Messiah is here; seek him with all haste,

Our redeemer dear!



Are you ready, all of you?



We are!



Quite prepared to set off now?



Let's go! Once our flocks are safe from harm,

Then to Bethlehem we'll race,

Hurry forth to greet the child,

Greet dear Jesus face to face.



Now the lads are all assembled, they are told to bring

Violin and bass, and play sweet Music to their King.

You Fred, go beyond the woodland,

Waken them and urge they meet us;

Joey, go beyond the mountain,

Jack, tell forest folk to join us.


All the very best musicians,

Singers, pipers, shall go with us,

All shall haste to Bethlehem

On this day of joy;

Dulcet music echoing

Round the holy boy.



We shall worship God for his wond'rous ways,

And with humble hearts offer him our praise.

We'll proclaim it high and low,

Ev'ry one with us will go;

From our sould our praise will stem

As we go to Bethlehem.






Pospíchjme k Betlému,

místu svatému,

k Dítěti nebeskému

Pánu věčnému!

Budem se mu klaněti,

zpěvy slavně chváliti

nejradostnj vítati

Pána věčného,

Syna Božího.



Již se jen připravte,

hudby si upravte!

Budem Boha prostě chválit,

ale upřímně.

Budem Dítě božské slavit zpěvy úplně.

Jenom všichni za mnou pajďte,

píšťaly a trouby strojte!



Copak s sebou máme do Betléma vzít?

Copak přece všecko máme s sebou mít?

Janku, Jožko, Kubo, Ferdo

ostatní všichni.

Copak máme s sebou vzíti

a neb načpak máme hráti?

Jenom nám řekni!



V pravé pobožnosti,

svaté nábožnosti

vyhrávati budeme.

Bohu poděkujeme,

za nám dané spasení

skrz Ježíše zrození.

Pojd’te, pojd’te k Betlému,

místu přeblaženému,

chvalozpvy začneme,

jak jen Betlém uzříme



Kdopak dary ponese?



Ty nám Tomek poveze.



Tak již raděj půjdeme,

Pána chválit budeme,

budem vroucně zpívati,

Mesiáše, Mesiáše k nám vítati.


Tak již pojd’me v rychlosti,

dojdem velké milosti;

Mesiáše spatříme,

božské Dítě uzříme,

budem líbat Ježíška

dobrého, laskavého, milostného


Bohu pějme,

nebes Otci chválu vzdejme,

radujme se srdečně

u jesliček společně!



Sláva buď tobě,

Bože věčný,

Bože velký, nekonečný,

ve svě moci jsi jediný,

Budiž na věky od nás všech chválen,

vděčně oslaven, nejvýš veleben,

to až na věky, amen.





Now to Bethlehem we'll haste

To the sacred shrine,

Seeking out the newborn child,

Holy and Divine.

In his presence we shall kneel,

then our hymns will loudly peal,

Uttering the joy we feel;

Wond'rous is the birth

Of God's son on earth!



See all is organized,

Music is supervized;

We shall praise our Lord sincerely

In a simple way,

And the child with hymns we'll honour

On this blessed day.

Pipers, trumpeters, we need you,



All must follow where I lead you.

Tell us what to take to Bethlehem today.

Must we carry much while going that long way?

Johnny! Joey! Jimmy! Freddy! And the rest of you!

Tell us quickly what to take there

And what music we shall make there;

Tell us what to play!



Loving hearts inspire us,

Steadfast faith will fire us

When as one we sing and play

Praising God this holy day;

He who has redeemed each one

By the gift of his dear Son.

Come to Bethlehem with me,

That thrice lessed place we'll see;

In that town for which we long

We shall praise the Lord in song.



Who will take our presents there?



All our off rings Tom will bear.



Let us go with one accord

So that we may praise the Lord;

We shall greet the holy boy,

Christ the Messiah, with greatest joy.


Now let's rally to the call,

On us God's own grace will fall;

He upon us all has smiled,

Giving us his holy child.

Rev'rently the babe we'll kiss;

Kind is he and blemish free, Such grace has he!


Here we gather praising God,

the heav'nly father;

We shall carol joyfully

Where the child lies peacefully,



Praise to the Lord omniscient!

Glory to God omnipotent!

One God have we,

Our Lord Almighty.

Plaudits to the skies will for ever rise;

All to you will gaze; fervently we praise

All your wond'rous ways. Amen.






V pokoře poklekněme,

Dítě Boží uctěme!

Dary mu obětujme

a je srdcem celujme!



To je Dítě vznešené,

slávou nebes oděné.

Jak vztahuje k nám ručičky,

jak milostně jsou očičky.

Jak nás rádo všecky vidí,

jak milostně na nás hledí.


Ó, Dět’átko milostivé.

budiž nám vždy dobrotivé.

Tobě se zde klaníme,

obět' svou zde činíme.


Obejmi nás láskou svou,

potěš a tváří milostnou,

obdař všecky milostí,

zblaž nás věčnou rodostí,

uděl nám požehnání,

pokojné obcování!



Nuže, bratři, zahrajme,

potom zase zazpíváme

ke cti toho Dět'átko,

útlého neviňátka.



Naštymujte hudby jasné,

ať ndm to jde všecko krásně,

jenom řádně do toho,

hrajme, co je slušného!



S radostí a plesáním,

bratři, pějme chvály zde!

Všeobecným hlásáním

ať náš hlahol k nebi jde!

Trouby, zněte hlučně dnes,

vděčný zpěv se k Bohu nes,

neb jest den dnes spasení,

lidu vysvobození.

Ježíš, Vykupitel náš

vytrh' z služebnosti nás,

za čež jemu děkujme,

v plesání dnes hudujme!


Bože, budiž vždy veleben,

na věky věkův, amen,

až na věky, amen.





Let us kneel with hearts aglow,

Humbly worship God's own Son

And our gifts on him bestow;

All our heatrs unite as one.



Fine and noble is this sight,

Round Him glows celestial light.

His little hands reach out to me,

Such sparkling eyes, lovely to see;

Sweetly he smiles with His dear face,

Greeting us with infinite grace.


O, little child, gracious are you,

Kindness to us we pray you'll show,

Humbly we bow down to you,

Off’rings we bring all for you.


May your glance upon us fall,

With your love enfold us all,

Grant us your eternal grace

And the joy of your embrace.

May we all by you be blessed,

Bringing peace to ev'ry breast.



Well, brothers all music we'll play,

Then let us chant hymns that are gay,

Honouring the holy child,

Innocent and undefiled.



Fiddles must be tuned with great care,

Beautiful strains shall fill the air;

We must strive to play our best

For the child by whom we're blessed.



Joyfully your voices raise,

Brothers all, in hymns of praise;

Heavenwards the sound shall go,

And ensure the world shall know.

Blow the clarion trumpets long,

God shall hear our grateful song;

He has given us his Son,

So redeeming ev'ry one.

Jesus Christ is pure and kind,

God's redeemer of mankind,

From our burdens we are freed;

To our joyful thanks pay heed!


Praise the Lord for ever,

For evermore we praise Him!

Amen! Praise for ever! Amen!






Nebe hlásej: „Svatý“,

obloha zn j: „Svatý“,

„Svatý, svatý,“ země pěj,

chválu Bohu v síle dej!

Nejvyaším onť Pánem jest,

nejvyaší mu budiž čest!

Chvála věčná budiž Tobě,

Bože věčný, v každé době!


Nebe, země, hlásejte,

chvály, slávy zpívejte!

Všichni andělé nebeští,

všichni tvorové pozematí,

prozpěvujte neskančeně čest,

Bohu, který všemu tvůrcem jest,

prozpěvujte neskančeně čest,

Bohu, který všemu tvůrcem jest!





Heav'n is calling "Holy!"

Round the sky rings "Holy!"

"Holy! Holy!" sings the earth,

God be praised for Jesu's birth.

God Almighty reigns on high,

Heartfelt praises fill the sky.

Hear our praises, sage of sages,

Lord eternal through the ages.


Heav'n and earth your works proclaim,

Singing praises to your name.

Angel choirs for aye applaud you,

We on earth will ever laud you.

Glory to the mighty, ever kind God

who has created all mankind;

So with ardour let us ever sing,

Loudly praising our Almighty King.





Soprano, alto, tenor, bass

Pane země i nebe,

my zde chválíme Tebe.

Klaníme se Synu Tvému,

oznamujem světu všemu,



Že již přislo spasení

skrz Kristovo zrození.



Co se zdávna zvěstovalo,

to se nyní vykonalo,

neb leží v jesličkách již

zrozen Pán Ježíš.



Tu se jemu obětujem,

pravou lásku přislibujem,

tobě chceme sloužit vždy,

tím pak dojdem věčné mzdy.


Soprano, alto, tenor, bass

Rozpal hojně srdce láskou víc a více!

Nedej padnout v nepravosti,

přikloň všechny k pravé ctnosti.

A tak at štěstí dojdeme,

nebe jistě najdeme.

O Dítě, dopřej milosti,

ať s Tebou vejdem v radosti

blažené věčnosti.





You of heav'n and earth are King,

Hear our praises as we sing.

Christ receives our adoration,

For redeeming ev'ry nation.



So proclaim o'er all the earth

We're redeemed by Jesu's birth.



God sent prophets in past ages

To make forecasts; then these sages

Spoke of God's leader on earth;

Now we see his birth.



To the Christ-child love we proffer,

Deep devotion always offer.

Him we'll serve with constancy

And find bliss eternally.



Set our hearts ablaze, full of love and praise!

Help us combat all temptation,

Lord preserve us from damnation.

Light the path of righteousness,

we seek heav'nly happiness.

O Christ-child, 'tis your grace we need,

For we would walk where'er you lead,

Endless bliss is our need.






Nyní se do Tvé ochrany poroučíme,

s Tebou se Dítě,

nebeské, zde loučíme.

Zítra zas přijdem,

chválit Tě budem.


Soprano, alto, tenor, Bass

Srdečnou vděčností

za dané milosti.



Budem slavně zpívat,

zde Tě vychvalovat.

Tebe nyní žádáme,

o pokoj Tě prosíme.

Uděl nám všem pokoj svatý.

Po němž věichni dychtíme.





Now we all pine for grace and protection as well;

Help, child divine,

We trust you and bid you farewell;

Back we'll be hasting,

You ever praising, you ever praising.



For your grace rev'rently

Thanks we give, gratefully.



Hearken to our nation

Sing in adulation.

Blessed child, your peace we hail,

Let it in our hearts prevail;

Grant to us your peace so holy,

We have faith which shall not fail.






S radostí, s plesáním,

s veselostí, srdcem spokojeným,

od Betléma kráčíme,

radost velkou cítíme.


Radujme se, veselme se,

že jsme viděli Ježíše,

který se dnes narodil,

celý svět vysvobodil.


Tobě, Bože, nebe, moře,

lesy, hory, s všemi tvory

ať se klaní vše stvoření,

že nám nastalo spasení.


Skrze Ježíše Krista,

zaplesej duše čistá!

Radujte se všecko stvoření

z Syna Božího narození.


Slavme Boha nejvyššího,

Syna jeho jediného

hudbami, citerami,

varhonami též cymbály.


Píšťalami, též jak bubny,

tak troubami

ctěme Pána mocného,

jenž nám Syna svého!


Uděl nám všem spokojenost,

vlej do našich srdcí svornost,

abychom se milovali,

tím jen tebe vyznávali.


Bože náš dobrotivý,

Otče vždy milostivý!

Budem tebe vděčně chváliti,

tebe Pána, vždy velebiti.


Budem tebe chválit svěho

Otce upřímněho,

ctněho srdce písněmi,

modlitbami milováním,

tě vzýváním.


Otce Boha, jeho Syna,

též i Ducha budem vždy velebiti,

těna věky chváliti.

Budiž veleben, až na věky,

amen, amen!


Final Chorus



Happiness, elation, jubilation,

The hope of endless bliss;

We from Bethlehem depart

With great gladness in each heart.


Let's express our jubilation

With a joyful celebration,

For we know that Jesu's birth

Brings redemption to the earth.


Heavens, oceans, forests, mountains,

And all creatures, Lord adore you;

For your goodness we are grateful

And prostrate ourselves before you.


Jesus Christ to us you gave,

Him whose mission is to save.

All you creatures living on earth,

Celebrate our joy at Jesu's birth!


God Almighty we are praising

And glad strains of music raising;

Trumpet bold, bassoon and horn

Shall celebrate this blessed morn;


The cymbals, drums, the harp and lute,

The pipe and flute.

Lord we praise you now as one,

For the gift of your dear son.


Mankind's need is for contentment;

May our hearts find full agreement,

Peace on earth, while we're professing

Love for you for ev'ry blessing.


Lord whose kindness is divine,

Father round whom grace does shine,

From our hearts we'll shower you with praise,

Offer heartfelt thanks throughout your days.


From the soul of each believer

God shall be extolled for ever;

Hymns we'll sing,

Our love we'll bring,

And prayers take wing to God, our King.


The Father, God, and God the Son,

The Holy Ghost; To the Three in One we raise

joyful hymns of thanks and praise,

To resound and echo for ever.

Amen, amen!



Česká Mše Půlnčnlí


Missa Pastoralia (Pastoral Maaa)






Kyrie eleison.



Vzhůru, braši, vstávejte,

stáda svoje shánějte,

do Betléma půjdeme,

veliký div shlédneme.

Na výsostech pění,

hudby sladké znění

rajských kurů na nebi ku podivení.



Nu, co bouříš po ránu,

v klidu nech dav beranů,

všichni jsme tak ospolí,

nech, bychom se vyspali,

ráno vstanem pospolu,

poženem dav k domovu.



Když naší dědiny

hlásný Iroubil hodiny:

jedna, dvě, tři, čtyry, pět, šest,

sedm, osm, devět, deset, jedenáct, dvanáct:


k Betlému chvátejte.



Pastuškové spěchjí,

lidem známost dávají.



Pojd’me, pojd’me nemeškejme,





Lord have mercy.



Brothers. rise up quickly

Go find your flock

We shall come to Bethlehem

And see a great wonder there.

The singing of angels in heaven,

the sweet sound of music,

the choirs of Eden are so beautiful.



Do not disturb us so early

Let the flock be in peace

We are all so sleepy now

Let us sleep now

And we will rise up tomorrow morning

And drive the flock home.



In our village

The trumpet is playing the hours:

one, two, three, four, five, six,

seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve

Rise and hasten

to Bethlehem



Angels are bringing

the joyful news



Let us away, let us away






Glorio in excelsis Deo.



Vzhůru, bratři milí,

vté, půlnoční chvíli.

Anděle zpívají „Gloria“.

V Betlémě se svítí;

co to tam má býti?

bězte honem vítat Ježíška.

S anděli tam spěšte zplvat „Gloria“.



Do Betléma spěchejme,

s anděli tam zpívejme:

Gloria in excelis Deo.





Glory to God in the highest.



Rise up quickly, beloved brothers

Now at midnight

Angels are singing: "Gloria"

Bethlehem with light is glowing

What could be there?

Hail the new born baby

and sing "Gloria" together with the angels.



Let us hurry to Bethlehem

And sing with angels there:

Glory to God in the highest.





Soprano, alto

Pastuškové, jděte k Ježíšku, pospěšte,

do Betléma půjdeme.

Bubny, trouby, dudy strojte,

něžně zlad’te, s radostí tam půjdeme.

Naradil se Kristus Pán,

z růže kvítek vykvetnám.





Shepherds, come to Jesus Christ

We will go to Bethlehem

Drums, trumpets, pipes, we need you,

All instruments must be tuned with great care,

Jesus Christ was born

this morning,






Credo in unum Deum,

Patrem omnipotentem,

factorem coeli et terrae.



Bratři, nemeškejme,

k Betlému chvdtejme spotěšením,

Maria Panna rajského syna

kolébáa a zpívá hajej, nyjej.



Protož všichni spěchejme,

hudbu slastnou dělejme Ježiškovi

Onť jest pánem nad naším stádem,

vzdejme mu čest,

chválu věčnou amen, amen.





I believe in one God,

the Father almighty,

Maker of Heaven and Earth.



Brothers, we must hasten now

joyfully to Bethlehem

Where the Virgin Mary is rocking the Son of Eden

She is rocking him and singing: Sleep my baby,



We must all hasten now

Music we will play to the babe

Let him be Lord over our flock

Let us praise and

worship him. Amen. Amen.





Bass, Chorus

Ach, aj v oběť dal

se nám.

Spasitel náš, Ježiš sám.

Kristus sám.

V Betlěmskěm chlěvě

v jesličkách chví se.

Dítě bažské, krásně jak květ,

vnadou rajskou mile rdí se.



Rajské poupě čarné vnady,

přišlos zdolat naše vady,

peklu vyrvat jeho plen.



Zvěstuj tváří milostnou

duším z právy radostnou.


Bass, Chorus

Aj, aj, v obéť dal

se nám,

Spasitel náš Kristus Pán.

Kristus Pán.

V Betlémském chlévě v jesličkách

chví se dítě božské,

rájte květ,

zde na seně spatřil svět

král náš slavný z ráje květ.


Z věstuj tváří milostau,

duším z právu radostnau,

z věstuj tváří milostnou,

duším spásu radostnou.





Oh, oh, he has made sacrifices

for us.

Our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

The Lord himself.

In a stable

in Bethlehem

Where the child lies peacefully

Son of God, as beautiful as a picture



You are the bud of Eden

You were born to

overcome our faults



Bring us the

joyful news



Oh, oh he has made sacrifices

for us.

Our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ.

In a stable in Bethlehem

Where the child lies peacefully

The flower of Eden was born

this morning in the hay

Our celebrated flower of Eden


Bring us the joyful news

with loving face

Bring us the joyful news

with loving face






Svatý, svatý, svatý,


Soprano, alto

Sem po spěšte ptáčkově,

též i malí žáčkově,

zpívejte Ježíškovi,

v jesličkách miláčkovi.



Svatý, svatý, král náš svatý,

nebeský, král náš slavný, nebeský.





Holy, holy, holy.



Birds, hasten and come here

Little pupils, come here as well

And sing to Jesns

our beloved babe.



Holy, holy, our holy king

our heavenly and celebrated king.






Vzhůru pastýřově i lidstvo veškeré!

Poselství vám hlásím velmi jásavé,

váš Spasitel, Emanuel

narodil se vám z Panny dnes v Betlémě.

Slávu s anděli jemu prozpěvujte

a prosby svoje Jemu předkládejte,

by vás přijal,

jak sliboval,

do nesbeské vlasti a do radosti,

by vás přijal,

jak sliboval,

do nebeské vlasti a v její slasti.





Rise up shepherds and all the mankind.

We bring you the joyful news

Of yonr Saviour, Emmanuel,

born of the Virgin Mary this day in Bethlehem.

Praise him gloriously together with angels,

And grant that he

welcome you

as he has promised

to the celestial land and to happiness

that he welcome yon

as he promised

to the celestial land and to happiness.





Agnus Dei qui tollis pecata mundi,

misere nobis.




Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world

Have mercy on us.





Dona nobis pacem.




Grant us peace.


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