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John Corigliano Website Launched

June 10, 2009

I would like to introduce you to John Corigliano’s beautiful new website:

Biographical information, work lists, and examples of all works and recordings are included and there is a page devoted to performances, as well.

If you are aware of any performances of John Corigliano’s music that you have scheduled in the upcoming season—but which I may not know about—I invite you to send me the information for posting on John’s website as well as Schirmer’s own site. While we regularly know about performances which require rentals—we often don’t find out about the solo and chamber performances unless we see a listing or someone like you notifies us.

If you would like your performances included please email the following information:

a) the name of the artist(s)
b) name of work(s) performed
c) place of performance(s) and
d) date(s) of performances

We will also try to hyperlink the presenter’s website, so that the complete program and other details are available for the music lover to read.

Thank you and enjoy!

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CORIGLIANO Circus Maximus, Gazebo Dances
University of Texas Wind Ensemble
Jerry Junkin, conductor


The Circus Maximus of ancient Rome was a real place. The largest arena in the world, it entertained over 300,000 spectators daily for nearly a thousand years. Chariot races, hunts and battles satisfied the Roman public’s need for grander and wilder amusement as the Empire declined. The parallels between the high decadence of Rome and our present time are obvious. Entertainment dominates our culture, and ever-more-extreme ‘reality’ shows dominate our entertainment. Many of us have become as bemused by the violence and humiliation that flood the 500-plus channels of our television screens as those mobs of imperial Rome who considered the devouring of human beings by starving lions just another Sunday show. The shape of Circus Maximus was built both to embody and comment on this massive and glamorous barbarity. John Corigliano

CORIGLIANO Violin & Piano Music
Ida Bieler, violin
Nina Tichman, piano


One of America’s finest and most widely recognized composers, John Corigliano has won several Grammy Awards, the Pulitzer Prize and dozens of other honors. His hauntingly beautiful Chaconne and virtuosic The Red Violin Caprices, both based on his Academy Award-winning film score for The Red Violin, attest to his maverick imagination, while a famous passage from Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony is the seed from which Fantasia on an Ostinato grew. The Violin Sonata, one of Corigliano’s earliest works, combines sophistication and vigour.

CORIGLIANO Mr Tambourine Man, 3 Hallucinations
Hila Plitmann, soprano
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
JoAnn Falletta, conductor


…A colleague suggested that I look into the poetry of the songs of Bob Dylan. Having not yet listened to the songs, I decided to send away for the texts only…and found many of them to be every bit as beautiful and as immediate as I had heard—and surprisingly well-suited to my own musical language…these would be in no way arrangements, or variations, or in any way derivations of the music of the original songs, which I decided to not hear before the cycle was complete…I intended to treat the Dylan lyrics as the poems I found them to be. Nor would their settings make any attempt at pop or rock writing. I wanted to take poetry I knew to be strongly associated with popular art and readdress it in terms of concert art—crossover in the opposite direction, one might say. Dylan granted his permission, and I set to work. John Corigliano

CORIGLIANO The Red Violin Caprices, Violin Sonata
THOMSON Five Ladies, Portraits

Philippe Quint, violin
William Wolfram, piano


John Corigliano has revisited his score for the 1997 film The Red Violin several times. In The Red Violin Caprices, content is allied to a technique making strenuous demands on the performer. The pensive Theme is identical in substance to that heard in the earlier Chaconne (Naxos 8.559306), and its five variations range in style from the Paganinian virtuosity of the first, to the restrained ‘folk’ tinge of the third. Corigliano’s Violin Sonata is among his earliest acknowledged works, its final Allegro enhanced by some scintillating instrumental interplay. Coming from a very different musical background, and representing a very different musical aesthetic, Virgil Thomson’s music displays a skilful assimilation of Gallic clarity and an American-derived nostalgia, with hymn tunes and traditional songs often being evident. “I just heard Philippe Quint’s new recording of my Red Violin Caprices and he was absolutely amazing.” John Corigliano

CORIGLIANO A Dylan Thomas Trilogy
Sir Thomas Allen, baritone
Ty Jackson, boy soprano
John Tessier, tenor
Nashville Symphony Chorus & Orchestra
Leonard Slatkin, conductor


Fern Hill is a blithe poem, yet touched by darkness; time finally holds the poet “green and dying” … Poem in October begins in Thomas’s seafront town: the poet, marking his birthday, climbs to a high hill, where he reflects on his youth and mulls his future…Poem on his Birthday distorts the “lamb-white days” of Fern Hill to the grotesqueries of “herons who walk in their shroud”: Poem in October’s sparkling ocean becomes a gull-haunted river Styx…Author’s Prologue—his penultimate work—was a lavish, exultant poem that bellowed with lust and life. It called for music as unusual as it was buoyant. And it offered A Dylan Thomas Trilogy the formal inevitability I always dreamed for it…John Corigliano

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