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A Danish Christmas

Just spin the universe right round,
just turn everything upside down,
the earth as well – for it is false and hollow –
but do not touch my Christmastide…

Thus the secular poet of Danish Christmas, Peter Faber (1810-77) celebrates Christmas in 1850 in the carol Sikken voldsom trœngsel og alarm (What a great throng and noise): a vivid and moving picture of provincial Copenhagen at the time. Faber, a director of a telegraph company by day, makes reference to traditions and old values. Together, these shape the celebration of an 'average' Danish Christmas, which he would not change for all the world. Yet many of these 'traditions' were recent innovations, often borrowed from Sweden and Germany, quickly adopted as their own and given their own Danish colour. The Christmas tree, a recent introduction from Denmark's neighbour to the south, that was slow to gain a secure place in Danish homes, was often decorated with strings of little Danish flags, red and white Christmas elves and dozens of candles. In fact in Scandinavia Christmas is a festival of light. Since ancient times, when Christmas was a pagan feast linked to midwinter in January, the Scandinavians have, in contrast to the Anglo-Saxons and southern Europeans, celebrated on Christmas Eve with a lavish family meal of rice pudding and beer, followed by roast pork, roast duck or stuffed goose, caramelised potatoes, red cabbage, jelly and other good things. After the meal, but before the guests leave the table, the candles on the tree are lit, the assembled company join hands and dance around the tree. But the dancing would be unthinkable without carols. In another of Faber's popular and atmospheric portrayals of the middle-class home:

From the top of the green tree comes the call
Look little child, all is well,
you know how to march,
let little Sine
have her Christmas gift.

The words demand that the song is sung whilst marching around the tree, awakening the impatience of the youngest children for material goods, the presents, which are undeniably central to a modern Christmas.

Yet it is at this time that most Danes come into contact with what are, for many, undoubtedly the most treasured carols. Of course one can go to church on Christmas Eve and sing there, but on the one hand church-going is not that prevalent amongst today's somewhat religiously ambivalent Danes, and on the other you cannot choose what is sung in church. You can at home, and Danish families have personal favourites, often in a specific order, from which they rarely deviate. Most often the religious carols come first, and among these we find the great Danish hymnists.

First and foremost N. F. S. Grundtvig (1783-1872) with the well-known Del kimer nu til Julefest (Bells ring out for the Christmas Feast), Velkommen igen Guds engle små (‘Welcome again, God's little angels’), Et barn er født i Betlehem (‘A child is born in Bethlehem’). Vœr velkommen Herrens år (‘We welcome our Lord's new year’) is almost an official proclamation of the new church year. Blomstre som en rosengård (‘Blossom shall the wilderness’) is one of Grundtvig's most important texts, set to J. P. E. Hartmann's (1805-1900) congenial, but much later melody. It has been called the song of unreasonable hope, in which Isaiah foretells the coming of the Lord, when all good things will come to pass:

Let no limb falter,
let not one hand fall,
let every tree sprout forth
and every wrinkle be smoothed,
let fallen courage rise up,
let blood flow free
and fear and sorrow disappear!

H. A. Brorson (1694-1764) was a great poet of the pietist movement with strong verse that described the relationship between Jesus and man in elaborate and sometimes erotic terms. Her kommer Jesus dine små (‘Here come your little ones, Jesus’) or Den yndigste rose er funden (‘The fairest rose is found’), in which the poet likens our Saviour to a rose that God allowed to bloom, never to be lost again.

Hans Christian Andersen (1805-75) also contributed with Barn Jesus i en krybbe lå (The Jesus child lay in a manger), in which the celebrated author perhaps does not make full use of his talent, yet he offers an honest portrayal of the pious, simple faith of a child.

Finally mention should be made of B. S. Ingemann (1789-1862), who despite being somewhat overshadowed by Grundtvig, is, in the minds of many, the Christmas poet, with carols such as Dejlig er jorden (‘How fair is the earth’), Glade jul (‘Merry Christmas’, to the tune of Gruber's Stille Nacht), and his masterpiece Julen har bragt velsignet bud (‘Christmas has brought a blessed message’) with a melody by C. E. F. Weyse (1774-1842), Ingemann's favoured composer. At its heart the intense verse portrays a child dancing on its mother's lap. The child relates the good news about our Saviour, who, like us was once a child. The adult is brought down to a baby's level – and this in an age when children were widely regarded as simply incomplete adults. The poet promises that the Garden of Eden awaits and that death is therefore not so terrible. Christmas Eve is like paradise that awaits us, when things look darkest. A simple and pious idea that Ingemann returned to in the last poem he wrote before his death, in which the doors are opened to reveal the Christmas tree with its lights (we take it as read that there will be singing), a sign of eternity.

And the doors are finally flung wide
and they know, that the Christ child
has brought his Christmas gift.
And they see – what they believed –
there stands the garden of the Christmas tree.

Ingemann, and much that came after him, have proved to be unpalatable to certain more dogmatic theologians. The Danes and Ingemann have strayed far from the traditional Christmas message. The Danish Christmas is now 'nice' and 'comfortable' and somewhat food-obsessed, according to one high-ranking member of the Danish church.

Despite this Ingemann is here to stay. For the sake of completeness it should be stated that when the Danes dance around the tree, more than a few have to resort to song sheets with the most popular carols, which can either be bought at the local bookshop or which often come free with packs of Christmas lights. Unlike the children of Faber's day, few have the verses drilled into them at school and remember them when they grow up.

But they do sing.

English version: Andrew Smith

A Danish Christmas


Blomstre som en rosengård

Mel. J. P. E. Hartmann

(Arr. Bo Holten/Bendt Kallenbach)

Text: N. F. S. Grundtvig


Blomstre som en rosengård

skal de øde vange,

blomstre i et gyldenår

under fuglesange,

mødes skal i stråledans

Libanons og KarmeIs glans,

Sarons yndigheder.


Ryste mer ej noget knæ,

ingens hænder synke,

skyde hvert udgået træ,

glatte sig hver rynke,

rejse sig det faldne mod,

rinde let uroligt blod,

frygt og sorg forsvinde!


Skæres for den sorte stær

skal da øjne mange,

døve øren, fjern og nær,

høre frydesange!

Som en hind da springer halt,

stammer, som for målløs gjaldt,

løfter klart sin stemme!


Ære med vor høje drot,

med hans Ånd tillige!

Sammen de gør alting godt

i vort himmerige;

døve, selv på gravsens bred,

øren får at høre med,

stummes læber sjunge!


Højt bebude gyldenår

glade nytårssange:

Blomstre som en rosengård

skal de øde vange,

mødes skal i stråledans

Libanons og Karmels glans,

Sarons yndigheder!


Like a rose garden





Like a rose garden

the barren fields will blossom,

blossom in a golden year

to the sound of bird song,

in a blazing dance the glory

of Lebabon and Carmel shall meet,

and the charms of Sharon.


Let no limb falter,

let not one hand fall,

let every tree sprout forth,

and every wrinkle be smoothed,

let fallen courage rise up,

let blood flow free,

and fear and sorrow disappear!


Many eyes will be rid

of the black cataract,

deaf ears, far and near,

will hear songs of joy!

Like a lame hind running,

the stammerer, who was dumb,

will clearly raise his voice!


Glory to our mighty Lord,

and to his Holy Spirit!

Together they make all things good

in our heaven;

even the deaf on the threshold of death,

shall have ears to hear with,

and dumb lips shall sing!


Loudly herald the golden year

glad New Year songs:

Like a rose garden

the barren fields will blossom,

in a blazing dance the glory

of Lebabon and Carmel shall meet,

and the charms of Sharon!



Julen har bragt velsignet bud

Mel. C. E. F. Weyse/Text: B. S. Ingemann


Julen har bragt velsignet bud,

nu glædes gamle og unge:

hvad englene sang i verden ud,

nu alle små børn skal sjunge.

Grenen fra livets træ står skønt

med lys som fugle på kviste ;

det barn som sig glæder fromt og kønt,

skaI aldrig den glæde miste.


Glæden er jordens gæst i dag

med himmelkongen den lille;

du fattige spurv flyv ned fra tag

med duen til julegilde!

Dans lille barn på moders skød,

en dejlig dag er oprunden,

i dag blev vor kære frelser fød,

og paradisvejen funden!


Frelseren selv var barn som vi,

i dag han lå i sin vugge.

Den have Guds engle flyve i,

vil Jesus for os oplukke.

Himmerigs konge blandt os bor,

han juleglæden os bringer,

han favner hver barnesjæl på jord

og lover os englevinger.


Christmas has brought a blessed message



Christmas has brought a blessed message,

now young and old rejoice;

what angels sang to the whole world,

all little children shall now sing.

The bower of the tree of life stands bathed

in light like birds on its branches;

the child that rejoices piously,

shall keep that joy forever.


Joy is a guest on earth today

with the little king of heaven;

You poor sparrow fly down from the roof

with the dove to the Christmas feast!

Dance little child on your mother's knee,

a beautiful day has dawned,

today our dear saviour was born,

and the road to paradise was found !


Our saviour was a child like us,

today he lay in his cradle.

The garden where God's angels fly,

Jesus will open for us.

Heaven's King lives among us,

he brings us Christmas joy,

he embraces each child's soul on earth

and promises us angels' wings.



Julebudet til dem, der bygge

Mel. J. P. E. Hartmann (Arr. Bo Holten)

Text: C. Hostrup


Julebudet til dem, der bygge

Her i mørkets og dødens skygge,

det er det lys, som, aldrig slukt,

jager det stigende mulm på flugt,

åbner udsigten fra det lave,

trøster mildelig mellem grave.


Julebudet i vinterens vånde,

det er Gud Faders varme ånde,

menneskefaldet til frelse vendt,

menneskets adel på ny erkendt,

hjertets ret til at kæmpe og vinde

evig slået fast trods hver en fjende.


Julebud under storm og torden

melder og giver fred på jorden,

fred til at stride vor strid med mod,

fred til at vente på enden god,

højt under medbør og dybt i sorgen,

fred for både i går og i morgen.


Julebudet til dem, der græde,

det er vældet til evig glæde.

Glæd dig da kun, du menneskesjæl,

stinger end ormen endnu din hæl!

Favn kun trøstigt, hvad Gud har givet,

løft dit hoved og tak for livet!


The Christmas message




The Christmas message to those who live

here in the dark shadow of death,

is the light, which, never extinguished,

chases the rising gloom,

opens up the view from below,

and gently consoles the dead.


The Christmas message in the agony of winter,

is God the Father's warm breath,

turned to save the fall of man,

recognising again the nobility of man,

the heart's right to fight and win

against all enemies.


The Christmas message in storm and thunder

heralds and gives us peace on earth,

peace to fight our fight with courage,

peace to wait for a good conclusion,

at the height of prosperity and deep in sorrow,

peace for both yesterday and tomorrow.


The Christmas message to those who weep,

it is the source of eternal joy.

Be joyful then you souls of men,

even if the serpent bites your heel!

Embrace in trust what God has given,

lift your head and give thanks for life!



I sne står urt og busk i skjul

Mel. J. P. E. Hartmann (Arr. Bo Holten)

Text: B. S. Ingemann


1 sne står urt og busk i skjul;

det er så koldt derude;

dog synger der en lille fugl

på kvist ved frosne rude.


Giv tid! giv tid! – den nynner glad

og ryster de små vinger, –

giv tid! og hver en kvist får blad;

giv tid! – hver blomst udspringer.


Giv tid! og livets træ bli'r grønt,

må frosten det end kue ;

giv tid! og hvad du drømte skønt,

du skal i sandhed skue.


Giv tid! og åndens vinterblund

skal fly for herlig sommer;

giv tid, og bi på Herrens stund,

- hans skønhedsrige kommer!


The bushes are hidden in snow




The bushes are hidden in snow;

it is so cold out here;

yet a little bird sings

on a branch by the frozen window.


In time! in time! - it joyfully sings

and twitches its little wings, -

in time! each twig will bear leaves;

in time! - each flower will open.


In time! the tree of life will be green,

though the frost still hinders it;

in time! what you sweetly dreamed,

you will truly behold.


In time! the soul's winter sleep

shall flee from glorious summer;

in time, wait for the hour of our Lord,

- his beautiful realm is coming!



Kimer, I klokker

Mel. H. Rung (Arr. Bendt Kallenbach)

Text: N. F. S. Grundtvig


Kimer, I klokker!

ja, kimer før dag i det dunkle!

tindrer, I stjerner!

som englenes øjne kan funkle!

Fred kom til jord,

himmelens fred med Guds Ord,

æren er Guds i det høje!


Julen er kommen

med solhverv for hjerterne bange;

jul med Gudsbarnet i svøb,

under englenes sange,

kommer fra Gud,

bringer os glædskabens bud,

æren er Guds i det høje!


Synger og danser

og klapper i eders småhænder,


alle til jorderigs ender!

Født er i dag

barnet til Guds velbehag,

æren er Guds i det høje!


Ring out, ye bells




Ring out, ye bells!

yes, ring out in the darkness before dawn!

twinkle, ye stars!

like the glittering eyes of angels!

Peace has come to earth,

the peace of heave by God's word,

glory to God in the highest!


Christmas has come

with a solstice for fearful hearts;

Christmas with the son of God in swaddling clothes,

to the songs of angels,

comes from God,

brings us a joyful message,

glory to God in the highest!


Sing and dance

and clap your little hands together,

all you children of men

from the four corners of the world!

The child is born today

to God's pleasure,

glory to God in the highest!



Der er ingenting i verden så stille som sne

Mel. Povl Hamburgert

Text: Helge Rode


Der er ingenting i verden

så stille som sne,

når den sagte gennem luften daler,

dæmper dine skridt, tysser, tysser blidt

på de stemmer, som for højlydt taler.


Der er ingenting i verden

af en renhed som sne,

svanedun fra himlens hvide vinger.

På din hånd et fnug er som tåredug.

Hvide tanker tyst i dans sig svinger.


Der er ingenting i verden,

der kan mildne som sne.

Tys, du lytter, til det tavse klinger.


Nothing in the world is as quiet as snow




There is nothing in the world

as quiet as snow,

as it gently falls through the air,

and dampens your steps, and hushes, gently hushes

voices, that are talking too loudly.


There is nothing in the world

as pure as snow,

swan's down from heaven's white wings.

In your hand a snowflake is like a tear-drop.

White thoughts silently dancing.


There is nothing in the world,

that can soothe like snow.

Hush and listen to the sound of silence.



Det kimer nu til julefest

Mel. C. Balle. (Arr. Bo Holten)

Text: N. F. S. Grundtvig


Det kimer nu til julefest,

det kimer for den høje gæst,

som steg til lave hytter ned

med nytårsgaver: fryd og fred.


O kommer med til Davids by,

hvor engle sjunge under sky;

o, ganger med på marken ud,

hvor hyrder høre nyt fra Gud!


Og lad os gå med stille sind

som hyrderne til barnet ind,

med glædestårer takke Gud

for miskundhed og nådebud!


Men verdens ære, magt og guld

for dig er ikkun støv og muld;

i krybben lagt, i klude svøbt.

et himmelsk liv du har mig købt.


Ja sjunge hver, som sjunge kan:

Nu tændtes lys i skyggers land,

og alt som midnats-hanen gol,

blev Jakobs stjerne til en sol!


Kom Jesus vær vor hyttegæst,

hold selv i os din julefest,

da skal med Davids harpe-klang

dig takke højt vor nytårssang!


Bells ring out for the Christmas feast




Bells ring out for the Christmas feast,

they ring for the noble guest,

who came down to our lowly homes

with New Year's gifts: joy and peace.


Oh come to the city of David,

where angels sing under clouds;

oh go out into the fields,

where shepherds hear the news from God!


And let us go with peaceful minds

like the shepherds in to the child,

and thank God with tears of joy

for His mercy and grace!


But the world's glory, might and gold

for you are just dust and earth;

lying in your crib, in swaddling clothes

you have bought me a life in heaven.


Yes sing all those who can:

Now a light is lit in the land of shadows,

and as the cock crowed at midnight,

the star of Jacob became a sun!


Come Jesus be our guest,

keep in us your Christmas feast,

then shall our New Year's song

with David's harp thank you greatly!



Gammel julesang

Solo: Anne Mette Balling

Mel. P. E. Lange-Müller/Text: E. von der Recke


Før mig, barn, til Betlehem!

Dig, min Gud, dig vil jeg finde;

Hvem formår vel, hvem formår vel

uden dig til dig at vinde, til dig at nå.

Væk mig op af søvnens hvile,

kald min sjæl, at den er rede.

Lad din hånd mig fremad lede,

at jeg fluks afsted må ile,

haste imod Betlehem,

hvor jeg dig, min Gud, skal finde;

hvem formår vel, hvem formår vel

uden dig til dig at vinde!

Træt af syndens hårde plage

kan kun tungt jeg foden flytte ;

er ej du min hjælp og støtte.

må jeg vakle og forsage.

Led mig nu til Betlehem,

dér, min Gud, skal jeg dig finde;

hvem formår vel, hvem formår vel

uden dig til dig at vinde­.

Led mig til Betlehem.


Old Christmas Song





Take me, child, to Bethlehem!

I want to find you, my God;

who can hope, who can hope

to win you without your help, to reach you.

Wake me from the rest of sleep,

command my soul to be ready.

Let your hand lead me on,

so that I might straightway hurry,

hasten towards Bethlehem,

where I shall find you, my God;

who can hope, who can hope

to win you without your help!

Tired of the hard trials of sin

I can only move my foot heavily;

if you are not my help and support,

I will falter and give up.

Lead me now to Bethlehem,

there I shall find you, my God;

who can hope, who can hope

to win you without your help.

Lead me to Bethlehem.



Velkommen igen, Guds engle små

Mel. C. E. F. Weyse/Text: N. F. S. Grundtvig


Velkommen igen, Guds engle små,

fra høje himmelsale,

med dejlige solskinsklæder på,

i jordens skyggedale!

Trods klingrende frost godt år I spå

for fugl og sæd i dvale!


Vor hytte er lav og så vor dør,

kun armod er derinde,

men gæstet I har en hytte før,

det drages vi til minde;

er kruset af ler og kagen tør,

deri sig engle finde!


Med venlige øjne himmelblå,

i vugger og i senge,

vi puslinger har i hver en vrå,

som blomster gro i enge;

o, synger for dem, som lærker slå,

som hørt de har ej længe


O, måtte vi kun den glæde se,

før vore øjne lukkes!

Da skal, som en barnemoders ve,

vor smerte sødt bortvugges!

Vor Fader i himlen! lad det ske!

lad julesorgen slukkes!


Welcome again, God's little angels

Welcome again, God's little angels,

from the exalted halls of heaven,

with your pretty sunshine clothes,

in the earth's vale of shadows!

In spite of biting frost you foresee a good year

for the sleeping birds and seed!


Our abode is lowly and our door too,

just poverty within,

But you have visited a stable before,

that we can remember;

if the beaker is of clay and the cake is dry,

you will find angels within!


With kindly heaven-blue eyes,

in cradles and in beds,

we have pixies in every corner,

as flowers grow in the meadows;

oh sing for them as the lark sings

a song not heard for a long while.


Oh if only we could see the joy,

before our eyes close!

Then, like a mother's sorrow

our pain will be gently rocked away!

Our Father in heaven! Let it be!

Extinguish Christmas sorrow!



Barn Jesus i en krybbe lå

Mel. Niels W. Gade/Text: H. C. Andersen


Barn Jesus i en krybbe lå,

skønt Himlen var hans eje;

hans pude her blev hø og strå,

mørkt var det om hans leje!

Men stjernen over huset stod,

og oksen kyssed barnets fod.

Halleluja! Halleluja! Barn Jesus.


Hver sorgfuld sjæl, bliv karsk og glad,

ryst af din tunge smerte,

et barn er født i Davids stad

til trøst for hvert et hjerte;

til barnet vil vi stige ind

og blive børn i sjæl og sind.

Halleluja! Halleluja! Barn Jesus.


The Jesus Child lay in a manger



The Jesus Child lay in a manger,

although he possessed all Heaven;

his pillow here was hay and straw,

it was dark in his lodgings!

But the star shone over the house,

and the ox kissed the child's foot.

Alleluia! Alleluia! The Jesus Child.


Each sorrowful soul, be healthy and glad,

shake off your heavy pain,

A child is born in David's City

to console each heart;

We want to go in and see the Child

and become children in our souls and minds.

Alleluia! Alleluia! The Jesus Child.



Her kommer, Jesus dine små

Mel. J. A. P. Schulz (Arr. Jørgen Lauritsen)

Text: H. A. Brorson


Her kommer, Jesus, dine små,

til dig i Betlehem at gå;

oplys enhver i sjæl og sind

at finde vejen til dig ind.


Vi løber dig med sang imod

og kysser støvet for din fod;

o salig stund, o klare nat,

da du blev født, vor sjæleskat!


Velkommen fra din himmelsal

til denne verdens tåredal,

hvor man dig intet andet bød

end stald og krybbe, kors og død.


Lad verden ej med al sin magt

os rokke fra vor dåbes pagt;

men giv at al vor længsel må

til dig, til dig alene stå.


Her står vi nu i flok og rad

om dig, vort skønne hjerteblad!

Ak hjælp, at vi og alle må

i Himlen for din trone stå!


Here come your little ones, Jesus

Here come your little ones, Jesus,

to you in Bethlehem;

enlighten each in soul and mind

so they may find the way.


We run towards you singing

and kiss the ground beneath your feet;

oh blessed moment, oh clear night,

that you were born, our heart's treasure!


Welcome from your heavenly halls

to this world's vale of tears,

where you were offered nothing

but stable and manger, cross and death.


Let not the world with all its might

sway us from the christening pact;

but allow all our longing

to come to you only.


Here we now stand in flocks and lines

around you, our fair heart's flower!

Oh help us one and all

to stand before your throne in Heaven!



Mit hjerte altid vanker

Mel. Carl Nielsen (Arr. Paul Hellmuth)

Text: H. A. Brorson


Mit hjerte altid vanker

i Jesu føderum,

did samles mine tanker

i deres hovedsum;

der er min længsel hjemme,

der har min tro sin skat;

jeg kan dig aldrig glemme,

du søde julenat!


Men ak, hvad skal jeg side,

når jeg vil tænke på,

at Gud af Himmerige

i stalden ligge må,

at Himlens fryd og ære,

det levende Guds ord,

skal så foragtet være

på denne slemme jord!


En spurv dog har sin rede

og sikre hvilebo,

en svale ej tør lede

om nattely og ro,

en løve ved sin hule

hvor den sin ro kan få;

skal sig min frelser skjule

i fremmed stald på strå?


Ak, kom jeg vil oplukke

mit hjerte sjæl og sind

med tusind længselssukke,

kom, Jesus, kom herind!

Det er ej fremmed bolig,

du har den dyre købt,

her skal du blive trolig

i kærligheden svøbt.


My heart always wanders




My heart always wanders

in the footsteps of Jesus,

there all my thoughts


there my longing has a home,

there my faith finds its treasure;

I can never forget you,

you sweet Christmas night!


But oh, how I mourn,

when I am forced to think,

of the God of Heaven

lying in a stable,

that the joy and glory of Heaven,

the living word of God,

should be so despised

upon this sinful world!


A sparrow has his nest

a safe resting place,

a swallow dare not seek

for shelter and peace at night,

a lion has his cave

where it can find peace;

should my Saviour hide

in a strange stable on hay?


Oh, come let me open

my heart, soul and mind

with a thousand sighs of longing,

come, Jesus, come inside!

It is not a strange dwelling,

you have bought it dear,

here you will truly

be swathed in love.



Lovet være du, Jesus Krist

Soloists: Anne Mette Balling, Inge-lise Nygaard,

Malene Nordtorp & Sine Bundgaard.

Danish folktune (Arr. Bo Holten)

Text: N. F. S. Grundtvig


Lovet være du, Jesus Krist!

at du menneske vorden est,

født af en jomfru ren og skær,

gladelig hilst af Himlens hær!

O, Gud ske lov!


Du, Gud Faders enbårne Søn!

mand i lys, men dog Gud i løn,

underlig klædt i kød og blod

kom på vor brøst at råde bod!

O, Gud ske lov!


Verden går i dit ledebånd,

dig dog svøbte en kvindes hånd,

du som har skabt og styrer alt

blev dog på skød barnlille kaldt,

0, Gud ske lov!


Himlens lys kom i dig til jord,

skinner til ny oplysning stor,

godt kan vi nu ved nattetid

kende som børn vor Fader blid.

0, Gud ske lov!


Ydmyg kom du fra himlen ned,

adlede armod og usselhed,

fattig gjorde du dig med flid­,

rige blev vi til evig tid.

0, Gud ske lov!


Konning er du blandt konger bedst

hele dit folk du bød til gæst,

fører os op fra skyggedal

hjem til din lyse kongesal.

0, Gud ske lov!


Praise be to you, Jesus Christ

Praise be to you, Jesus Christ!

that you became man,

born of a virgin pure and tender,

joyfully greeted by the host of Heaven!

Oh, praise be to God!


You, God the Father's only son!

man on the surface, yet God underneath,

strangely dressed in flesh and blood

come to our hearts to redeem us!

Oh, praise be to God!


The world follows in your leading-strings,

yet you were swathed by a woman's hand,

you who created and controls all things

yet in her lap were called little one,

Oh, praise be to God!


Heaven's light came to earth in you,

shining for a great new enlightenment,

now we can at night-time

happily know our Father.

Oh, praise be to God!


Humble you came down from Heaven,

cultivated destitution and wretchedness,

you made yourself truly poor,

and we became rich for all eternity .

Oh, praise be to God!


You are the greatest king among kings

all your people you invited as guests,

leading us from the vale of shadows

home to your bright King's hall.

Oh, praise be to God!



Vor Jesus kan ej noget herberg finde

Mel. C. E. F. Weyse (Arr. Bo Holten)

Text: H. A. Brorson


Vor Jesus kan ej noget herberg finde

i Betlehem, sin egen fædreby,

han lader der i ringe svøb sig binde,

hvor ellers fæ og får går ind i ly,

en krybbe er hans første eje,

det tørre græs og strå

hans første barneleje.

Velsignet være Herrens store nåde,

hans store magt til evig minde sat,

som vidste på vor jammer bod at råde

i denne underfulde nådes nat;

velsignet mørke uden lige,

da lyset selv brød frem

af høje Himmerige!


Så vil vi os trods alle fjender fryde­

Gud har os givet det, han kærest var,

og lader alle nådestrømme flyde;

hvad er der, som han os ej givet har?

Så være ham da også livet,

og hvad vi er og har,

til evigt offer givet!


Our Jesus can find no lodging




Our Jesus can find no lodging

in Bethlehem, his own home town,

he lets himself be wrapped in humble swaddling clothes,

where cattle and sheep find shelter,

a manger is his first possession,

dry grass and straw

the child's first home.


Blessed be the Lord's great mercy,

his great might in all eternity,

he knew to soothe our lamenting

in this wonderful night of mercy;

blessed darkness without equal,

when the light broke through

from the exalted Heavens!


So we will rejoice against all enemies,

God has given us that which is dearest to him,

and lets the streams of mercy flow;

is there anything he has not given us?

So may life,

and what we are and have,

be an eternal sacrifice!



Nu vil vi sjunge og være glad

Mel. Th. Laub. (Arr. Bo Holten)

Text: N. Hermann / Brandt


Nu vil vi sjunge og være glad

i Jesu Kristi navn!

Guds søn er født i Betlehems stad,

os alle til glæde og gavn.


Han steg fra tronen i himmerig

og blev et barn på jord,

for os han daled så nederlig,

hans kærlighed var så stor.


Han verden skabte til sit behag

og styred alt deri,

han føder den liden fugl hver dag,

som flyver i luften fri.


Han ligger nu ved sin moders bryst

så spæd i ringe bo,

Guds engle ser på ham deres lyst,

hvem ville ej være fro!


Ham vil vi synge vor julesang,

og er den så kun svag,

det er kun vort hjertes efterklang

af engelens bud i dag.


Now shall we sing and be glad




Now shall we sing and be glad

in the name of Jesus Christ!

God's son is born in Bethlehem,

to our joy and our benefit.


He stepped down from his throne in Heaven

and became a child on earth,

for us he descended so low,

his love was so great.


He created the world to his liking

and ruled over all therein,

he gives birth to a little bird each day,

which flies free through the air .


He lies now at his mother's breast

helpless in a humble home,

God's angels watch over him, their joy,

who would not be glad!


We shall sing our Christmas Song,

and although it is quite weak,

it is just the echo in our hearts

of the angel's message today.



Dejlig er den himmel blå

Mel. J. G. Meidell. (ArT. Bo Holten)

Text: N. F. S. Grundtvig


Dejlig er den himmel blå,

lyst det er at se derpå,

hvor de gyldne stjerner blinke,

hvor de smile, hvor de vinke

os fra jorden op til sig.


Det var midt i julenat,

hver en stjerne glimted mat,

men med ét der blev at skue

en så klar på himlens bue

som en lille stjerne-sol.


Når den stjerne lys og blid

sig lod se ved midnatstid,

var det sagn fra gamle dage,

at en konge uden mage

fødes skulle på vor jord.


Vise mænd fra østerland

drag i verden ud på stand

for den konge at oplede,

for den konge at tilbede,

som var født i samme stund.


De ham fandt i Davids hjem,

de ham fandt i Betlehem,

uden spir og kongetrane;

dér kun sad en fattig kane,

vugged barnet i sit skød.


Stjernen ledte vise mænd

til Vor Herre Kristus hen;

vi har og en ledestjerne,

og når vi den følger gerne,

kamme vi til Jesus Krist.


Denne stjerne lys og mild,

sam kan aldrig lede vild,

er hans guddams-ord det klare,

sam han os lad åbenbare

til at lyse for var fod.


How beautiful is the blue sky




How beautiful is the blue sky,

it is a joy to behold,

where the golden stars shine,

where they smile, where they beckon

us from earth up to them.


It was in the middle of Christmas Night,

each star shone brightly,

but suddenly there was to behold

one so clear in the skies

like a little star-sun.


When the star shone bright and mild

revealing itself at midnight.

there was a legend from days of old,

that a king without equal

would be born here on earth.


Wise men from the East

set out into the world

to seek out that king,

to praise that king,

who was born at that moment.


They found him in David's home,

they found him in Bethlehem,

without sceptre or king's throne;

there sat just a poor woman,

cradling the child in her lap.


The star led the wise men

to our Lord Jesus Christ;

we also have a guiding star,

and when we follow it,

we come to Jesus Christ.


This star bright and mild,

can never lead us astray,

is His clear holy word,

which he revealed to us

to light the path we tread.



Et lidet barn så lysteligt

Mel. C. Balle (Arr. Bo Holten)

Text: N. F. S. Grundtvig


Et lidet barn så lysteligt

blev af en jomfru båret,

ej før ej siden hørtes sligt,

men kun i jubelåret,

i tidens fylde, da Guds søn

på jord sig fandt en moder skøn,

lod uden synd sig føde,

fornedrede sig til de små,

så de kan ham til broder få,

den Himlens morgenrøde.


Højlovet i al evighed

skal Jesus Kristus være!

og når for ham vi knæler ned,

det er Gud Faders ære;

og når vor lovsang, altid ny,

fra jord sig svinger let i sky

med glade juletoner,

vort fattige halleluja

med salig fryd istemmes da

af engles millioner.


A little child so delightful




A little child so delightful

was born of a virgin,

neither before nor since has the like been heard,

only in this year of joy,

in the fullness of time, when God's son

found a fair mother on earth,

and was born without sin,

humbled himself for the lowly,

so that he became their brother,

the dawn of Heaven.


Most highly praised for ever

shall Jesus Christ be!

and when we kneel before him,

it is the glory of God the Father;

and when our song of praise, ever new,

rises gently through the clouds

with joyful Christmas tones,

our humble Alleluia

with blessed joy is joined

by the hoards of angels.



I denne søde juletid

Mel. Bo Holten/Text: H. A. Brorson


I denne søde juletid

tør man sig ret fornøje

og bruge al sin kunst og flid,

Guds nåde at ophøje;

ved den, som er i krybben lagt,

vi vil af ganske sjælemagt

i ånden os forlyste;

din lov skal høres, frelsermand,

så vidt og bredt i verdens land',

at jorden den skal ryste.


En liden søn af Davids rod,

som er og Gud tillige,

for verdes synders skyld forlod

sit søde himmerige;

det var ham svart at tænke på,

at verden skulle under gå,

det skar ham i hans hjerte;

i sådan hjertens kærlighed

han kom til os på jorden ned

at lindre vores smerte.


Gud er nu ikke længer vred,

det kan vi deraf vide,

at han har sendt sin Søn herned

for verdens synd at lide.

Det vorde vidt og bredt bekendt,

at Gud sin Søn for os har sendt

til jammer, ve og våde;

hvor ville da ej være fro,

og lade al sin sorg bero

på Jesu søde nåde ?


Halleluja, vor strid er endt,

hvo ville mere klage?

Hvo ville mere gå bespændt

i disse fryde-dage?

Syng højt i sky, Guds kirkeflok:

Halleluja, nu har jeg nok,

den fryd har ingen lige,

halleluja, halleluja,

Guds Søn er min, jeg vil herfra

med ham til himmerige.


At this sweet Christmas time



At this sweet Christmas time

man can enjoy himself

and use all his art and industry ,

to praise God's mercy:

for him who was laid in a manger,

we wish with all our soul

to rejoice in our hearts;

your praise shall be heard, our Saviour,

so wide and far in all the world's lands,

so that the whole world shakes.


A little son of David's root,

who is God's equal,

for the sake of the world's sinners

left sweet heaven;

it pained him to think,

that the world would go under,

it cut him to his heart;

with such love in his heart

he came down to us on earth

to ease our pain.


God is no longer angry,

we know this because

he sent his Son down to earth

to bear the sins of the world.

It was made known far and wide,

that God has sent his Son to us

for misery, pain and distress

who then could not be glad,

and let all sorrow be calmed

by the sweet mercy of Jesus?


Alleluia, our fight is ended,

who could complain?

Who would go full of milk

in these days of joy?

Sing to the skies, God's church:

Alleluia, now I have my fill,

the joy has no equal,

Alleluia, alleluia,

God's son is mine, I want to depart from here

with him to Heaven.



Snenokke kommer vrimlende

Mel. Th. Aagaard (Arr. Bo Holten)

Text: Jeppe Aakjær


Snenokke kommer vrimlende

hen over diger trimlende,

det knyger ud af himlene,

det sluger hegn og gård,

det ryger ind ad sprækkerne

til pølserne på rækkerne,

og fårene ved hækkerne

får blink i pelsens hår.


Og poplerne bag mønningen

de duver dybt i dønningen,

og over stakke-grønningen

omtrimler kærv og neg,

det klaprer én om ørene

fra portene og dørene,

bag hvilke de små Sørene’

har rustet sig til leg.


Og gammelmor i klokkerne

med huen og grålokkerne,

hun haler op i sokkerne

og ser forsagt derud,

for nu er kålen liggende,

og nu står tjørnen stikkende

og spidder sne på piggene;

og nu kom Kjørmes-knud!


Snow-flakes come streaming




Snow-flakes come streaming

over ditches tripping,

spewing from the skies,

swallowing hedges and farms,

they push through the cracks

to the sausages in rows,

and the sheep by the hedges

have sparkling coats.


And the poplars behind the ridge

they pitch violently in the swell,

and over the green stacks

rolling over nicks and sheafs,

we are tapped on the ear

from gates and doors,

behind which little boys

get ready to play.


And Grandmother

with her cap and grey locks,

pulls up her socks

and gazes despondently outside,

for the Kale is just lying there,

and the hawthorn is sharp

and the snow is pierced by the thorns;

and here comes Kjørmes-Canute!



Nu kom der bud fra englekor

Mel. C. E. F. Weyse (Arr. Bo Holten)

Text: Thomas Kingo


Nu kom der bud fra englekor,

at Gud herned vil stige;

hans Søn, som i det høje bor

og ejer ærens rige,

han sig vort kød vil tage på

og blandt os gå;

det nyt er uden lige.


Til Nazaret det budskab går,

som Gud sin engel byder,

Maria dér en hilsen får,

vidunderlig den lyder;

som lyn indtræder Gabriel

med et hilsæl,

som skrækker skønt det fryder.


O Herre Jesus, lad dm ånd

mig kraftigt overskygge,

bered mit hjerte ved din hånd,

at du deri kan bygge,

at også jeg kan åndelig

undfange dig

og aldrig fra dig rykke!


Now comes a message from the angel choir




Now comes a message from the angel choir,

that God will come down to earth;

his son, who lives on high

and possesses the realm of glory,

he will take on our human flesh

and go amongst us;

this news is without equal.


To Nazareth the message goes,

as God commands his angel,

there Mary receives a greeting,

wondrous it sounds;

Gabriel enters like lightening

with a "hail",

that terrifies as well as delights.


Oh Lord Jesus, let your spirit

flow over me,

prepare my heart by your hand,

so that you can dwell therein,

and I may receive you


and never be parted from you!



Skyerne gråne

Soloists: Malene Nordtorp, Inge-Lise Nygaard

Mel. Thora Borch. (An. Bo Holten)

Text: N. F. S. Grundtvig


Skyerne gråne, og løvet falder,

fuglene synge ej mer,

vinteren truer, og mørkel kalder,

blomsterne sukke: det sner!

Og dog bære blus vi med glæde!


Vinteren kommer, og sneen falder,

blomsterne visne i muld,

isen optøs ej af gråd for Balder,

tårerne stivne af kuld.


Hjerterne vakle, når højt de banke,

drages til fuglenes spor,

lyset dog sejrer, den mørke tanke

flygtende synker i jord.


Salmerne klinge, og klokker kime,

spotte med sneen ved jul,

vinteren må sig med våren rime,

smelte for solen i skjul.


Troende hjerter i vinterløbet

føde den liflige vår,

trykke den til sig i barnesvøbet

med et lyksaligt nytår!


Betlehems-barnet i krybberummet

det er den evige vår,

troende hjerter det har fornummet:

Jul gør lyksaligt nytår.

Derfor bære blus vi med glæde!


The clouds turn grey

The clouds turn grey and the leaves fall,

the birds sing no more,

winter threatens and darkness calls,

the flowers sigh, it is snowing!

And yet we joyfully carry torches!


Winter is coming and the snow falls,

the flowers wither in the dust,

the ice is not thawed by crying for Balder,

tears freeze in the cold.


Hearts are reeling, when they beat loudly

and are drawn to follow the birds,

yet the light is victorious, and dark thoughts

flee and sink to earth.


Psalms are sung, the bells ring out,

mocking the snow at Christmas,

winter may agree with spring,

and melt under the sun in the shadows.


Believing hearts in the midst of winter

give birth to vital spring,

and hold it tight in swaddling clothes

with a joyful New Year!


The Child of Bethlehem in the cradle

is eternal spring,

believing hearts have understood this:

Christmas makes a blissful New Year.

Therefore we joyfully carry torches!



Lad det klinge sødt i sky

Mel. Anonymous (Arr. Bo Holten)

Text: N. F. S. Grundtvig


Lad det klinge sødt i sky:

Lovet være kongen ny,

Sions konge barnebly!

Han kom til jord,

som os profeten spå'de.

Eja, eja!

Nu er sket til jordens held,

hvad os meldte Gabriel,

Guds engel fin:

Født er Herren af en mø,

og vi ej fødes til at dø.

Gud med os, Immanuel, Immanuel!


Lad det spørges trindt om land:

Født er os en frelsermand,

Jesus Kristus hedder han!

Han kom til jord,

som os profeten spå'de.

Eja, eja!

Nu er sket til jordens held,

hvad os meldte Gabriel,

Guds engel fin:

Født er Herren af en mø,

og vi ej fødes til at dø.

Gud med os, Immanuel. Immanuel!


Let the clouds sweetly resound




Let the clouds sweetly resound:

Praise be to the new king,

Zion's shy child king!

He came to earth,

as the prophet foretold.

Eya, eya!

Now it has happened for the good of the world,

that which Gabriel told us,

God's fine angel:

The Lord is born of a maid,

and we are not born to die.

God with us, Emmanuel, Emmanuel!


Let it be known throughout the land:

A Saviour is born to us,

Jesus Christ is his name!

He came to earth,

as the prophet foretold.

Eya, eya!

Now it has happened for the good of the world,

that which Gabriel told us,

God's fine angel:

The Lord is born of a maid,

and we are not born to die.

God with us, Emmanuel, Emmanuel!



Der er noget i luften

Text & mel: Vilhelm Gregersen (Arr. Bo Holten)


Der er noget i luften,

jeg ved ikke hvad,

som forår, skønt skoven

har mistet hvert blad.

Der er noget i luften,

som rosernes duften,

som fuglenes fryd,

skønt rosen er falmet,

og fuglen er draget mod syd.


Der er noget i luften,

som gør mig så glad,

som frisker mit hjerte

i ungdommens bad.

Der er noget herinde,

et strålende minde

med kerter og sang

om julen derhjemme,

derhjemme hos moder engang.


Der er noget i luften,

et barndommens bud,

som lyser imod mig

som stjernen fra Gud,

som leder mig stille

til frelseren lille

med barndommens fryd,

skønt barndommen flygted'

som fuglen, der rejste mod syd.


O kom til os alle,

du højtidens drot,

om lokken er gylden,

om håret er gråt,

udbred dine hænder,

mens lysene brænder,

og skænk os din fred,

thi evig, ja, evig er glæden,

når du følger med.


There is something in the air

There is something in the air,

I know not what,

like spring, although the forest

has lost all its leaves.

There is something in the air,

like the scent of roses,

like the joy of birds,

though the rose has faded,

and the birds have gone south.


There is something in the air,

that makes me so glad,

that freshens my heart

and bathes it in youth.

There is something inside,

a shining memory

with candles and singing

of Christmas at home,

once upon a time with mother.


There is something in the air,

a message of childhood,

that shines on me

like the star of God,

that leads me gently

to the little Saviour

with the joy of childhood,

although childhood is long gone

like a bird who has gone south.


Oh come to us all,

you Lord of celebration,

whether the locks are golden,

or the hair is grey,

stretch out your hands,

as the candles are burning,

and give us your peace,

for the joy is eternal,

When you are here.



Velkommen igen Guds engle små

Mel. A. P. Berggreen (Arr. Bo Holten)

Text: N. F. S. Grundtvig


Velkommen igen, Guds engle små,

fra høje himmelsale,

med dejlige solskinsklæder på,

i jordens skyggedale!

Trods klingrende frost godt år I spå

for ful og sæd i dvale!


Vel mødt under sky på kirkesti,

på sne ved midnatstide!

Udbære vor jul ej nænner I,

derpå tør nok vi lide,

o, ganger dog ej vor dør forbi,

os volder ej den kvide!


Så drømme de sødt om Betlehem,

og er det end forblommet,

de drømme dog sandt om barnets hjem,

som lå i krybberummet;

de drømmer, de lege jul med dem,

hvis sang de har fornummet!


Da vandre Guds engle op og ned

på salmens toneslige;

da byder Vorherre selv Guds fred

fil dem, den efterhige,

da åbner sig himlens borge-led,

da kommer ret Guds rige!


Welcome again, God's little angels




Welcome again, God's little angels,

from the exalted halls of heaven,

with your fine sunshine clothes,

into earth's vale of shadows!

Despite biting frost you forecast a good year

for birds and seeds asleep!


Well met under clouds on the church path

in the snow at midnight!

You have not the heart to take away our Christmas,

we should be able to rely on that,

oh, do not pass by our door,

do not cause us that pain!


So they sweetly dream of Bethlehem,

and if it is still covert,

they truly dream of the child's home,

he who lay in a manger;

they dream of playing Christmas games with those,

whose songs they have heard!


Then God's angels are heard

throughout the hymns we hear;

then Our Lord Himself offers the peace of God

much sought after to them,

then the gates of Heaven are opened,

and the realm of God arrives!



Imellem nattens stjerner

Mel. P. Hamburger (Arr. Bendt Kallenbach)

Text: Johs. Jørgensen


Imellem nattens stjerner

der står en stjerne klar,

som aldrig før en stjerne

på jordens himmel var.


Og går du ud at finde,

hvorover stjernen står,

måske du først må vandre

i mange, lange år.


Måske du først må træde

så mangt et mødigt fjed,

før du kan finde stedet,

hvor stjernen stråler ned.


Og venner må du svigte,

de går en anden vej.

Og miste navn og ære

hold ud og opgiv ej.


Hold ud du stjerne-pilgrim

på vej til Betlehem.

Du er på vej til lykken

du er på vejen hjem.


Among the stars of night

Among the stars of night

there is a star so bright,

as never was

in the sky above the earth.


And should you seek the place,

where the star shines,

you shall perhaps be wandering

for many a long year.


And first you will take

many brave steps,

before you find the place,

where the star is shining down.


And you should forsake your friends,

they are on another path.

And go without name or glory

keep going and do not give up.


Keep going you star-pilgrim

on the way to Bethlehem.

You are on the path to happiness

you are on the road home.



Nu ville vi os samle

Mel. H. O. C. Zinck (Arr. Bo Holten)

Text: H. A. Brorson


Nu ville vi os samle

i Jesu Kristi navn,

de unge med de gamle

skal løbe ham i favn.

Han er vor julegave.

vor glæde, lyst og liv,

i ham vi og vil have

vor jule-tidsfordriv.


O Jesus, dig at finde

er nu vor fulde agt,

o, giv os ret i sinde

at gå med samlet magt,

din krybbe at omringe

med hjertens tak og tro,

så salmerne kan klinge

i hver mands hus og bo!


Now let us gather




Now let us gather

in the name of Jesus Christ,

young and old

shall run into his arms.

He is our Christmas gift,

our joy, delight and life,

in him we also have

our Christmas-pastime.


Oh Jesus to find you

is now our full intention,

oh force our minds

to gather strength and go,

to surround your cradle

with heartfelt thanks and faith,

so the psalms can ring out

in every house and home!



Det er hvidt herude

Mel. Th. Laub (Arr. Finn Viderø)

Text: St. St. Blicher


Det er hvidt herude:

kyndelmisse slår sin knude

overmåde hvas og hard,

hvidt forneden, hvidt foroven.

pudret tykt står træ i skoven

som udi min abildgård.


Det er tyst herude:

kun med sagte pik på rude

melder sig den små musvit.

Der er ingen fugl, der synger;

finken kun på kvisten gynger.

ser sig om og hvipper lidt.


Det er koldt herude:

ravne skrige, ugler tude,

søge føde, søge læ.

Kragen spanker om med skaden

højt på rygningen af laden,

skeler til det tamme kræ.


Inderlig jeg længes

efter vår, men vintren strænges;

atter vinden om til nord!

Kom, sydvest, som frosten tvinger,

kom med dine tågevinger,

kom og løs den bundne jord!


It is white out here




It is white out here:

Candlemas ties a knot

extremely sharp and hard,

white below, white above,

the tree in the wood stands thickly powdered

as in my orchard.


It is quiet out here:

with just a quiet tapping on the window

the little great tit makes itself known.

There are no birds singing;

the finch just sways on a twig,

looks around and chirps a bit.


It is cold out here:

ravens screech, owls hoot,

seeking food, seeking shelter.

The crow struts with the magpie

high on the roof of the barn,

watching over the farm animals.


Inside I long

for spring, but winter persists;

turn the wind back north!

Come, sou'westerly, that drives off frost,

come with your foggy wings,

come and free the trapped earth!



Spurven sidder stumt bag kvist

Soloist: Sine Bundgaard

Mel. Th. Aagaard. (Arr. Bo Holten)

Text: Jeppe Aakjær


Spurven sidder stumt bag kvist;

såmænd om ej det fyger!

Kålgårdpilen piber trist

for nordenblæstens byger.

Lul, – lul! rokken går

støt i moders stue,

og jo mere vinden slår,

des mer får arnen lue.


Far har røgtet kvæget ind

med halmen tættet karmen,

gnedet grisens blanke skind,

at den må holde varmen.

Lul, – lul! rokken går!

Far mod stuen stiler,

mor en bugt på tråden slår,

ser op på far og smiler.


Mor kan næppe se sit spind

og næppe tråden mage;

hej, da bæres lyset ind

og stilles i sin stage.

Lul, – lul! rokken går!

tenens rappe vinge

over fyrrebjælken sår

en skok af skyggeringe­.


Far ta'r ned så tung en bog,

med Gud han hvisker sammen,

famler lidt ved spændets krog

og lukker med et: Amen!

Lul, – lul! rokken går,

ensomheden synger,

mulmet tæt om taget står,

og sneen går i dynger.


Her ved moders gamle rok

hun lærte mig at stave,

synge om "den hvide flok"

og "al hans nådegave".

Lul – lul! rokken står!

Men dens nyn og sange

vemodsfuldt mod hjertet går,

når kvældene bli'r lange.


The sparrow sits silently in the eaves





The sparrow sits silently in the eaves;

oh how the snow is flying!

The coaltit chirps mournfully

for the north wind's showers.

Lul, -lul! the spinning-wheel spins

steadily in mother's room,

and the more the wind bites,

the more the fire flares up.


Father has brought the cattle in

and stopped the door with hay,

rubbed the pig's smooth skin,

to keep it warm.

Lul, -lul! the spinning-wheel spins!

Father heads for the living room,

mother winds the thread,

looks up at father and smiles.


Mother can hardly see her work

can hardly handle the thread;

hey, the candle is brought in

and put in its holder.

Lul, -lul! the spinning-wheel spins!

the spindle's swift wings

sow over the pine beams

a mass of shadow rings.


Father takes down such a heavy book,

and he whispers with God,

he fumbles a little with the catch

and closes it with an Amen!

Lul, -lul! the spinning-wheel spins,

lonliness sings,

gloom hangs over the roof,

and the snow heaps up.


Here at mother's spinning-wheel

she taught me to spell,

to sing of "the white flock"

ad "all His gifts of mercy".

Lul -lul! the spinning-wheel has stopped!

But its humming and songs

reach the heart with sadness,

when the evenings are long.



Juletræet med sin pynt

Mel. Egil Harder (Arr. Henrik Metz)

Text: Mogens Lorentzen


Juletræet med sin pynt

venter på, vi får begyndt.

Aldrig har det vær't så grønt,

aldrig har det vær't så kønt.

Og fra selve himlen gled

vist den store stjerne ned.


Hjerter klippes med en saks

af den fingernemme slags,

kræmmehus med krøllet hank,

som så let får en skavank,

kurve, kugler, fugle, flag,

op og ned og for og bag...


Alle vegne ud og ind

glimrer edderkoppespind...

mon der ikke bor en spurv

her i denile lille kurv?

Kræmmerhus med nødder i

er grangiv'ligt kogleri.


Juletræet på besøg

hilser og fra eg og bøg

med besked derude fra,

at det lysner dag for dag,

og at solen fra sit skjul

ønsker os en glæd'lig jul.


The Christmas tree with its decorations




The Christmas tree with its decorations

is waiting for us to begin.

Never has it been so green,

never has it been so fair.

And from Heaven itself

the great star sailed down.


Hearts are cut out

with a handy pair of scissors,

cones with curly handles,

that can easily be damaged,

curls, baubles, birds, flags,

top and bottom and front and back...



spider's webs sparkle...

perhaps a sparrow lives

here in this little basket?

Paper cones with nuts in

are pure delight.


The Christmas tree on a visit

brings greetings from oak and beech

with a message from the outside world,

that every day gets lighter,

and that the sun from its hiding place

wishes us a Merry Christmas.



Sikken voldsom trængsel – Nu er det jul igen

Mel. & Text: Peter Faber

- Traditional (Arr. Bo Holten)


Sikken voldsom trængsel og alarm,

det er koldt, og man må gå sig varm;

lygten tændes klokken fire alt,

det skal være aften med gevalt.

Midt på gaden sælges trær og frugt

se, butikken hvor den stråler smukt,

varer kan man få i tusindvis,

tænk Dem hare, under indkøhspris,

pris, pris, pris, pris, pris,

tænk Dem bare under indkøhspris.


(Nu er det jul igen...)


Pyntet smukt af en usynlig hånd

står nu træet der med lys og band,

døren åbnes og man strømmer ind,

kredsen sluttes med begejstret sind.

Børnene de hoppe rask fasted,

bedstefader han er også med,

lad os tage del i deres sang,

brødre, vi var også hørn engang,

gang, gang, gang, gang, gang,

brødre, vi var også børn engang.


(Nu er det jul igen,

og nu er det jul igen

og julen varer li’ til Påske.

Nej det er ikke sandt,

og nej det er ikke sandt

for ind imellem kommer faste.)


Juleaften, o hvor er du sød,

så skal alle folk ha' risengrød;

æbleskiven bliver flittigt vendt,

gåsestegen er til bag 'ren sendt.

Bonden sidder tidligt ved sit fad,

sikken Guds velsignelse af mad,

lænkehunden selv får dobbelt sul,


What a great throng and noise –

Now it is Christmas again

What a great throng and noise,

it is cold, and we must walk to keep warm;

the lights are lit at four o'clock,

evening falls suddenly.

In the street trees and fruit are sold

see how the shops radiate with pretty things,

that one can buy in their thousands,

imagine, for less that the wholesale price,

price, price, price, price, price,

imagine, for less that the wholesale price.


(Now it is Christmas again...)


Prettily decorated by an unseen hand

the tree now stands with lights and streamers,

the door opens and people flood in,

the circle is formed enthusiastically.

The children quickly start leaping around,

grandfather is with them,

let us take part in their song,

brothers, we were also children once,

once, once, once, once, once,

brothers, we were also children once.


(Now it is Christmas again,

yes now it is Christmas again

and Christmas lasts until Easter.

No, that is not true,

no, that is not true,

because in between comes Lent.)


Christmas Eve, how sweet you are,

everyone shall have rice pudding;

turn the apple slices,

send the goose to the baker.

The farmer sits down early at his plate,

such a holy blessing of the food,

the watchdog gets a double portion,



Vær velkommen, Herrens år

Mel. A. P. Berggreen

Text: N. F. S. Grundtvig


Vær velkommen, Herrens år,

og velkommen herhid!

Julenat, da vor Herre blev fød,

da tændte sig lyset i mørkets skød!

Velkommen, nytår, og velkommen her!


Vær velkommen, Herrens år,

og velkommen herhid!

Påskemorgen, da Herren opstod,

da livstræet fæsted i graven rod!

Velkommen, nytår, og velkommen her!


Vær velkommen, Herrens år,

og velkommen herhid!

Pinsedag, da Guds Ånd kom herned,

da nedsteg Guds kraft til vor skrøbelighed.

Velkommen, nytår, og velkommen her!


Vær velkommen, Herrens år,

og velkommen herhid!

Herrens år med vor Guds velbehag

nu bringer os glæde hver Herrens dag!

Velkommen, nytår, og velkommen her.'


We welcome our Lord's new year




We welcome our Lord's new year,

welcome today!

On Christmas night, when our Lord was born,

a light was lit in the realm of darkness!

Welcome, New Year, welcome here!


We welcome our Lord's new year,

welcome today!

On Easter morning, when the Lord rose again,

the tree of life took root in his grave!

Welcome, New Year, welcome here!


We welcome our Lord's new year,

welcome today!

On Whitsunday God's spirit came down,

with God's power to counter our weakness.

Welcome, New Year, welcome here!


We welcome our Lord's new year,

welcome today!

The year of our Lord with God's goodwill

bring us now joy each Lord's day!

Welcome, New Year, welcome here!


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