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Chopin: His Life and Music

280 pages
Author: Jeremy Nicholas
2-colour inside, 20 illustrations
ISBN: 1-84379-115-3

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Chopin is one of the great originals of musical history and among the most universally beloved of all composers. Every one of his compositions involves the piano and his contribution to the development of the instrument’s potential cannot be overestimated. This biography offers a clear perspective on Chopin’s complex character, whose innermost feelings were only fully expressed in his music. Generously illustrated, it draws widely on contemporary sources, with detailed commentary on all Chopin’s works, making it both an engaging portrait of the composer and an important work of reference.

And with the words comes the music...

Each book contains 2 CDs of carefully chosen pieces spanning Chopin’s compositional life.

There is access to a dedicated website which offers the musical works in full alongside other bonus material.

Available from all good bookshops in the UK, Australia and New Zealand
*Not available in the US

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