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CELTIC Fiona Mackenzie / Brian Ó hEadhra: TUATH - Songs of the Northlands
CELTIC Fiona Mackenzie / Brian Ó hEadhra: TUATH - Songs of the NorthlandsNXW76116-2
Brianainn an t-Seòladair (Brendan The Navigator)Latha Dhan Fhìnn am Beinn Ioghnaidh (A Day for the Fingalians of Beinn Ioghnaidh)Na Fir-chlis (The Northern Lights)Chan Eil mi gun Mhulad Orm (I am not without sorrow)Godfâder Vil Jâ Priza (The Father we will Worship)Cantigas de Santa Maria: No. 10. Rosa das Rosas (Rose of Roses) (arr. F. Mackenzie, B. Ó hEadhra and M. Vass for folk ensemble)Hemmelig Luke (The Secret Hatch)Iseabail (Isabella)Fichead Aodann (Twenty Faces)Cadal Cha Dèan Mi (Sleep I will not have)Is Gael Mé (I am a Gael)Sìne Bhàn (Fair Jane)If I Needed YouNaomh nan Gàidheal

Gibbs, T.Mackenzie, F.Ní Eadhra, Ó.Ní Eadhra, R.Ó hEadhra, B.Vass, M.White, I.

CHINA Folk Music of China, Vol. 4: Folk Songs of Guangxi
CHINA Folk Music of China, Vol. 4: Folk Songs of GuangxiNXW76091-2
Guo Shan Qiang, Napo folk songSui Min TuneLove Song (Zhuang Tribe) (sung by Xiufeng Wei)Love Song (Zhuang Tribe) (sung by Yuxian Bi)The Steelyard with the Sliding WeightThe Stars and the MoonToday is a Good DayIt's Been a Long Time Since You Came AroundLove Song Duet (Zhuang Tribe)Wandering SongHesitationGathering JoyPassing Down TraditionsRemembering Bouyei SongsLearning to SingToasting Song (Bouyei Tribe)Labour Song (Bouyei Tribe)Song to Welcome Guests (Bouyei Tribe)Welcome Toast (Bouyei Tribe)Bouyei Nuo Opera (excerpts)A December Love SongAn Opening Song, `Take My Boredom Away`An Opening Song, `Spring Comes`An Opening Song, `Sing a Song Regardless of the Words`Watching Flowers GrowOpening Celebrations for a Joyous EventThe Inquiry (Duet)No Able Men at My SideI Join the TroupeThe EncounterA Love Song (Mulao Tribe), 4 stanzasA Five-Word Song, `Bi Dan Tune`A Seven-Word Song, `I See a Boy Passing by My House`A Five-Word Joy Tune, `We Are Both Old`The Pledge of Love, `Gold Line Tune`Shua Diao (Playing Tune)Bi Nong NeHuan Zao Diao (Joyful Morning Tune)Sending Flowers, `Liu Lang Lei`Pray for Blessings from God, Fei Tao ritual songA Song of Praise, Fei Tao ritual song with Nuo mask danceA Toast to the Deities, Fei Tao ritual song

Anonymous, .Bi, Y.He, G.He, H.He, L.He, M.He, N.He, X.Luo, J.Tan, S.Wei, X.Wu, C.Wu, D.Wu, H.Wu, X.Yang, G.Zeng, X.Villagers from Jiangfeng Village, Libo County, Qiannan Bouyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province

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