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DV-BLDDRAY - DANCER'S DREAM: The Great Ballets of Nureyev - GLAZUNOV, A.: Raymonda (Paris National Opera Ballet, 1999) (PAL)

Dancer's Dream
Rudolf Nureyev - The Great Ballets

Directed: François Roussillon
Music: Alexander Glazunov
Musical Direction: Alexander Anissimov
Choreography & Stage Direction: Rudolf Nureyev
Director of Dance: Brigitte Lefèvre
Sets & Costumes: Nicholas Georgiadis


Picture Format 16:9
Sound Format LPCM stereo
Running Time 83 minutes
Region Code PAL All
Booklet Languages GB, F, D
Recording Date Paris/France, 1999

A film dedicated to the great ballets by Rudolf Nureyev performed at the
Opéra National de Paris

• The story of Raymonda takes place in the Middle-Ages and is set in the south of France. Raymonda is a young noblewoman waiting for the return of her fiancé, Jean de Brienne, a knight who is on a crusade in the Holy Land. Meanwhile, however, the Sarascen knight Abderachman appears on the scene and first of all pays her court but then uses force to try and make her bend to his will. Thanks to the warning and help of a ghost who is thought to be an ancestor and patron saint of her family, she can withstand his demands long enough for her true love to save her in a dramatic duel. This results in a joyful wedding feast. The choreographic concept of this classical dramatic ballet is based on the traditional form of the classical dance. The main characters as well as the whole ensemble are given the opportunity to show their virtuosity as dancers in solo and ensemble dances as well as in elegant divertissement scenes.

• This documentary by François Roussillon examines the various aspects of the Ballet Raymonda, which has become a classic in the repertoire of the ballet ensemble of the Paris opera through Rudolf Nureyev's choreography. It was made in 1998 in honour of the great ballerina Yvette Chauviré and gives the dancers and other performers a chance to speak, who during the fifteen years since the premiere of Nureyev's choreography in 1983 have established the success of the ballet.

Raymonda Florence Clerc, Fanny Gaïda, Marie-Claude Pietragalla, Elisabeth Platel, Noëlla Pontois, Claude de Vulpian
Jean de Brienne Charles Jude, Manuel Legris, José Martinez, Rudolf Noureyev
Abderam Jean Guizerix, Laurent Hilaire, Wilfried Romoli

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