8.223269 Du Ming-Xin: Violin Concerto No. 1
8.223350Takako Nishizaki: The Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto
8.223396A Sketch of the Rainy Harbour
8.223408 Ga Da Mei Lin - Chinese Orchestral Music
8.223412The Yellow River
8.223426Message From the Moon
8.223427 Three Wishes of the Rose
8.223488 Butterfly Lovers/Yellow River Concerto
8.223495 Butterfly Lovers/Yellow River Concerto
8.223495G Butterfly Lovers/Yellow River Concerto
8.223579 Long March Symphony
8.223584Takako Nishizaki: Love for a Man Who Never Comes Home
8.223585Peter Breiner: If This is Love
8.223586Takako Nishizaki - O Sole Mio
8.223613 Yellow River Cantata
8.223614Henry Shek: Colourful Clouds
8.223615 Red Army Choir
8.223650Happy Spring Evening
8.223652 Chinese Percussion
8.223661Takako Nishizaki: Love is Like a Mysterious Dream
8.223662Peter Briener: The Awakening Moment
8.223900Hung Hu Violin Concerto
8.223903 Sinkiang Dances for Violin
8.223905 Chinese Melodies Violin & Guitar
8.223908 Wang Zhao Jun Violin Concerto
8.223909 Violin Meets Pipa
8.223910 Popular Chinese Violin Pieces
8.223911 Henry Shek: Colourful Clouds
8.223915 First Contemporary Chinese Comp
8.223916 Peach Blossoms
8.223917 Selling Land for the Bride-Price
8.223918 White-Haired Girl
8.223920 The Mermaid / Harvest Scenes
8.223924 Master Of The Pipa
8.223926 "Su Wu" Zong-Hu Concerto
8.223927 Fantasia On Cantonese Folk Themes
8.223930 An Introduction To Chinese Opera (1)
8.223931 An Introduction To Chinese Opera (2)
8.223933 An Introduction To Chinese Opera (4)
8.223939 Great Wall Symphony
8.223940 Zhu Jianer: Symphony No. 1
8.223941 Zhu Jianer: Symphonic Fantasia/Symphony No. 4
8.223956 In Memoriam
8.223959 Swordsmen of China
8.223960 Vera Tsu: Hung Wu/Butterfly Lovers
8.223962Henry Shek: Chance
8.223965Jasmine (Piano & Orch)
8.223966Dream of The Red Chamber
8.223979The Best of Takako Nishizaki
8.223981Takako Nishizaki: Let's Have a New Start
8.223982Yellow River Cantata/Yellow River Concerto
8.225912The Best of Chinese Pop Evergreen
HKC-8.001Hong Kong Children's Choir : Flying Free