Newsletter 157  
June 2009  

Naxos Classical Spotlights are fascinating podcasts about our artists and albums presented by Raymond Bisha, Naxos Radio Promotions Manager for North America. Our Podcasts are FREE and are available in several different ways - you will find all the information you need to subscribe and/or listen to our podcasts anyway you like on the Naxos Blog Podcast page. Naxos Classical Spotlights for June include:

  • 2 June: An American Romantic - Arthur Foote
    FOOTE Francesca da Rimini, 4 Character Pieces after the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, Suite, Serenade excerpts
    (Seattle Symphony, Schwarz) 8.559365
  • 9 June: In This Hid Clearing - Interview with conductor Thomas J O'Neal
    STAMP In this hid clearing, COPLAND Lincoln Portrait, GERSHWIN Catfish Row
    (University of Missouri Symphonic Wind Ensemble) 8.572108
  • 16 June: Rued's Langgaard's Visionary Music
    for Organ and for Orchestra

    LANGGAARD Messis, In tenebras exteriores
    (Dreisig, Vor Frue Kantori) DACAPO 6.220528-29
  • 22 June: Child Prodigy - Erich Wolfgang Korngold
    KORNGOLD Violin Concerto, Schauspiel Overture,
    Much Ado About Nothing Suite
    (Quint, Mineria Symphony, Prieto) 8.570791
  • 23 June: My Secluded Garden -
    The Music of Lorenzo Palomo

    PALOMO My Secluded Garden,
    Madrigal and 5 Sephardic Songs, Concierto de Cienfuegos (Bayo, Romero, Romero Guitar Quartet, Fruhbeck de Burgos) 8.572139

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Erich Korngold, Philippe Quint, Orquesta Sinfonica de Mineria, Carlos Miguel Prieto

Our Album of the Month is Korngold’s Violin Concerto, Much Ado about Nothing Suite and Schauspiel Overture (8.570791) performed by the stunning young violinist Philippe Quint and the Orquesta Sinfonica de Mineria conducted by Carlos Miguel Prieto. From the moment he takes the stage, Philippe Quint captivates his audience with his charismatic presence. Conductor Carlos Miguel Prieto is considered one of the most dynamic young conductors of recent years. He was appointed music director of the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Mexico, the Orquesta Sinfónica de Mineria, the Louisiana Philharmonic and Huntsville Symphony.

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Naxos Digital Releases

Alongside our unparalleled range of monthly new CD and DVD releases, Naxos also releases a marvellous selection of digital albums. For more information about this month’s digital titles and to purchase them from ClassicsOnline, please click on the album covers or titles below.
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8.570333 WEINBERG Cello Sonatas Nos 1 & 2,
Solo Cello Sonatas Nos 1 & 3
Dmitry Yablonsky, cello
Hsin-ni Liu, piano

8.570463 KHACHATURIAN Cello Concerto,
Concerto-Rhapsody for Cello and Orchestra
Dmitry Yablonsky, cello
Russian Philharmonia Orchestra
Maxim Fedotov, conductor

8.572197 HANDEL Keyboard Suites Vol 1 - Nos 1-4
Philip Edward Fisher, piano

Piano Sonatas, Lied, Sonata or Capriccio and other works

Heather Schmidt, piano

8.572009 FRANCK String Quartet, Piano Quintet
Fine Arts Quartet
Cristina Ortiz, piano

8.572006-07 BACH Keyboard Concertos BWV 972-987
Elizabeth Farr, harpsichord

8.572077 BUSONI Piano Music Vol 6 - Piano Sonata in F minor,
Prelude et etude, LISZT Fantasy and Fugue on Ad nos,
ad salutarem undam

Wolf Harden, piano

8.572096 GARBIZU Txistu and Piano Music -
6 Old Time San Sebastian Songs, Basque Suites Nos 1 & 2, 4 Zortzikos

Jose Ignacio Ansorena, txistu
Alvaro Cendoya, piano

Album of the Month

8.570791 KORNGOLD Violin Concerto,
Much Ado about Nothing, Schauspiel Overture

Philippe Quint, violin • Orquesta Sinfonica de Mineria
Carlos Miguel Prieto, conductor

Much admired today as a pioneer of film music, Erich Korngold was a precociously talented composer of concert and chamber music, opera and stage works, as his Schauspiel Overture, written when he was only fourteen, shows. The phenomenal success of his Violin Concerto, an ultra-romantic masterpiece drawing themes from his scores for the films Another Dawn, Anthony Adverse and The Prince and the Pauper, has overshadowed much of his other music, though his Much Ado About Nothing Suite has remained popular for its expressivity, humour and robust good spirits.
Erich Korngold Biography & Discography
Philippe Quint Biography & Discography
Orquesta Sinfonica de Mineria Biography & Discography
Carlos Miguel Prieto Biography & Discography

Most Streamed Tracks May 2009 & Recommended Listening


CIMAROSA Il Ritorno di Don Calendrino Overture
From the album CIMAROSA Overtures Vol 1
Nicolaus Esterhazy Sinfonia, Amoretti


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CIMAROSA Overtures Vol 2
Toronto Chamber Orchestra, Mallon


MONTEVERDI Prologue from L’Orfeo
From the album MONTEVERDI L’Orfeo
Soloists, San Petronio Cappella Musicale Orchestra,



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MONTEVERDI Madrigals Book 7 ‘Concerto’
(Il Settimo Libro de Madrigali, 1619)

Delitiae Musicae, Longhini


BEETHOVEN Allegro Vivace
from Piano Quartet in C major

From the album BEETHOVEN Piano Quartets WoO 36
New Zealand Piano Quartet


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BEETHOVEN Piano Trios Vol 3 - Piano Trio No 3, Symphony No 2 (arr. for piano trio)
Xyrion Trio


JS BACH Ouverture
from Overture (Suite) No 1 in C major

From the album JS BACH Orchestral Suites Nos 1-4
Capella Istropolitana, Dvorak


  You may also enjoy:
RICHTER Grandes Symphonies (1744) Nos. 7-12 (Set 2)
Helsinki Baroque, Hakkinen


JS BACH Allegro
from Brandenburg Concerto No 5

From the album JS BACH Brandenburg Concerto No 5,
Concerto for 2 Keyboards, BWV 1061,
Overture (Suite) No 2
Alpermann, Schornsheim,
Academy for Ancient Music Berlin



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JS BACH Keyboard Concertos BWV 972-987
Includes solo keyboard transcriptions of concertos by Marcello, Telemann, Torelli, Vivaldi & others
NAXOS DIGITAL 8.572006-07


F COUPERIN The Mysterious Barricades
From the album F COUPERIN Suites for Harpsichord
Nos 6, 8 & 11


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VIVALDI The Four Seasons, Mandolin Concerto RV425, Lute Concerto RV93 (arr. for piano)


MARTUCCI Allegro from Piano Concerto No 1
From the album MARTUCCI Orchestral Music Vol 3
- Piano Concerto No 1, La canzone dei ricordi
Coggi, Pasini, Rome Symphony Orchestra, La Vecchia


  You may also enjoy:
MARTUCCI Orchestral Music Vol 4 - Piano Concerto No 2, Momento Musicale E Minuetto, Novelletta
Coggi, Rome Symphony Orchestra, La Vecchia


DVORAK Allegro Con Brio
from String Quartet No 3

From the album DVORAK String Quartets Vol 8 - No 3
Vlach Quartet Prague


  You may also enjoy:
FAURE Piano Quintets
Ortiz, Fine Arts Quartet


KHACHATURIAN Concerto-Rhapsody
for Violin and Orchestra

From the album KHACHATURIAN Violin Concerto,
Concerto-Rhapsody for Violin and Orchestra
Koeckert, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Serebrier


  You may also enjoy:
TANEYEV Oresteya Overture and Entr'acte,
Overture in D minor, Overture on a Russian Theme

Novosibirsk Academic Symphony Orchestra, Sanderling


SCHUBERT Overture in D major D556
From the album SCHUBERT Complete Symphonic
Overtures Vol 2
Prague Sinfonia, Benda


  You may also enjoy:
The Golden Age of Salon Music
Schwanen Salon Orchestra, Huber

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