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8.578204 - My First Mozart Album

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (born in 1756 • died in 1791)


Meet Mozart…

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the most famous composers. When he was only three years old, he played the harpsichord and the violin. At the age of four he was making up his own music. He was so young that his father had to help him write it down.

When he was six years old, Mozart and his older sister Nannerl were giving concerts to kings and queens and emperors. And Mozart wrote new music all the time, even when he was sitting in bumpy coaches travelling through Europe.

He didn’t have a long life. But he wrote a lot of music and we hear it today in concerts and on recordings. He wrote symphonies for an orchestra to play. He wrote piano concertos for an orchestra and a solo piano, and he would play the piano part himself! And he wrote the music of many operas—these are like plays with singing—as well as hundreds of other pieces.

People said that he composed and played music in the way that most of us breathe: it was completely natural for him.

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