Newsletter 159  
July 2009  

Naxos Classical Spotlights are fascinating podcasts about our artists and albums presented by Raymond Bisha, Naxos Radio Promotions Manager for North America. Our Podcasts are FREE and are available in several different ways - you will find all the information you need to subscribe and/or listen to our podcasts anyway you like on the Naxos Blog Podcast page. Naxos Classical Spotlights for July include:

  • 7 July: Ge Gan-ru’s String Quartets -
    Fu, Angel Suite & Fall of Baghdad

    GE String Quartets No 1 ‘Fu’, No 4 ‘Angel Suite’
    & No 5 ‘Fall of Baghdad’ (ModernWorks) 8.570603

  • 8 July: Wild Grass - the music of Zhou Long and Chen Yi
    ZHOU Su, Pianogongs, Taiping Drum, Wild Grass, Taigu Rhyme, CHEN Monologue, Chinese Ancient Dances
    (Beijing New Music Ensemble) 8.570604

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Album of the Month

8.570211 GLAZUNOV Orchestral Works Vol 18 -
Masquerade, 2 Pieces, Pas de caractere

Gnesin Academy Chorus • Russian Philharmonic Orchestra
Dmitry Yablonsky, conductor

Glazunov’s beautifully scored incidental music for Lermontov’s play Masquerade has only survived in manuscript. With characteristic genius, he illustrates both the glittering atmosphere and dances of splendid St Petersburg balls and depicts the horrifying descent into madness of the play’s protagonist, Evgeny Arbenin, who jealously poisons his innocent wife. The shorter works on this disc likewise show Glazunov’s amazing command of orchestral resources, whether evoking an exotic oriental vision, the vivacious spirit of Hungarian music, in the Pas de caractere, or painting a mood of gentle romantic lyricism.

Other Glazunov Orchestral recordings on Naxos include:

Orchestral Works Vol 1 - Raymonda (Moscow Symphony, Anissimov) 8.553503-04
Orchestral Works Vol 2 - The Kremlin, From the Middle Ages, Poeme Lyrique, Poeme Epique (Moscow Symphony, Krimets) 8.553537
Orchestral Works Vol 3 - The King of the Jews (Moscow Symphony, Golovschin) 8.553575
Orchestral Works Vol 4 - Stenka Razin, Une fete slave, Cortege solennel
(Moscow Symphony, Krimets) 8.553538

Orchestral Works Vol 5 - Symphonies Nos 2 & 7 ‘Pastoral’
(Moscow Symphony, Anissimov) 8.553769

Orchestral Works Vol 6 - Carnaval, Spring, Salome, Concert Waltzes
(Moscow Symphony, Golovschin) 8.553838

Orchestral Works Vol 7 - Symphonies Nos 1 ‘Slavyanskaya’ & 4
(Moscow Symphony, Anissimov) 8.553561

Orchestral Works Vol 8 - The Seasons, Scenes de Ballet, Scene Dansante
(Moscow Symphony, Anissimov) 8.553915

Orchestral Works Vol 9 - Finnish Fantasy, Finnish Sketches, Karelian Legend
(Moscow Symphony, Golovschin) 8.553839

Orchestral Works Vol 10 - Suite Caracteristique, Le Chant du Destin, Preludes
(Moscow Symphony, Golovschin) 8.553857

Orchestral Works Vol 11 - Concerto Ballata, Chant du menestrel
(Rudin, Moscow Symphony, Golovschin) 8.553932

Orchestral Works Vol 12 - Symphonies Nos 3 & 9 (Moscow Symphony, Anissimov) 8.554253
Orchestral Works Vol 13 - Symphony No 6, The Forest
(Moscow Symphony, Anissimov) 8.554293

Orchestral Works Vol 14 - Piano Concertos Nos 1 & 2
(Yablonskaya, Moscow Symphony, Yablonsky) 8.553928

Orchestral Works Vol 15 - Symphonies Nos 5 & 8 (Moscow Symphony, Anissimov) 8.553660
Orchestral Works Vol 16 - The Sea, Oriental Rhapsody, Ballade, Cortege solennel
(Moscow Symphony, Golovschin) 8.553512

Orchestral Works Vol 17 - Chopiniana, Overtures on Greek Themes, Serenades
(Moscow Symphony, Ziva) 8.555048

Naxos Digital Releases

Alongside our unparalleled range of monthly new CD and DVD releases, Naxos also releases a marvellous selection of digital albums. For more information about this month’s digital titles and to purchase them from ClassicsOnline, please click on the album covers or titles below.
See more digital releases on ClassicsOnline.

8.570475 CLEMENTI Early Piano Sonatas Vol 3
Susan Alexander-Max, fortepiano

8.572189 MESSIAEN Harawi, 3 Melodies
Hetna Regitze Bruun, soprano • Kristoffer Nyholm Hyldig, piano

8.572093 RAVEL Violin Sonata, RESPIGHI Violin Sonata,
GRANADOS Violin Sonata

Frederieke Saeijs, violin • Maurice Lammerts van Bueren, piano

8.572250 REVUELTAS La Coronela,
Caminos (Itinerarios), Colorines

Santa Barbara Symphony Orchestra • English Chamber Orchestra
Gisele Ben-Dor, conductor

8.572067 TANEYEV Symphonies Nos 2 & 4
Novosibirsk Academic Symphony Orchestra
Thomas Sanderling, conductor

Most Streamed Tracks June 2009 & Recommended Listening


DELIUS Violin Sonata in B major -
Allegro con brio

from the album DELIUS Complete Violin Sonatas
Stanzeleit, Fenyo


  You may also enjoy:
ALFANO Cello Sonata, Concerto for Violin,
Cello and Piano

Magill, Dunn, Darvarova


BRUCH Violin Concerto No 2 -
Adagio ma non troppo

from the album BRUCH Violin Concertos Nos 2 & 3
Fedotov, Russian Philharmonic, Yablonsky


  You may also enjoy:
KORNGOLD Violin Concerto, Schauspiel Overture,
Much Ado About Nothing Suite

Quint, Mineria Symphony, Prieto


PARRY - I Was Glad
from the album PARRY Choral Masterpieces -
Songs of Farewell, I Was Glad, Jerusalem
Manchester Cathedral Choir, Stokes


  You may also enjoy:
Song of the Stars - A Celebration of Catalan Music
Choral Music by CASALS, GRANADOS,
Voices of Ascension, Keene


QUANTZ Flute Sonata
No 272 in F major - Allegro

from the album QUANTZ Flute Sonatas Nos 272-277
V. Fischer, Brandt, Berben


  You may also enjoy:
SCHUBERT Flute and Piano Music -
Introduction and Variations on Trockne Blumen, Arpeggione Sonata, Songs (arr. for flute)

Grodd, Napoli


ZEMLINSKY Sinfonietta - Sehr lebhaft
from the album ZEMLINSKY
Die Seejungfrau (The Mermaid), Sinfonietta
New Zealand Symphony, Judd


  You may also enjoy:
ZEMLINSKY  Lyric Symphony,
BERG 3 Pieces from the Lyric Suite

Robinson, Trekel, Houston Symphony, Graf


FRANCK String Quartet - Poco lento - Allegro
from the album FRANCK String Quartet, Piano Quintet
Ortiz, Fine Arts Quartet


  You may also enjoy:
FAURE Piano Quintets
Ortiz, Fine Arts Quartet


STRAVINSKY The Rite of Spring - Part I
(Adoration of the Earth) Introduction

from the album STRAVINSKY The Rite of Spring,
The Nightingale (Stravinsky Vol 3)
Soloists, London Voices, London Symphony Orchestra,
Philharmonia Orchestra, Craft



  You may also enjoy:
MARKEVITCH Orchestral Music Vol 2 -
Le Nouvel Age, Sinfonietta, Cinema-Ouverture
Arnhem Philharmonic, Lyndon-Gee


DELIUS Violin Sonata in B major -
Andante Molto Tranquillo

from the album DELIUS Complete Violin Sonatas
Stanzeleit, Fenyo


  You may also enjoy:
BAX Viola Sonata, Concert Piece,
Legend, Trio in 1 Movement

Outram, Jackson, Rolton


PARRY Magnificat
from the album PARRY Choral Masterpieces -
Songs of Farewell, I Was Glad, Jerusalem
Manchester Cathedral Choir, Stokes


  You may also enjoy:
ELGAR Part-Songs
Cambridge University Chamber Choir, Farrington


RACHMANINOV 10 Preludes Op 23 -
No 5 in G minor Alla Marcia

from the album RACHMANINOV Complete Preludes for Piano
Eldar Nebolsin


  You may also enjoy:
KABALEVSKY Complete Preludes,
6 Preludes and Fugues Op 61


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