About this Recording
8.578215 - My First Violin Album

Watch an expert violinist pick up the violin, place it under the chin and draw the bow across the strings, making music sing in the air: it seems so easy and natural.

Actually, it can feel rather awkward at first! Where do I put my fingers for different notes? And how can I do it as well as pull the bow smoothly so it makes a nice sound? It seems so difficult!

The violin is one of the most popular instruments the world over. Probably more children learn the violin than any other instrument (except perhaps the recorder).

One reason is that music needs so many violins. Music for orchestras needs a lot of violins; gypsy music in Hungary needs violins; raags in India sometimes use violins. Folk musicians in England, America and many other countries use the violin too.

In the 16 tracks of this collection, you can hear many different kinds of classical music from the violin. See which ones you like best…

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