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Naxos Moods

Moods, available on Apple Music, is an ecosystem of playlists curated by experts and musicologists with music catering for the fluidity of feelings and activities people experience every day, with an emphasis of restorative qualities.

Naxos’ deep music knowledge and programming expertise, combined with the extensive catalogue of Classical, World & Jazz music, allows the skillful curation of top-notch listening experiences for users via mood-themed playlists, found in a simple, easy-to-navigate environment that assures the user will find the best musical accompaniment to their mood, activity or interest.

This handy, mobile app currently offers over 50 playlists grouped into 10 hubs: “Relaxation & Chill”, “Spa & Massage”, Yoga & Meditation, “Sleep”, Calm & Peaceful”, “Commute”, “Work & Focus”, “Romance”, “Dinner”, and “Pure Classical”.



“In a world of never-ending scrolling in search of a suitable playlist, I concluded it was time to package one of the most popular music hubs on the largest streaming platforms into a standalone app called simply, but suitably, Moods. Building on my experience as one of the creators of Spotify’s global playlist system, I know there are millions of music lovers around the world who enjoy a great mood-based playlist more than any other online facility. Sadly, the overall quality in the Mood genres and the Classical & Jazz hubs at the DSP’s is variable. We at Naxos believe we can do it much better and offer Mood music seekers a much better user experience through Naxos Moods.”

Roger Adolfsson, creator of Naxos Moods



Appreciating what Naxos Moods has to offer is easy. Download the free Naxos Moods App from the App Store to your mobile phone. Log in to your Apple Music account to access all the playlists available under Naxos Moods.

Use the mobile app to choose a playlist hub to match your mood or activity. With 10 hubs and over 50 playlists expertly curated under different themes, we’re sure to have you covered, whether you’re at home or on the move.