How to Build a Classical CD Collection

11. Beethoven: Moonlight, Pathétique & Appassionata Sonatas

The pianoforte, the new keyboard instrument that could play both loud and soft, with all varieties of dynamic nuance, developed remarkably during the life-time of Beethoven, a composer who was quick to seize the new opportunities so offered. The 32 Piano Sonatas of Beethoven have been described as the musician's New Testament. Of these the most generally popular of all is the so-called Moonlight Sonata - the title was not the composer's - with its poetic first movement and fiery conclusion. The Appassionata Sonata explores an even wider range of feeling and the instrument itself, while the well known Pathétique Sonata offers a dramatic introduction to the world of the sonatas, all of which are available also in a boxed set from Naxos.

Recommended recording
Beethoven: Piano Sonatas, Vol. 1: Pathétique, Moonlight & Appassionata Sonatas, played by the pianist Jeno Jandó. Naxos 8.550045

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