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September 2008 Sampler

NAXOS September 2008
New Releases Sampler

23 tracks from the albums
to the right for only
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Vivaldi: Magnificat: Nisi Dominus, RV 608 - Surgite postquam sederitis
Szymanowski: Stabat Mater - I ktoz widzac tak cierpiaca (Quis est homo qui non fleret)
Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition - Promenade (arr. W. Ochoa for orchestra)
Corigliano: 3 Hallucinations - No. 3. Ritual
Markevitch: Orchestral Music: Partita - I. Ouverture
Anderson: Alma Mater - II. Freshman on Main Street
McKay: Epoch - IV. Machine Age Blues
Brahms: Violin Concerto - III. Allegro giocoso, ma non troppo vivace
Maxwell Davies: Naxos Quartet No. 9 - V. Alla marcia
Bazzini: 2 morceaux de salon, Op. 12 - No. 2. Le Retour
Moravec: Chamber Symphony - III. Quick
Ives: Songs - Mirage
Schubert: Lieder - Nach einem Gewitter, D. 561
Alwyn: Piano Music - Hunter's Moon, No. 1. Midsummer Magic
Lindberg: Piano Music - 3 Short Pieces, No. 2
Buxtehude: Harpsichord Suite in A major, BuxWV 243 - IV. Gigue
Winkler: Elements Concerti - Earth
Stamitz: Oboe Quartet in E flat major, Op. 8, No. 4 - II. Andante
Haydn: Symphony No. 25 in C major, Hob.I:25 - III. Presto
Asencio: Suite valenciana - III. Dansa
Monteverdi: Madrigals - Cara mia selva d'oro  
Wolf-Ferrari: La Vedova scaltra, Act II - Nella notturna selva (Rosaura)
Johann Strauss I: Myrthen Walzer, Op. 118

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  Naxos CDs

8.570445 VIVALDI Sacred Music, Vol 3
Carla Huhtanen, soprano • Lynne McMurtry, mezzo-soprano • Eve Rachel McLeod, soprano • Jennifer Enns Modolo, mezzo-soprano • Aradia Ensemble • Kevin Mallon, conductor

Vivaldi’s sacred music occupies a place of honour in his vast output, dovetailing passages of great tenderness and sombre beauty, rich in cantabile expressiveness, with highly operatic movements of colourful and exciting virtuosity.

8.570716 MUSSORGSKY Pictures at an Exhibition / LISZT Piano Concerto No 1
Peng Peng, piano • Nashville Symphony Orchestra and Chorus • Leonard Slatkin, conductor

Leonard Slatkin’s eclectic selection of orchestrations by no fewer than fifteen different composers of Mussorgsky’s famous Pictures at an Exhibition complements Liszt’s path-breaking first Piano Concerto, which features the award-winning soloist Peng Peng, who was only fourteen at the time of this recording.

8.570724 SZYMANOWSKI Stabat Mater
Iwona Hossa, soprano • Ewa Marciniec, mezzo-soprano • Jarosław Bręk, baritone •  Warsaw Philharmonic Choir & Orchestra • Antoni Wit, conductor

In addition to his setting of a Polish translation of the medieval poem Stabat Mater, Karol Szymanowski’s Veni Creator, Litany for the Virgin Mary, Demeter and Penthesilea feature on this fascinating new release.

8.570321 SCHUMANN & BRAHMS Violin Concertos
Ilya Kaler, violin • Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra • Pietari Inkinen, conductor

One of the most popular concertos in the repertoire, Brahms’ Violin Concerto and Schumann’s thoughtful and poetic Violin Concerto are perfectly partnered on this new release.

8.570800 BAZZINI Virtuoso Works for Violin and Piano
Chloë Hanslip, violin • Caspar Frantz, piano

After encouragement from Paganini, Antonio Bazzini lived the life of a touring virtuoso for many years, becoming one of the great violinist-composers of the 19th century. He is best remembered for numerous salon pieces for violin and piano.

8.555314-16 MONTEVERDI Madrigals, Book 7
Delitiæ Musicæ • Marco Longhini, conductor

In his Seventh Book of Madrigals Monteverdi revolutionized the madrigal to such an extent that he began using the term ‘Concerto’ to describe these pieces. Marco Longhini’s new complete critical edition, the first since Malipiero’s 1932 edition, was prepared specifically for this recording.

8.570761 HAYDN Symphonies Nos 25, 42 & 65
Sinfonia Finlandia Jyväskylä • Patrick Gallois, conductor

Here are three masterpieces from the ‘father of the symphony’: The rarely recorded Symphony No. 25, which opens with an Adagio-Allegro followed by a minuet, the Symphony No. 42, one of his finest middle-period symphonies, and his Symphony No. 65, which abounds in wit, invention and originality.

8.572033 Petrit Ceku Guitar Recital
Petrit Ceku, guitar

This recital by 2007 Alessandria Pittaluga Guitar Competition Winner, the Croatian Petrit Ceku, presents music by J.S. Bach, the 19th-century master Giulio Regondi, Rodrigo’s In Praise of the Guitar, and Vicente Asencios’s Suite Valencia.

8.557567 SCHUBERT Lieder, Vol 28
Rainer Trost, tenor • Ulrich Eisenlohr, piano

This disc from the Naxos Deutsche Schubert-Lied-Edition is the third of a series devoted to Schubert’s friends, including Mayrhofer. Volumes One and Two are available on 8.554799 and 8.557171, while two discs devoted exclusively to Mayrhofer are available on 8.554738 and 8.554739.

  Naxos American Classics

8.559331 CORIGLIANO Mr Tambourine Man
Hila Plitmann, amplified sopranoBuffalo Philharmonic OrchestraJoAnn Falletta, conductor

“A colleague suggested that I look into the poetry of the songs of Bob Dylan,’ explains John Corigliano. “I intended to treat the Dylan lyrics as the poems I found them to be, to take poetry I knew to be strongly associated with popular art and readdress it in terms of concert art.”

8.559381 ANDERSON Orchestral Music, Vol 4
Kim Criswell, soprano • William Dazeley, baritone • BBC Concert Orchestra • Leonard Slatkin, conductor

Leroy Anderson’s chart-topping popular music was crafted with inventive precision. Volume Four concentrates on arrangements, revisions or alternate versions of his own works, including Alma Mater, a reworking of his 1939 suite Harvard Sketches.

8.559330 McKAY Epoch, A Dance Symphony
University of Kentucky Women’s Choir & Symphony OrchestraJohn Nardolillo, conductor

George Frederick McKay’s Epoch was intended as a new art form expressing in colourful music, costumes and dance scenes, with the latest techniques in lighting and stagecraft, the spirit of four great American poets: Poe, Lanier, Whitman and Sandburg.

8.559272 IVES Songs, Vol 4
Lielle Berman, soprano • Patrick Carfizzi, baritone • Jennifer Casey Cabot, soprano • Michael Cavalieri, baritone • Robert Gardner, baritone • Ian Howell, countertenor • Sara Jakubiak, soprano • Sumi Kittelberger, soprano • Ryan MacPherson, tenor • Tamara Mumford, mezzo-soprano • Mary Phillips, mezzo-soprano • David Pittsinger, bass • Matthew Plenk, tenor • Kenneth Tarver, tenor • Leah Wool, mezzo-soprano • Enrico Sartori, flute • Douglas Dickson, piano • Laura Garritson, piano • J.J. Penna, piano • Eric Trudel, piano

Charles Ives' 183 songs are at the heart of his creative thinking and their variety of expression is vast. This disc, the fourth of six volumes, features students and alumni from Yale University music programs, some of whom enjoy careers at the Metropolitan and New York City Operas.

  Naxos Boxed Sets

8.508004 101 CLASSICS - The Best Loved Classical Melodies
Music by famous composers from Albinoni to Waldteufel

Various Performers

From Renaissance treasures and Baroque favourites to Classical and Romantic delights, Allegri’s immortal Miserere and the Queen of the Night’s most famous aria from Mozart’s The Magic Flute to Strauss’ The Blue Danube and the Largo from Dvořák’s New World Symphony, here are 101 classical works that are essential for every collection.

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