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86044-2 - RON McCLURE SEXTET: Double Triangle

With 14 recordings to his credit, Ron McClure’s experience is unquestioned as a jazz bassist/composer of stature. With his latest effort, Double Triangle, McClure shows he is ready to step into the spotlight entering the prime of his career in skill and experience.

Featuring a tight-knit group of established players including trumpeter Tim Hagans, drummer Billy Hart and pianist Marc Copland, Double Triangle comprises of eight McClure originals and two standards he arranged. It’s a tour-de-force employing all of McClure’s creative powers.

From his early beginnings recording with Maynard Ferguson and Charles Lloyd, to his years with Mike Nock’s The Fourth Way and Joe Henderson, McClure has been one of the most reliable bassist around. In 1975, he even received a Grammy nomination for his arrangment work with pop/rock band, Blood, Sweat & Tears. He also has over 27 years teaching experience at NYU, Berklee College of Music, Long Island University and many other facilities. Double Triangle is his second recording for Naxos Jazz after 1997’s Pink Cloud.

The Double Triangle of the title refers to the intersecting trio units in the group * one, comprising of the three horns (Hagans, Perry, Herwig), and a rhythm section triangle (McClure, Copland, Hart). These two overlapping quadrants, made up of six dynamic and individual musicians, combine for a sum of sounds that are exponentially rewarding and anything but mathematic.

The music is consistently thoughtful and tailored for the feel of each melody. Drawing from strength to strength, the performances are solid whether in solos or within the group. An accomplished session and it all adds up to great jazz.

This intuitive vision was something shared by all in the studio. According to McClure, “I never said a word to the horn section about phrasing or dynamics. Those three guys are so cool that they knew what to do. And the rhythm section of Hart, Copland and me is the same. Marc and Billy never ask what I intended. I don't tell them what I want them to do either. It is always a totally pleasant surprise to hear what they will come up with when I give them my music and nothing more than a count off.

“Together, without a word, the true magic of jazz, in my opinion, is allowed to flourish. If they have to be told what to do, they don't belong there. As Mike Brorby, the recording engineer, said, ‘It’s so nice to work with adults.* I couldn't have said it better myself.*

Each of the five musicians has already appeared on one or more of McClure’s previous recordings. Their advanced harmonic, melodic and rhythmic extensions, are the true essence of this music and the trademark of these fine players. That kind of fluid and intelligent playing is captured throughout the disc, in the three-way free conversation of ‘More Than A Notion* and the reflective warm of ‘Night Bird* with Blue Note recording star Tim Hagans giving a rare performance on the flugel horn.

Ron McClure’s homepage: http://www.biof.com/mcclure

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