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Title Catalogue No.
AFGHANISTAN - Inside Afghanistan (Recordings by Deben Bhattacharya) EUCD2486
AFGHANISTAN Afghan Ensemble: Songs from Afghanistan EUCD1841
AFGHANISTAN Zohreh Jooya: Afghan Music EUCD2310
AFRICA - Adzido: Musical Journey (A) EUCD2125
AFRICA - Adzido: Traditional Songs and Dances EUCD2710
AFRICA - African Drums and Voices EUCD2297
AFRICA - African Hymns EUCD2249
AFRICA - African Reggae EUCD1824
AFRICA - Afrika Mamas: Afrika Mamas EUCD2630
AFRICA - Afrika Mamas: Iphupho EUCD2771
AFRICA - Amadaduzo: Sound of African Mbube (The) EUCD1727
AFRICA - Ancient Civilisations of Southern Africa 3 (The Tswana People) EUCD2132
AFRICA - Ancient Civilizations of Southern Africa, Vol. 4 (The Xhosa People) EUCD2203
AFRICA - Barry van Zyl: African Heartbeat EUCD2144
AFRICA - Batanai: Pan-African Music (Vibrant Acoustics Celebrating the Past and Future of African Ancestral Music) EUCD2290
AFRICA - Best of Africa EUCD2526
AFRICA - Best of African Mbube EUCD2643
AFRICA - Best of Black Umfolosi (Summertime) EUCD2386
AFRICA - Black Umfolosi: Washabalal umhlaba (Earth Song) EUCD2913
AFRICA - Blessing Ngo Nkomo: Mbube and Gospel from Southern Africa EUCD2199
AFRICA - Discover Music from Africa EUCD2594
AFRICA - Drums and Rhythms: Pulse of Africa (The) EUCD2837
AFRICA - Emmanuel Nii Okai Tagoe: West to West EUCD2641
AFRICA - Insingizi: Siyabonga (We Thank You) EUCD2607
AFRICA - Kasumai: Senegal, Urban Rhythms EUCD2458
AFRICA - Master Drummers of Africa EUCD2431
AFRICA - Mbeng-Ntam: GABON - (Traditional Songs and Dances) EUCD2363
AFRICA - Modou Touré: Touki EUCD2912
AFRICA - Pure Africa EUCD2903
AFRICA - Sousou and Maher Cissoko: Moo Baalu EUCD2485
AFRICA - Tinashe Chidanyika: Sounds of the African Mbira EUCD2233
AFRICA - Voices of Southern Africa, Vol. 2 EUCD2243
AFRICA - Vusa Mkhaya: Vocalism EUCD2396
AFRICA - West African Blues Project EUCD2873
AFRICA - West African Blues Project (The) EUCD2591
AFRICA / INDIA Gondwana Dawn: Africa and India - United in Music and Harmony EUCD2442
AFRICA Adzido: Ritual Songs and Dances from Africa EUCD1935
AFRICA African Journey (An) - Music from Cairo to Cape Town EUCD2811
AFRICA Bushmen of the Kalahari EUCD1995
AFRICA Finding Graceland EUCD2656
AFRICA Insingizi: Voices of Southern Africa EUCD1855
AFRICA Music of the Nile - African Sanctus Field Recordings by David Fanshawe (1969-1975) EUCD1793
AFRICA Nfaly Kouyate and Dunyakan: Kora Grooves from West Africa EUCD1892
AFRICA Nii Tagoe: African Roots EUCD1981
AFRICA Umoya: Tribal Beatz of Africa EUCD2038
AFRICA Very Best of Africa (The) EUCD2836
ALBANIA Tirana Folk Ensemble: Songs and Dances from Albania EUCD1601
ALCAIDE, Ana: Leyenda EUCD2647
ALGERIA Cheb Nacim: Algerian Rai EUCD2037
ALPENTÖNE - Festival 2009 MGB-NV11
AMADOR, Andres Fernandez / LOS ALHAMA: Traditional Gypsy Flamenco EUCD2247
AMBAR MUSIC GROUP: Diablo Suelto (El) DE4031
AMERICAS Eagle Dance (Ceremonial Music of the American Indians) EUCD2299
ANDEAN - Aconcagua: Magical Flutes from the Andes EUCD2633
ANDEAN - Harps and Flutes from the Andes EUCD1596
ANDEAN - Magic of the Indian Flute, Vol. 2 EUCD1129
ANDES 40 Best of Flutes and Songs from the Andes EUCD2509
ANDES Alpamayo: Magic Flutes and Music of the Andes EUCD1783
ANDES Joel Francisco Perri: The Andean Flutes EUCD2420
ANGOLA - Manuel Benedito Diogo: Music Of Angola EUCD2565
APPENZELL Geschwister Küng: Nüdallgraaduus MGB-NV18
ARABIA / SPAIN Best of Flamenco Arabe (The) EUCD2807
ARABIA Flamenco Arabe 2 EUCD2000
ARGENTINA - Best of Tango Argentino EUCD2252
ARGENTINA - Buenos Aires Tango Trio: Famous Tangos EUCD2311
ARGENTINA - Hugo Diaz: Tango Argentino and Baroque Classics EUCD2829
ARGENTINA - Instituto El Cimarrón: Folk Music and Tangos EUCD2207
ARGENTINA - Instituto El Cimarrón: Tangos and Folk Music EUCD2917
ARGENTINA - Juanjo Lopez Vidal: Tango de la Docta EUCD2752
ARGENTINA - Tango Festival in Granada EUCD2689
ARGENTINA - Trio Hugo Diaz: 20 Best of Classical Tango Argentino EUCD2326
ARGENTINA - Trio Hugo Diaz: El Motivo - Tango Argentino EUCD2748
ARGENTINA - Trio Pantango: Tango Argentino EUCD1685
ARGENTINA - Zum: Tango Argentino EUCD2895
ARGENTINA Alfredo Fernando: Tangos and Milongas EUCD2090
ARGENTINA Classical Tango Argentino EUCD1997
ARGENTINA Trio Hugo Diaz: Classical Tango Argentino EUCD1858
ARGENTINA Trio Hugo Diaz: Tango Argentino EUCD2051
ARGENTINA Ultimate Tango Collection (The) EUCD2780
ARGENTINA Very Best of Tango Argentino (The) EUCD2463
ARGENTINA Zum: Gypsy Tango Pasion EUCD1974
ARMENIA - Authentic Light Orchestra: The Sky is Cloudy NXW76112-2
ARMENIA - Djivan Gasparian: The Art of the Armenian Duduk EUCD2474
ARMENIA - Douduk - The Sound of Armenia 76042-2
ARMENIA / EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN Alan Shavarsh Bardezbanian Middle Eastern Ensemble: Art of the Oud (The) EUCD2894
ASIA - Journey to Asia EUCD2858
ATKINSON, Michael: Gaelic Heart 11023-2
AUSTRALIA - Charlie McMahon and Gondwana: Didj Heart EUCD2370
AUSTRALIA - Charlie McMahon: Didjeridu Vibrations - Tjilatjila EUCD1691
AUSTRALIA - David Corter: Didgeridoo Dimensions EUCD2308
AUSTRALIA - David Corter: Didgeridoo-Mania II EUCD1819
AUSTRALIA - Didgeridoo Street Music EUCD2453
AUSTRALIA - Kamerunga: Terra Australis EUCD2529
AUSTRALIA - Mark Atkins: Dreamtime (Master of the Didgeridoo) EUCD2341
AUSTRALIA - Sirocco: Australian Voyage EUCD1826
AUSTRALIA - Spirit Man (Aboriginal Music of the Wandijina People) EUCD2746
AUSTRALIA - The Didgeridoo of the Australian Aborigines EUCD2268
AUSTRALIA Charlie McMahon and Gondwana: Didjeridu Travelling Songs EUCD1876

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