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86066-2 - SCHULTZ, Eric: Eric Schultz and Space and Time Ensemble

Time and space aren't just factors in Einstein's theory of relativity. American expatriate in France, Eric Schultz, is exploring these two interlocking concepts through modern post-bop jazz music.

This release of the stellar France-based quintet conjures an impressive set of challenging improvisation that projects the energetic force that is jazz in ever new directions - not to mention continues Naxos Jazz's international profile and commitment to seek out the best in jazz from across the globe. Led by Paris-based guitarist Eric Schultz, the group embarks on an intimidating and deeply unflinching journey of sonic new dimensional travel.

From the propulsive rumble of the opener 'I Remember Albert' leading into a Monk-esque 'Between The Lines', the CD is a mixed-bag of free jazz and introspective bop full of intense solos and creative ideas.

With space, Schultz interprets it as looking into the future of free form 60s improvisational music. Meanwhile, the expression of time is reflective of the jazz tradition of swing and everything that is associated with the rigor of bebop. As essential components of this style, Schultz's music transposes and re-defines their possibilities - with time and space; and with jazz's past, present and future.

"I've always felt that both space and time are essential components of the African-American musical experience and not the mutually exclusive points of view that some would lead us to believe," Schultz explains. "I feel very fortunate to be able to collaborate with master musicians who are equally fluent in both."

Recording with guitarist/leader Schultz on this session include his frequent collaborator Jean Michel Couchet who displays some thrilling sax work. He also shares with Schultz a mutual interest in Monk and Ornette tunes. Meanwhile, German-native Daniel Casimir's stand-out trombone is the perfect counterpoint. Casimir first met Schultz when the two performed in the Ensemble Franco/Allemand in the late 80s'. Joining the soloists is one of the most sought after rhythm sections in Europe, bassist Paul Imm and drummer Alan Jones. Their on-the-edge rhythmic accompaniment are more than up to the challenge of this ambitious quintet.

As for guitarist Schultz himself, he grew up in South California. Developing his chops in the real jazz university in L.A. - the jam sessions of downtown club Maiden Voyage in the early 80s', led by legendary pianist Freddie Reed - Schultz would hang out and play with the best players in town every Sunday afternoon. At the same time, he was also exploring new avenues of expression with musicians like Los Angeles Jazz Quartet's Kevin Tulius, drummer Alan Cook and saxophonist Paul Carman. Schultz moved to Paris in 1985 with the intention of staying six months, but it has since turned into fifteen years.

The Time & Space Ensemble session was recorded in April of 1996.

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