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NA729212 - BECKETT, S.: Molloy (Unabridged)

Samuel Beckett • Read by Dermot Crowley and Sean Barrett

Molloy was written by Samuel Beckett initially in French; only later was it translated into English. It was published shortly after World War II and marked a new, mature writing style which was to dominate the remainder of Beckett's working life. Molloy is divided into two sections. In the first section, Molloy goes in search of his mother. In the second, he is pursued by Moran, an agent. Within this simple outline, spoken in the first person, is a remarkable novel that raises the questions of being and aloneness that mark so much of Beckett's work, as well as being richly comic. Beautifully written, it is one of the masterpieces of Irish literature.

This is the world premiere recording. Written by a master dramatist, it is ideally suited to the audiobook medium.



7 CDs • ISBN 9-62634-292-7

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