About this Recording
8.554563 - Guitar Recital: Ana Vidovic

The disc covers two centuries of music, providing a searching test for the soloist. The Bach Suite has had a strange history. It started life as a work for violin, and was then arranged for lute. Now in a modern adaptation is appears in an arrangement for guitar. The work has become one of the composer's best known, the Gavotte third movement being performed in many guises. The Sonata by Ponce was composed in 1929, and pays homage to the music of Franz Schubert. In four contrasting movements, it is engaging music of a lyrical nature, happy in general mood, but is in no way derivative of the famous composer.

The works by Tárrega are typically colourful Spanish scores, packed full of virtuosity and vivacity. They are late 19th century in general style, and would have been used by the composer to please his audience. The three works by Sulek would meet our expectations of a composer who looked musically backwards. Walton, on the other hand, wrote five short movements that bristle with technical difficulties, the score residing in the mainstream of the 20th century.

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