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9.00124 - Story of Naxos (The) - The Soundtrack

The Story of Naxos: The Soundtrack

It is a considerable challenge to justify the title The Story of Naxos: The Soundtrack with just thirty-seven tracks! After all, we cannot pretend that these total the principal jewels from the thousands of CDs in the Naxos and Marco Polo catalogues covering twenty-five years of active recording (probably the busiest recording programme of any classical label since it all began a century ago). Such a task would be truly impossible. But each of these tracks pinpoints a story about the music or about the musicians who have made Naxos what it is today: the single most comprehensive survey of recorded classical music available.

Some of these recordings date back to the beginning of the label; some are more recent. They cover almost every genre. A glance at the nationality of the composers and performers indicates the remarkable international breadth – which of course reflects how classical music (by which we mean mainly Western classical music) has become a cultural lingua franca. This is particularly appropriate for a label that famously began in Hong Kong, where it retains its headquarters whilst now having centres throughout the world.

I hope that you will enjoy this soundtrack, and that it will lead you on to look more closely at the music on Naxos and Marco Polo.

Nicolas Soames, author of The Story of Naxos

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