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8.573943 - Guitar Duo Recital: Bulatović, Srdjan / Nikčević, Darko - BULATOVIĆ, S. / NIKČEVIĆ, D. (The Sea)

Darko Nikčević (b. 1971) • Srdjan Bulatović (b. 1972)
The Sea: Music for Guitar Duo


This selection of compositions by Darko Nikčević and Srdjan Bulatović deploys a variety of compositional moods ranging from the rhythms of Spain to the atmosphere of the eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East, as well as Slavic and Balkan influences.

Summer Rain begins reflectively before going into the flamenco rumba. Happiness is a lively guitar duo recalling Baroque elements. Alma, a guitar duo with piano accompaniment, offers a ruminative introduction before the other guitar joins in and the keyboard enters to add further texture to the composition.

Synergy is reminiscent of a 19th-century guitar study though punctuated by energetic chords. Bura, a lyrical arpeggio study, progresses to become evocative of Andalusia. Recollection, reminiscent of a Sor study, is a meditative work based on a melody and arpeggio concept, while Preludio arpeggio, also based on sliding chords, becomes more embellished as the composition unfolds.

Flame starts with repeated notes before evolving into a rapid scale study. SveMir, for two guitars and percussion opens gently with plaintive chords and then introduces orchestral accompaniment in Mediterranean style. Reflections develops an Iberian energy after an arpeggiated introduction. In contrast, Regata explores a lyrical theme before becoming a vigorous contrapuntal duo with percussive effects.

Midnight presents a nostalgic theme increasing in tension as it moves along. Maris (‘The Sea’, after which the album is named), is a love song with hints of dissonance developing into pizzicato and intricate counter-rhythms. Travelling represents an energetic waltz with flavours of the Balkans.

Sadness, is self-explanatory in its gentle melancholy, and is appropriately a guitar solo while Ritmico evokes an eastern Mediterranean atmosphere. Coral relies on the rumba genre with snatches of catchy melody.

Slavic perpetuum mobile invokes Slavic wistful melodies before the vibrant dance beckons at the highest possible speed. Mystery has percussive effects before bringing in improvisatory Middle Eastern modes. Morning, an aubade, welcomes the dawn with an optimistic mood tinged with elements of reflection.

Fiesta, with its infectious beat, introduces a catchy tune rising to a climax. In the Field It Rais’d, jointly composed, begins with orchestral accompaniment, and evokes an eastern Mediterranean atmosphere with repeated phrases. Ye Lassie (also a joint composition), starts gently until the duo is joined by the orchestra in a lyrical theme. A second melody complements the first, followed by a tremolo section.

Graham Wade

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