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8.570599 - RYU, Jeajoon: Sinfonia da Requiem / Violin Concerto No. 1 (Borowicz, Borkowski)

Jeajoon Ryu (b.1970)
Sinfonia da Requiem • Violin Concerto No. 1


Jeajoon Ryu belongs to the most prominent composers of his generation and has wide-ranging musical and extra-musical interests. He studied composition with two great masters – Professor Sukhi Kang in Seoul (South Korea) and Professor Krzysztof Penderecki in Kraków (Poland). He also received a Ph.D. in Music from the Music Academy in Kraków. He has received numerous awards at composers’ competitions. His output includes many outstanding works which testify not only to his command of the compositional craft but above all to his great talent.


Sinfonia da Requiem

Immediately after the Korean War (1950–53), Korea was a country in ruins. The country had suffered tremendously from the ravages of war, and people despaired for their future. This desperate situation, however, was seen as a great opportunity by the post-war generation, who strove to create a new Korea. Their hard work and devotion gave the Korean people hope and nourished their dreams of a bright new future. Korea's success today, its economic development and prosperity, are the result of their efforts.

While we have been enjoying their achievements, it is sometimes easy to forget those who gave so much of themselves to rebuild our country after the war. It is important to show them that they and their incredible achievements have not been forgotten, and to give thanks. Their actions may be viewed by some as no more than a passing phase of our history, but the sacrifices of the postwar generation are the cause of our position in today's world.

The Sinfonia da Requiem was composed as a tribute to those who have devoted themselves to the development of Korea and who strove for the greater prosperity and international reputation of our country. It was commissioned by Chairman Mong Il Chung, and is dedicated to Juyung Chung, the founder of Hyundai. The work is scored for soprano soloist and chorus, with a large orchestra, including triple woodwind and brass and an extensive percussion section.

Jeajoon Ryu


Violin Concerto

Jeajoon Ryu’s Violin Concerto (2006), was premièred in December 2006 during the 13th International Festival ‘Laboratory of Contemporary Music’, at the Witold Lutosławski Concert Hall of Polish Radio in Warsaw, by the Korean-born British violinist So-Ock Kim and the Symphony Orchestra of the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic conducted by Piotr Borkowski. Despite the composer’s use of modern expressive devices, this is a work of truly Romantic provenance. Jeajoon Ryu seems to have been inspired by the music of his eminent teachers and mentors, as well as by the European musical tradition, particularly of the turn of the nineteenth century, employing the best features of that legacy while treating them in a creative way…The Violin Concerto is proof of Ryu’s exceptional talent, his sensitivity to orchestral colour and texture, his concern for dramatic pacing and his command of architecture. The work is notable for its exquisitely scored, almost Mahler-like climaxes, its slow, meditative introduction and its depth of expression, as well as the beautifully lyrical solo violin part…It is also characterized by an imaginative interplay between soloist and orchestra, which allows for both a virtuoso display from the soloist (albeit without the typical violin ‘pyrotechnics’) and spectacular sounds from a large symphony orchestra.

Adapted from a review by Professor Marian Borkowski, the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music, Warsaw

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