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8.578340 - My First Christmas Album

My First Christmas Album


The great thing about Christmas is that you know lots of good things will happen. You know that pretty lights will start popping up all over the place. You know you’ll get a holiday from school. You’re probably ready to eat a special meal and to see family and friends. All these things are part of what we call a tradition. Christmas is a big tradition—it celebrates the birth of Jesus. People who want to celebrate this do it in different ways. But whatever happens, there is always music! Some of it is many years old, and because we only hear it at that one time of the year it feels exciting and special.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without pictures of carol singers with lanterns and bobble hats. Some Christmas carols are well known and simple, and everybody can sing them. Other carols are a bit more complicated and they are often ‘performed’ by a choir of singers.

Then there are songs and pieces played by orchestras, with sleigh bells jingling to get you in the mood and make you think of snow, Santa Claus, his reindeer, and all the other essential ingredients of a perfect Christmas.

Every year we hope to see snow. Quite often we just get rain instead! But it’s part of the tradition that we dream of a ‘white Christmas’, hoping that the real thing will look like the scenes on cards and in films. The whole season is like a dream—a dream full of music!

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