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NA394712 - BRONTE, C.: Jane Eyre (Abridged)

Young Adult Classics – Jane Eyre


Charlotte Brontë’s Life

1816 Born on 21 April in Thornton, Yorkshire, England, the third of six children.

1821 Moved to Haworth; mother died of cancer.

1824 Went with three of her sisters to Lancashire boarding school, which she later used as a basis for Jane Eyre’s Lowood.

1833 Wrote novella The Green Dwarf using pen name Wellesley.

1839 Became governess to a Yorkshire family.

1842–3 Lived in Brussels with her sister Emily and taught English, an experience which provided background material for her novels The Professor and Villette.

1844 Returned to Haworth.

1846 Charlotte, Emily and Anne published a collection of poetry under the pseudonyms of Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell: only two copies were sold. But the sisters were determined to continue writing.

1847 Jane Eyre published ‘by Currer Bell’: it became a great success.

1847 Wuthering Heights by Emily published under the name of Ellis Bell.

1847 Agnes Grey by Anne published under the name of Acton Bell.

1848 Charlotte and Anne visited their publishers and revealed their real names.

1848 Charlotte’s brother Branwell died in September.

1848 Emily Brontë died of tuberculosis in December.

1849 Anne Brontë died of tuberculosis.

1849 Shirley published (under Charlotte’s real name).

1853 Villette published.

1854 Charlotte married Arthur Bell Nicholls, her father’s curate, and became pregnant.

1855 Charlotte died on 31 March, with her unborn child, possibly of tuberculosis.

1857 The Professor published (written before Jane Eyre but rejected by publishers).

1857 The Life of Charlotte Brontë by Elizabeth Gaskell published.

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