About this Recording
8.556656 - BACH, J.S. (THE BEST OF)

Almost 79 minutes of the essential Bach in some of the best performances on disc. From the simple joy of Dame Myra Hess's Jesu Joy, to the pulsating Toccata in Wolfgang Rübsam's thought provoking reading, the great instrumental and orchestral music is all heard on this superbly compiled disc.

The juxtaposition of music also makes the issue one to enjoy as an introduction to Bach, and at the same time shows how adaptable his music has become to transcriptions, the solo violin sonata here played on the guitar.

Which Compact Disc wrote "it is good to see the excellent organist, Wolfgang Rübsam, back on record", when we issued the Toccata and Fugue, while Penguin Guide described the Brandenburg Concerto as "very well played", and of Chen Pi-Hsien's account of the Goldberg Variations the Penguin Guide says "an artist of refined musical intelligence and taste". We could go one throwing accolades at you, but you already know that if its on Naxos it has to be good.

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