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Forthcoming Naxos Release of Rózsa Orchestral Music

November 25, 2009

RÓZSA Overture to a Symphony Concert
Rhapsody for Violoncello and Orchestra Op 3
Hungarian Nocturne

Mark Kosower, cello • Budapest Symphony Orchestra MAV
Mariusz Smolij, conductor


Recorded from 12–15 September 2009 in the Hungaraton Studio, Budapest, Hungary

‘This project follows the first CD dedicated to symphonic music by Miklós Rózsa that was recorded with the same orchestra two years ago [RÓZSA Viola Concerto, Hungarian Serenade (Karni, Smolij) 8.570925]. The three new works now recorded will be issued together with the earlier recorded Hungarian Sketches.

Mariusz Smolij conductor

‘The Budapest orchestra was the ideal “instrument” for interpreting and recording music that is so strongly rooted in the Hungarian folk traditions. The specific Hungarian musical accentuation, also heard in other prominent Hungarian master such as Bartók or Kodály, came from the orchestra with the utmost ease and natural feeling. The same was true for creating the atmospheric “musical paintings” and finding the right timbres that are unique for the music of that region. I believe these elements added a great degree of authenticity to the performance. I am also glad that the traditional closeness between the Hungarian and the Poles (I am Polish-American) also found its place in the process of making this recording.

‘Peter Aczel, who was sound engineer for both projects, was the ideal partner for this project. The former pianist and professor of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music not only has a great ear for all the details but also perfect understanding of the significance of the all musical elements mentioned above.

‘Working on the Cello Rhapsody with Mark Kosower was especially thrilling since we were doing the very first recording of this undeservedly forgotten composition. Because of some discrepancies between the piano/cello and symphonic versions, we went great lengths to analyze the compositional process and the changes composer was implementing with his revisions. Getting into the mind of the composer is always a fascinating process. I hope we served as good advocates of his intentions and after the recording is issued many cellist will consider adding Rózsa’s Rhapsody to their repertoire.’
Mariusz Smolij, conductor

‘What made the Rózsa Rhapsody so challenging to record was the fact that the solo part is very intricately woven into the musical fabric which required much coordination and dialogue between myself, Mariusz, and the Orchestra. Also the composition contains transitions that evolve quickly demanding immediate changes in character, timbre, and musical direction from the musicians. I believe we were successful in meeting these demands and captured a wide range of expression. It was very special to record this work with the Budapest Concert Orchestra MAV as most of the linguistic elements Mariusz and I were striving for in the music were naturally already in place with this Hungarian orchestra. The sound engineer/producer Peter Aczel was a wonderful guiding force throughout the session.’
Mark Kosower, cellist


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