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NA208012 - TWAIN, M.: Adventures of Tom Sawyer (The) (Abridged)

Mark Twain

Mark Twain

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer


Tom Sawyer is a young lad who loves adventure. He lives with his Aunt Polly and brother Sid in a small town on the banks of the Mississippi river and try, as he will, he finds it impossible to keep out of trouble. Life is so interesting, and there is so much to investigate, that ‘bunking off’ from school is inevitable; as is his deep friendship with Huck Finn who is the town’s vagabond, shunned by all respectable grown ups.


For someone of such tender years Tom understands human nature. He knows, for example, how to lure his friends into thinking that whitewashing a fence is the greatest fun on earth, and make them willing to pay for the privilege. On another occasion, he calculates exactly when it is time to raise the morale of his pirate gang of truants by coming up with a devastating plan.

Like all great actors, he is a master of timing, making a grand entrance at his own funeral at the most dramatic moment of the service, or arriving in the nick of time at the Widow Douglas’ party with the gold that he and Huck have just dug up.


Tom’s swashbuckling, calculating and optimistic nature nevertheless has a vulnerable side, and this is his love for Becky Thatcher. The course of true love never runs smooth, and this was never so true as in Tom’s case; he even nearly leads her to her death by getting them both lost in the caves. However all ends well. Injun Joe, the villain, dies and the rest of the rich array of characters live on to appear again in Mark Twain’s masterpiece, Huckleberry Finn - also available on Naxos AudioBooks.


Notes by Jan Fielden


Garrick Hagon


Garrick Hagon has appeared in many films including Batman, Star Wars, Cry Freedom, Anthony and Cleopatra and Fatherland. His television credits include A Perfect Spy, The Nightmare Years, Henry V, The Chief and Love Hurts. On London’s West End he played Chris Keller in All My Sons.



The Music


The music on this cassette taken from the NAXOS and MARCO POLO Catalogs


     Slovak Philharmonic/John Hopkins



     Slovak Philharmonic/John Hopkins




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