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8.559383 - WINKLER, D.: Piano Concerto / Elements Concerti (Panizza, Rabinova)

David Winkler (b.1948)
Piano Concerto • Elements Concerti


The Piano Concerto was composed at the request of conductor David Handel and completed in 2006. It was recorded later that same year as part of an ongoing recording project with several South American orchestras led by Handel.

The work is in three separate, contrasting movements and calls for a piano soloist with great power, technical facility and a keen sense of the poetic. Alexander Panizza was therefore selected for this recording as he possesses all of these qualities and so much more.

Elements Concerti is a four-movement concerto for violin and string orchestra commissioned by the Orchestre de Chambre Français—the resident chamber orchestra of Senlis, France. This work also calls for a soloist of extraordinary technical and artistic gifts and so it was created specifically for violinist Anna Rabinova.

The Elements referred to in the title are: Air, Earth, Water and Fire. The four movements of the work are meant to correspond to or evoke those earthly elements in that order. Each movement is a kind of mini concerto, possessing in itself a multi-part form. And while the work is meant to suggest this kind of extra-musical “program” about nature—the subtext has, ultimately, more to do with our own human situation within it.

David Winkler

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