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This category covers works written for between two and ten instruments. The most popular chamber music works are sonatas for piano and one other instrument such as violin or cello and string quartets. Most great composers have written such instrumental sonatas and quartets. Other chamber music formats are the trio (three instruments -- for example, piano trios feature piano, violin and cello), the quintet (five instruments, frequently five string instruments -- Schubert's Trout Quintet for piano and four string instruments is perhaps the most famous chamber music work of all time), the sextet (six instruments), the septet (seven instruments), the octet (eight instruments) and the nonet (nine instruments). There are also a few works for ten instruments known by the French name dixtuor.

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Title Catalogue No.
ZANDONAI, R.: Sinfonietta settecentesca / Berceuse / Serenata medioevale / Concerto andaluso (Trio Guarino, Orchestra da Camera di Trento, Guarino) TC882480
ZANELLA, A.C.: Piano Trios Nos. 1 and 2 (Carlini, Gattoni, Guglielmo) TC872501
ZANELLA, A.C.: Violin Sonata in F-Sharp Minor, Op. 71 / Cello Sonata in A Major, Op. 72 / Poemetto, Op. 76 (Rogliano, Berthold, Alpi) TC872503
ZANI, A.: Divertimenti (Neudauer, Rummel) C5264
ZAUBER DER OBOE (The Magic of the Oboe) 8.571108
ZEMLINSKY, A. von: Serenade in A Major / BRAHMS, J.: Violin Sonata No. 3 / SCHUBERT, F.: Fantasy, Op. 159 (Contzen, Schuch) OC596
ZEMLINSKY, A. von: Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano in D Minor / BRUCH, M.: 8 Pieces (Kriikku) ODE760-2
ZEMLINSKY, A.: 7 Lieder von Nacht und Traum / Chamber Symphony (Carlstedt, Lapland Chamber Orchestra, StorgÄrds) ODE1272-2
ZEMLINSKY, A.: Piano Trio, Op. 3 / BLOCH, E.: 3 Nocturnes / KORNGOLD, E.W.: Piano Trio, Op. 1 (Pacific Trio) C5221
ZEMLINSKY, A.: String Quartet No. 2 / SCHOENBERG, A.: String Quartet in D Major (Artis Quartet) C194901A
ZEMLINSKY, A.: String Quartets, Vol. 1 (Escher String Quartet) - Nos. 3 and 4 8.572813
ZEMLINSKY, A.: String Quartets, Vol. 2 (Escher String Quartet) - Nos. 1 and 2 8.573088
ZEMLINSKY: Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano / Cello Sonata / 3 Pieces 8.570540
ZHOU, L.: 8 Chinese Folk Songs / Poems from Tang / Soul (The Flowing Stream - Chinese Folk Songs and Tone Poems) (Min, Shanghai Quartet) DE3233
ZHOU, L.: Tales from the Cave / Secluded Orchid / Heng / Valley Stream (Music From China) DE3335
ZHOU, Long: Spirit of Chimes / Secluded Orchid / Wu Kui / Taiping Drum / Partita (Cho-Liang Lin, Hai-ye Ni, Helen Huang) DE3397
ZHOU, Long: Su / Pianogongs / Taiping Drum / Wild Grass / Taigu Rhyme / CHEN, Yi: Monologue / Chinese Ancient Dances (Beijing New Music Ensemble) 8.570604
ZIMMERLIN, A.: Weites Land / Weisse Bewegung (Schucan, Ronner, Lorenz) MGB-CTS-M127
ZIMMERMANN, A: String Quartets Nos. 1-3 8.553952
ZIPOLI, D.: Cantate / Sonate (Cecchi-Fedi) TC682603
ZIPORYN, E.: Frogs Eye / The Ornate Zither and the Nomad Flute / War Chant / Drill (Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Rose) CA-21040
ZIPORYN, E.: Melody Competition / LANG, D.: The so-called laws of nature (So Percussion) CA-21022
ZSCHOKKE, H.: Zerbrochene Krug (Der) NHB10392
ZUBEL, A.: Cascando / String Quartet No. 1 / Unisono I and II / Maximum Load (Zubel) CDAccordACD123
ZUBEL, A.: Elettrovoce (Zubel, Duchnowski) CDAccordACD220
ZUPKO, M.: Chamber Music (Eclipse) (Sang Mee Lee, W. Warner, Zupko) CDR90000-168
ZWILICH, E.: Clarinet Quintet / SHENG, B.: Concertino for Clarinet and String Quartet (Lincoln Center Chamber Music Society) DE3183
ZWILICH: Chamber Symphony / Double Concerto / Symphony No. 2 FECD-0004

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