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NA214212 - CARROLL, L.: Through the Looking-Glass (Abridged)

Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll



 And What Alice Found There


Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There — the sequel to Alice

in Wonderland — is in some ways more ambitious and more consciously organized than its predecessor. Unlike most sequels, it is at least as good as the original work. As the title suggests, the fantasy world involves reversal or inversion through reflection, and also includes a more-or-less possible game of chess in which the characters themselves are players. Alice does not dream her way into the story, but instead gains access through the power of her imagination, melting through the Looking-Glass into that world which is always at least partly visible in it. Carroll also introduces into his second story a character more sympathetic than any in ‘Wonderland’, and perhaps based on himself — the charming and absurd White Knight, whose inventions include anklets for horses ‘to guard against the bites of sharks’.


Notes by Perry Keenlyside



Fiona Shaw


Fiona Shaw has won the Olivier Award for Best Actress four times, as well as a clutch of other awards, for her roles in As You Like It, Electra, The Good Person of Sechuan, Hedda Gabler and Machinal. Her interpretation of Richard II was widely acclaimed, as is her work in films such as My Left Foot, Jane Eyre and Anna Karenina.

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