About this Recording
8.578213 - My First Lullaby Album

The day comes to an end: light fades, darkness comes, and it is time for little ones to go to bed. The mother or father sits by the cradle, rocking it gently from side to side and singing a quiet song. Eyes close and sleep descends. Another day is over.

This traditional scene has inspired many composers and musicians all over the world. Every country has lullabies, and classical composers have had direct experience of the lulling effect, remembered from childhood or felt as parents. They have written music to sing, to play, to hum. Sometimes it is music specifically for the bedside; sometimes it is to evoke the atmosphere in the concert hall; and sometimes it is to tell a story on the stage—in a ballet or an opera.

But the character of the music is unmistakeable: a warm melody based on a quietly rocking rhythm, safe and enveloping. Here is a collection of some of the best-known and most effective lullabies.

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