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9.70293 - BEETHOVEN, L. van: Marches Nos. 1 and 2, WoO 18 and 19 (Ensemble 18+, Štilec)

Ludwig van BEETHOVEN (1770–1827)
March No. 1, WoO 18, Hess 7 • March No. 2, WoO 19, Hess 9


Beethoven’s first two military marches were written in 1809 for the Bohemia militia and dedicated to Archduke Anton, an older brother of his friend and pupil Archduke Rudolph, future Archbishop of Olmütz and Cardinal. The first of the two, also known as the ‘Yorck March’, after the general of that name, was rewritten to be played, with the second of the pair, on 2 August 1810 in a celebration of the birthday of the Archduke’s mother, Maria Ludovika, at Laxenburg, with a traditional tournament. Scored for military band, the Marches, for which Beethoven preferred the title ‘tattoos’, include the traditional percussion, imported under Turkish influence and to retain a continuing place in band orchestration. In a letter from Baden to Archduke Rudolph in August 1810, Beethoven jokingly refers to the two Marches as his ‘music for horses’. The letter implies Archduke Rudolph’s involvement in the use of Beethoven’s marches.

Keith Anderson

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