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September 2007  
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Enjoy our variety of special features on this month, starting with Splendid Trumpet, which includes spectacular trumpet works from the Baroque era, favourite trumpet concertos, ceremonial music, popular Gershwin tunes arranged for trumpet and piano, among others.

We also present the works of Jean Sibelius, one of the most celebrated Finnish composers. Listen to his fine compositions, such as the symphonic poems, which were mostly inspired by ancient Finnish legends.

All classical music lovers from beginners to collectors will benefit from our wide range of educational texts and recordings in Naxos Educational, designed to promote a better appreciation and understanding of classical music. Featured series include 'Portrait', 'Discover', 'Opera Explained', 'National Stories', 'Life and Works', 'Classics Explained', 'Art & Music' and 'A-Z'.

Finally, we invite you to relax with Contemporary Instrumental music selected from the White Cloud catalogue. Musicians from the Southern Hemisphere reflect the traditions of their ancestors and the unique beauty of their surroundings in ambient, soft jazz, Celtic and world music.

Album of the Month

8.570233 BRAHMS: Symphony No. 4 • Hungarian Dances

The fourth and final release in the major new Naxos cycle of Brahms Symphonies featuring the London Philharmonic and Marin Alsop presents the Symphony No. 4, which won immediate success at the time of its 1885 premičre and was praised by the critic Hanslick for its demonstration of the composer’s mastery of ‘all the secrets of counterpoint, harmony and invention’. It is coupled with seven of Brahms’s Hungarian Dances imaginatively orchestrated by Peter Breiner in a special Naxos commission for this recording.

London Philharmonic Orchestra, Marin Alsop

New Releases

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8.557844 RIES: Piano Concertos, Volume 2

Ferdinand Ries is one of the greatest pianists in Europe of his time and a composer of exceptional ability. His eight piano concertos stand alongside those of Hummel as the most important works of their kind from the early 19th century. The Piano Concerto in C sharp minor, composed in Russia in 1812, is a striking work full of spirit and boundless invention. Its companion pieces are no less remarkable in their brilliant juxtapositions of dazzling virtuoso display and passages of exceptional lyrical beauty.

Christopher Hinterhuber (piano), Gävle Symphony Orchestra, Uwe Grodd
8.570350 RÓZSA: Violin Concerto / Sinfonia Concertante

Hungarian-born Miklós Rózsa became known as a master of the Hollywood epic after moving to America in 1940. During his summer breaks in Italy, however, he has also devoted himself to his concert works. Combining dazzling virtuosity with Hungarian-tinged lyricism, the Violin Concerto is one of his finest works, later to be adapted for the Billy Wilder film The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. The Sinfonia Concertante, a double concerto for violin and cello and written originally alongside the score of Ben-Hur, is also rich in reminders of the composer’s Hungarian origins.

Anastasia Khitruk (violin), Andrey Tchekmazov (cello), Russian Philharmonic Orchestra, Dmitry Yablonsky
8.570501 Baroque Trumpet Concertos

The development of the piccolo trumpet has made it possible to tackle both original Baroque trumpet repertoire and transcriptions of works originally intended for oboe, with which it has a comparable tube length. Included here are examples of original trumpet repertoire from composers such as Torelli and Gabrielli working at the Basilica of S. Petronio in Bologna, and by Fasch and Telemann, together with apt transcriptions of oboe compositions by Albinoni and Handel.

Thomas Reiner (trumpet), Southwest German Chamber Orchestra Pforzheim, Sebastian Tewinkel
8.570335 AMMERBACH: The Tabulaturbuch

The sixteenth-century Leipzig organist Elias Nicolaus Ammerbach is remembered above all for his Tabulaturbuch, a collection of keyboard arrangements of songs, dances and other works, variously ornamented, and intended as a means of teaching both keyboard-playing and the foundations of music. He is one of the 16th century German ‘colourists’, who added virtuoso passage-work to pre-existing works.

Glen Wilson (harpsichord)

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  Naxos Film Music Classics

8.570184 STEINER: All This, and Heaven Too / A Stolen Life

Of the 300 films Max Steiner scored, including the epic Gone With The Wind, his personal favourites were the Bette Davis melodramas. John Morgan lovingly restored these achingly romantic scores, the disc balancing the relative simplicity of A Stolen Life with the Wagner-without-words operatic All This, and Heaven Too. Expansive, sweeping orchestral themes bind scenes together with symphonic grandeur.

Moscow Symphony Orchestra and Choir, William Stromberg
8.570185 STEINER: The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

John Huston directed this 1948 Humphrey Bogart classic, with Max (King Kong) Steiner provided one of his most distinctive scores. Writing for large orchestra, Steiner summoned a ‘gold effect’ with two harps, pianos, vibraphones, celesta, adding guitars, accordion, four mandolins and choir. Wildly inventive, bold and colourful, this is the first complete recording of a true film music masterwork.

Moscow Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, William Stromberg
8.570187 NEWMAN: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Alfred Newman scored 225 films, largely defining the sound of Golden Age Hollywood. He composed 75 minutes of bold, intense music for RKO’s 1939 The Hunchback of Notre Dame, all the major sequences of which are faithfully presented in John Morgan’s painstaking reconstruction. Also included is a 20-minute suite from Beau Geste and a short suite from All About Eve.

Moscow Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, William Stromberg
8.570188 SALTER & DESSAU: House of Frankenstein

The penultimate film in Universal’s Frankenstein series, this deranged monster mash featured Dracula, the Wolfman and ‘Frankenstein’s Monster’. Ingeniously inventive, comic, eerie and action packed, Composers Hans J. Salter and Paul Dessau’s score is a virtual Hollywood camp Symphonie Fantastique. Ripe for rediscovery, Salter remains an unsung master of film music, contributing often uncredited, to well over 300 programmers and minor classics.

Moscow Symphony Orchestra, William Stromberg

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  Naxos Spanish Classics

8.570553 ALBÉNIZ: Piano Music Vol. 2

This second volume of piano music by Isaac Albéniz combines the early, romantic Recuerdos de viaje, with works composed during the composer’s Parisian period, which ran up to his death in 1909. Whereas in his early works Albéniz borrows tunes from native Spanish folk-lore, almost all of his melodies in the Parisian works are original. Here the writing is bolder and more experimental, marked by tonal ambiguity and new sonorities as in, for example, the dissonant and intricately polyphonic La Vega or the technically difficult and harmonically complex Navarra. Volume 1 is available on Naxos 8.554311-12.

Guillermo González (piano)
8.570458 DURÓN: Tonadas (Songs)

This recording is the first monograph devoted to the eminent composer Sebastián Durón, one of the most important musicians in Spain at the turn of the eighteenth century, who held the post of royal maestro de capilla at the Court of Charles II in Madrid. It features nineteen works for solo voice and accompaniment: sixteen secular tonadas taken from his zarzuelas and other stage works, one secular cantata in the Italian style and two solos dedicated to the Eucharist.

Raquel Andueza (soprano), Manuel Vilas (double harp)

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  Naxos American Classics

8.559315 ROREM: Piano Concerto No. 2 / Cello Concerto

When Leonard Bernstein gave the premičre of Ned Rorem’s Third Symphony with the New York Philharmonic in 1959, it signalled a significant triumph for his orchestral music, written in a tonal idiom alien to the experimental practices of the day. Composed in Morocco in 1951, the Second Piano Concerto has a distinctly American character. The last movement, ‘Real Fast!’, is a tour de force for soloist and orchestra, with jazz-like rhythms and an exhilarating conclusion. In his recent concertos such as the Cello Concerto of 2002, Rorem has abandoned the usual three-movement pattern.

Simon Mulligan (piano), Wen-Sinn Yang (cello), Royal Scottish National Orchestra, José Serebrier
8.559320 GOTTSCHALK: Complete Works for Orchestra

A child prodigy pianist who was touring Europe as a virtuoso concert soloist while still a teenager, Louis Moreau Gottschalk provides one of the most colorful chapters in the history of American music. Dubbed ‘the Chopin of the Creoles’, he was, above all, the first to capture the syncopated music of South Louisiana and the Caribbean in enduring works that anticipate ragtime and jazz by half a century. His orchestral works show a composer of considerable skill who could create memorable and catchy tunes. Included in this disc of the complete surviving orchestral music are several works recorded for the first time in the composer’s original version (please see page 2 of the booklet for details), as well as the world premičre recording of La Casa del Joven Enrique.

Michael Gurt (piano), Melissa Barrick (soprano), Anna Noggle (soprano), Darryl Taylor (tenor), Richard Ziebarth (bass-baritone), John Contiguglia (piano), Richard Contiguglia (piano), Angela Draghicescu (piano), Chin-Ming Lin (piano), Joshua Pepper (piano), Hot Springs Festival Symphony Orchestra, Richard Rosenberg

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