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Album Sales Plunge, Digital Downloads Up

January 24, 2009

In the course of an online discussion about the current state of the recording industry, the delightfully-pseudonymed ‘The Scarlet Parsnip’ writes:

“I look at Naxos which is a budget label with excellent talent that introduces people to old and new classical as well as recent discoveries that have been hidden or ignored by the stale old chestnuts of the genre.

Yesterday while at the 'record store' I was shocked to see the prices for classical recordings pushing the 20 dollar mark…and since the advent of the compact disc it was claimed prices would go down…and they never did. The cost to produce a CD is ridiculously low.

[…]Naxos remains smart. Keep the price cheap, and the listener will explore more easily a composer. Without them I would not have found Geir Tviett…and their Finzi catalogue has grown leaps and bounds…they are also repackaging the Marco Polo soundtracks that tanked at a cheaper price.”

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Each month Naxos releases dozens of CDs, several DVDs, and also many digital titles, both new releases and reissues. As The Scarlet Parsnip notes, on Naxos you’re likely to find music by many composers otherwise unavailable or hard to find at prices that are hard to beat!

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