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Classical Music > Choral-Sacred

This category includes works written for performance during religious services or on solemn occasions. Before the baroque period, most sacred choral works were performed ‘a capella’, which means without instrumental or orchestral accompaniment. Subsequently, orchestral accompaniment became the norm. The most common forms of sacred choral music are masses, cantatas and oratorios. Among the most famous sacred choral works are the Requiem Masses of Mozart, Fauré and Verdi.

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Title Catalogue No.
LA COUR, N.: Works for Choir and Organ (Trinitatis Kantori, Bryndorf, Vestergaard) 8.224725
LA RUE: Mass of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin / Missa Pascale 8.554656
LA RUE: Magnificats (Complete) / 3 Salve Reginas 8.557896-97
LACHNER, F.: Mass in F Major / Stabat Mater / Psalm 15, "Herr, wer wird wohnen in deiner Hutte" (Guglhor) OC809
Lamentations (Oxford Camerata) 8.550572
Lamenti Barocchi, Vol. 1 8.553318
LANCINO, T.: Requiem (Grant-Murphy, Gubisch, Skelton, Courjal, Radio France Choir, Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra, Inbal) 8.572771
LANCINO, T.: Requiem (Grant-Murphy, Gubisch, Skelton, Courjal, Radio France Choir, Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra, Inbal) (Blu-ray Audio) NBD0020
LANG, M.R.: Choral Music (All the Heart of Me) (Crane School of Music Choirs, Soloists and Orchestra, Clinton, Eyerly, Francom, Reames) DE3426
LANGGAARD, R.: Choral Music (Rose Garden Songs) (Ars Nova Copenhagen, Veto) 6.220561
LANGGAARD: Rose Garden Songs 8.224058
LANGGAARD: Sinfonia Interna Aarh 8.224136
LANGLOTZ, L.: Missa Nova (Basler Madrigalisten, Ensemble Phoenix Basel, Henneberger) MGB-CTS-M131
LARSSON, L.-E.: Disguised God (The) / WIREN, D.: Symphony No. 4 (Stockholm Radio Orchestra, Westerberg, Ehrling) (1957) 9.80945
LARSSON, L.-E.: God in Disguise / Missa brevis / Songs of the Naked Trees (Ericson) SCD1096
LARSSON, Lars-Erik: Best of Lars-Erik Larsson (The) 8.556695
LARSSON: Forkladd gud (God in Disguise) / ROSENBERG: Den heliga natten (The Holy Night) 8.553738
LARSSON: Forkladd gud / ROSENBERG: Den heliga natten 8.225123
LASSO, O. de: St Matthew Passion (T. Nielsen, L.J. Thomsen, Musica Ficta, Holten) 8.573840
LASSO, O. di: St Matthew Passion (T. Nielsen, L.J. Thomsen, Musica Ficta, Holten) 8.573826
LASSO, O.: Penitential Psalms, Vol. 2 (Tolzer Boys Choir, Musicalische Compagney, Schmidt-Gaden) C67130
LASSO, O.: Psalms 6, 32 and 38 (Tolzer Boys Choir, Musicalische Compagney, Schmidt-Gaden) C67018
LASSO: Lagrime di San Pietro (Ars Nova, Holten) 8.553311
LASSO: Masses for Five Voices / Infelix ego 8.550842
LAURIDSEN, M.: Choral Works (Elora Festival Singers, N. Edison) 8.559304
LEGRENZI, G.: Concerti musical per uso di chiesa, Op. 1 (Oficina Musicum Chorus, Favero) CDS653
LEGRENZI, G.B.: Sedecia (Il) [Oratorio] (Favero) CDS711
LEGRENZI, G.B.: Trio Sonatas, Op. 2 / Missa lauretana / La querini (Testamentum) (Favero) CDS710
LEHMANN, Lotte: Lieder Recordings, Vol. 6 (1947, 1949) 8.111097
LEIGHTON: Easter Sequence (An) / Crucifixus Pro Nobis 8.555795
LEONETTI, G.B.: Primo libro di madrigali a 5 (Il) / Missa primi toni / Missa il tempo e breve / Missa furtiva (Gini) TC571290
LÉONIN / PÉROTIN: Sacred Music from Notre-Dame Cathedral (Tonus Peregrinus, Pitts) 8.557340
LEPAGE-DEAN, Oliver: Evening Hymn (An) - Music for Solo Treble 8.557129
LET THE ANGELS SING - European Christmas Carols and Songs Arranged for Recorder and Choir (Danish National Vocal Ensemble, M. Petri, Bojesen) 6.220615
Let Voices Resound: Songs from Piae Cantiones 8.553578
LEVY, M.D.: Masada / Canto de los Marranos (BBC Singers, Barcelona Symphony and Catalonia National Orchestra, Kiesler, Y. Levi) 8.559427
LEWKOVITCH: Apollos Art 8.224152
LEWKOVITCH: Vocal and Instrumental Works DCCD 9207-08
LINCOLN CELEBRATION (A) (United States Military Bands) 75442205022
LINDBERG, N.: Choral Music (The sky, the flower and a lark) (Sjokvist) PRCD2011
LINDBERG, N.: Christmas Cantata (A) / Visa pa vag / Kom min van / Den signade dag (Sjokvist) PRCD2027
LISZT, F.: His Life and Music 8.558214-15
LISZT, F.: Via Crucis (Marangoni, Ars Cantica Choir, Berrini) 9.70165
LISZT, F.: Via Crucis / PÄRT, A.: Sacred Choral Works (Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Putninš) ODE1337-2
LISZT: Sacred Choral Music 8.553786
LOBO, D. / CARDOSO: Portuguese Requiem Masses 8.550682
LOEWE, C.: Raising of Lazarus (The) (Froschauer) C10581
LOEWE, C.: Sühnopfer des neuen Bundes (Das) (Mauch, Malotta, Poplutz, Arcis-Vocalisten Munich, LArpa Festante Baroque Orchestra, Gropper) OC1706
LOEWE, C: Suhnopfer des neuen Bundes (Das), Passion Oratorio 8.557635-36
LORENZANI: Motets 8.553648
LUCCHESI, A.: Passione di Gesu Cristo (La) (Orchestra Barocca di Cremona, Columbro) TC741203
LUCCHESI, A.: Requiem / Dies irae (Columbro) TC741201
LULLY: Grand Motets, Vol. 1 8.554397
LULLY: Grand Motets, Vol. 2 8.554398
LULLY: Grand Motets, Vol. 3 8.554399
LUNDS STUDENTSANGARE: In Dulci Jubilo 8.570536
LUNDS STUDENTSANGARE: Stralande Jul (Radiant Christmas) 8.570305
LUPUS, M.B.: Ad missam / Hymnus Rector eterni / Sequentia Sancti spiritus (Ensemble Ordo Virtutum, Morent) (Cantus coagulatus) MGB-6286
LUTZ, M.: Choral Music (There Is a Spell Upon Your Lips) (Copenhagen Chamber Choir, Nagashima Toft) 8.224724

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