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March 2007  
March at

As International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8, we join the nations across the globe in recognizing the achievements of women with our selection of the finest works from women artists and composers.

We've also brought out our collection of masterpieces by Irish composers and albums based on Irish music, in time for St. Patrick's Day, March 17.

Featured CD of the Month

8.570033 Carl ORFF: Carmina Burana

With its mixture of funny, bawdy and hedonistic texts taken from anonymous poets of the Middle Ages, Carmina Burana, which was created by twentieth-century German composer Carl Orff, is a choral work of powerful pagan sensuality and direct physical excitement. It has even provided the backdrop for countless international television adverts, and for the films Excalibur, Natural Born Killers and Badlands.

Claire Rutter, Tom Randle, Markus Eiche, Highcliffe Junior Choir (Director: Mary Denniss), Bournemouth Symphony Youth Chorus (Director: Andrew Knights), Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and Chorus (Director: Greg Beardsell), Marin Alsop (conductor)

New Releases

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8.557625-26 BACH: The Well-Tempered Clavier Book I (24 Preludes and Fugues, BWV 846-869)

Described as the pianist's 'Old Testament', complemented by the 'New Testament' of Beethoven's Sonatas, the Preludes and Fugues are heard here played on the harpsichord, the keyboard instrument for which they were most likely written.

Luc Beauséjour (harpsichord)
8.557523 SCHOENBERG: Pierrot Lunaire

Arnold Schoenberg sought to write music that avoided traditional tonal implications, which eventually led him away from tonality altogether. The music on this CD explores some of his key atonal works.

Eileen Hulse (soprano), Anja Silja (sprechstimme), Catherine Wyn-Rogers (mezzo-soprano), Members of the London Symphony Orchestra, Twentieth Century Classics Ensemble, Philharmonia Orchestra, Robert Craft (conductor)
8.557824 TCHAIKOVSKY: Piano Concerto No. 2 in G major, Op. 44; Concert Fantasy in G major, Op. 56

Hot on the heels of last month's release of Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto (8.557690), this disc completes Konstantin Scherbakov's cycle of Tchaikovsky's complete works for piano and orchestra.

Konstantin Scherbakov (piano), Andrey Kudryavtsev (violin, track 5), Dmitry Yablonsky (cello, tracks 2 & 5), Russian Philharmonic Orchestra, Dmitry Yablonsky (conductor)
8.570219 WEBERN: Complete Songs with Piano

One of Schoenberg's leading pupils and disciples, Anton Webern continued to write songs throughout his life. It is thus possible to follow his development as a composer, from early traditional writing to the more experimental work of his later years, from the tonal to the atonal, and to the sparer textures for which his work became well known.

Svetlana Savenko (soprano), Yuri Polubelov (piano)

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  Naxos Historical Recordings

8.111249-50 PUCCINI: La Bohème

This release might well be called The Ultimate Beecham Bohème,’ as it brings together for the first time the conductor's pre-war and post-war recordings of the score, as well as his spoken comments on the work, taken from a promotional LP issued at the time of the release of the complete recording.

Jussi Björling, Victoria de los Angeles, Robert Merrill, Lucine Amara, Giorgio Tozzi, RCA Victor Chorus and Orchestra, The Columbus Boychoir, Sir Thomas Beecham (conductor)
8.111248 BEETHOVEN: Symphonies Nos. 5 and 7

Set down towards the start of Klemperer's longstanding relationship with the Philharmonia Orchestra, these much-admired recordings were made almost entirely in one intensive week of sessions in October 1955 that included a celebrated Eroica.

Philharmonia Orchestra, Otto Klemperer (conductor)

8.111139 Rosa Ponselle. American Recordings 1923-1929, Vol. 2

This second disc of Ponselle's 1923-1929 American recordings features two of her loveliest performances, 'In grembo a me' from L'Africaine and 'Suicidio!' from La Gioconda, as well as three of her first electric recordings, The Little Old Garden’, ‘Carry Me Back to Old Virginny’ and ‘My Old Kentucky Home’, made on the 1st and 2nd June, 1925.

Rosa Ponselle (soprano)

8.111247 BACH: Goldberg Variations

Glenn Gould's 1955 recording of this work is one of the most important and influential piano discs of the second half of the twentieth century, leading not only to a wider appreciation of Bach's keyboard works by the general public but also to a fundamental re-appraisal of how Bach should be played.

Glenn Gould (piano)

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  Naxos American Classics

8.559257 Stephen ALBERT: Symphony No. 1 'RiverRun', Symphony No. 2

At the time of his tragic and unexpected death in 1992, Albert had completed the first draft of his lush, evocative Symphony No. 2, which here receives its world première recording. It is coupled here with Albert's Pulitzer Prize–winning first symphony, RiverRun, one of many of his works inspired by the writings of James Joyce.

Russian Philharmonic Orchestra, Paul Polivnick (conductor)
8.559243 John HARBISON: Piano Trio No. 2

Of his Piano Trio No. 2, Harbison writes: [It] makes little contact with the Mozart-to-Shostakovich central trio repertoire, and a great deal with the transparency, ambiguity, and shiftiness of Papa Joseph Haydn. Harbison himself plays viola on the ensemble work Cucaraccia and Fugue.

Amelia Piano Trio: Anthea Kreston (violin and viola), Jason Duckles (cello), Rieko Aizawa (piano)
Cucaraccia and Fugue: Steven Tenenbom (viola I), Ida Kavafian (viola II), Anthea Kreston (viola III), John Harbison (viola IV)
8.559323 Paul MORAVEC: Tempest Fantasy (2002)

Moravec's Tempest Fantasy, the work that won him the Pulitzer Prize in 2004, is a meditation on Shakespeare's The Tempest, and has been described by Fanfare magazine as openly and ebulliently attractive, flowing with an effortless lyric pulse.

Trio Solisti: Maria Bachmann, (violin), Alexis Pia Gerlac (cello), Jon Klibonoff (piano) David Krakauer clarinet
8.559303 Jose SEREBRIER: Partita / Fantasia / Winterreise

Symphony No. 2, Partita, was written by Serebrier at the age of 19 and premièred by the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington, with the composer in his U.S. conducting début. CDNow praised it as .a sort of musical Armageddon you're not likely to forget, while The Times put it as music of our time that demands to be heard.

Gonzalo Acosta (violin), London Philharmonic Orchestra, José Serebrier (conductor)

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  Naxos American Jewish Music

Joseph Rumshinsky and Other Songwriters of his Circle

The selections on this CD (all but three of them by one of the most celebrated of the Second Avenue songwriters, Joseph Rumshinsky) illustrate the wide range of Yiddish theater songs-lively and spirited, lyrical and quasi-operatic, comical, nostalgic, and moralistic. They reveal as well the genre's various musical sources, among them Viennese light operetta, perceived Eastern European folk idioms and klezmer sonorities, cantorial tradition, and liturgical chant.

Artists include: Robert Abelson, Bruce Adler, Robert Bloch, Joanne Borts, Amy Goldstein, Benzion Miller, Elizabeth Shammash, Nail Snaidas, Simon Spiro Vienna Chamber Orchestra, Elli Jaffe
8.559452 Sacred Services from Israel

This new CD features liturgical works commissioned and premiered in America-two Sabbath evening services and a Hallel (praise) Service of Psalms for Festivals and other celebratory occasions-by three composers who were born or educated in Germany and immigrated to Palestine during the 1920s and 30s: Paul Ben-Haim, Marc Lavry and Yehezkel Braun

Cantor Meil Finkelstein, Cantor Raphael Frieder, Matthew Frieder, BBC Singers, Spectrum, Avner Itai (conductor), Ernst Senff Choir, Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin, Yoel Levi, Gerard Schwarz (conductors)
8.559439 Jewish Music of the Dance

A central biblical figure, the folk and religious traditions of the Hassidic world, and one of the seminal periods in Jewish history provide the inspiration for the four dance-oriented scores on this new Milken Archive CD. It concludes with the world premiere recording of excerpts from The Vision of Ariel by Ukrainian-born Lazare Saminsky.

Rundfuni-Sinfonieorchester Berlin
Stephen Gunzenhauser/ Gerard Schwarz/Joseph Silverstein (conductors)
Alberto Mizrahi (tenor), Barcelona Symphony, Jorge Mester

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