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Naxos World Music - June 2020
CHINA - Folk Music of China, Vol. 7 - Folk Songs of the Yi and Qiang tribes in Sichuan and Yunnan
CHINA - Folk Music of China, Vol. 7 - Folk Songs of the Yi and Qiang tribes in Sichuan and YunnanNXW76094-2
Qi La Wa Ge Er, a Shalang songNi Sa, a ritual songGe Bu Ze Ni Ruo Yi Mo, a labour songSuo Ya La Bai Ma, a Shalang songHa Zhu La Yi, a harvest songTao Gan Tao, a celebration songA Wine Song (Qiang Tribe)Ji Si Ke Ni Ruo Yi Mo, a Shalang songXia Mi, an animal grazing songO La Yi You, a toasting songNanjian Da Ge, a dancing songTreat Our Guests to DrinksA Bridal Song (Yi Tribe)Perform Da Ge until DawnSeaweed SongSong of ComplimentsDa Ge SongA Happy Song (Yi Tribe)Missing a Lover (Yi Tribe Female Solo)A Love Song Duet (Yi Tribe)Love Song of the YiPicking FlowersPerform Da Ge until Mountains MoveMissing a Lover (Yi Tribe Male Chorus)Four Songs About Alcohol

Bai, Y.Chen, Z.Gou, Y.Li, C.Li, L.Liang, R.Liu, C.Liu, D.Luo, W.Shang, M.Suo, J.Wang, A.Wang, J.Wang, Q.Yang, H.Zhang, R.Yi tribe members from Nanjian Yi Autonomous County, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province

UGANDA Milégé: Afwoyo
UGANDA Milégé: AfwoyoNXW76108-2
AkaburwanaKankutwaleAfwoyoLatin Kok Pi Ngo?Kuza EngoNew EraNankasaAkademaWeyo


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