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Catalogue list by Genre

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Classical Music > Choral-Sacred

This category includes works written for performance during religious services or on solemn occasions. Before the baroque period, most sacred choral works were performed ‘a capella’, which means without instrumental or orchestral accompaniment. Subsequently, orchestral accompaniment became the norm. The most common forms of sacred choral music are masses, cantatas and oratorios. Among the most famous sacred choral works are the Requiem Masses of Mozart, Fauré and Verdi.

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Title Catalogue No.
VANHAL, J.B.: Missa Solemnis (Filová, Benacková, Dürmüller, Sulženko, Prague Chamber Chorus, Virtuosi di Praga, Neumann) C353951A
VANHAL, J.B.: Stabat Mater / Symphony in D Major (Prague Chamber Chorus and Orchestra, Neumann) C324941A
VANHAL, J.K.: Sacred Works (Boni Pueri Boys Choir, Czech Chamber Philharmonic, Štryncl) UP0165-2
VANHAL: Missa Pastoralis / Missa Solemnis 8.555080
VARESE : Ionisation / Integrales / PENDERECKI: Stabat Mater / LIGETI: Volumnia CDX-5142
VARÈSE, E: Amériques / STRAVINSKY, I.: Symphony of Psalms / SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Symphony No. 6 (Bavarian Radio Chorus and Symphony Orchestra, Jansons) 900161
VASKS, P.: Choral Music - Plainscapes / Our Mothers Names / Silent Songs (Latvian Radio Choir, Klava) ODE1194-2
VASKS, P.: Laudate Dominum / Da pacem, Domine / Mein Herr und mein Gott / The Fruit of Silence (Latvian Radio Choir, Sinfonietta Riga, S. Klava) ODE1302-2
VASKS, P.: Pater noster / Dona nobis pacem / Mass (Latvian Radio Choir, Klava) ODE1106-2
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS (Eternal) 8.572080
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, R.: Dona Nobis Pacem / Sancta Civitas (Pier, Brook, Staples, Bach Choir, Winchester Cathedral Choristers,Bournemouth Symphony, Hill) 8.572424
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, R.: Mass in G Minor / Missa in honorem Sancti Dominici, "St. Dominic Mass" (Fleet Street Choir, Lawrence, Rubbra) (1953) 9.81054
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, R.: Mass in G Minor / Silence and Music / MACMILLAN, J.: O bone Jesu / Mairi (Stuttgart Vocal Ensemble, Creed) CD93.250
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, R.: Sacred Choral Music (Clare College Choir, Cambridge, T. Brown) 8.572465
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Fantasia on Christmas Carols / Hodie 8.570439
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Mass in G Minor / Motets 8.554826
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Willow-Wood / The Sons of Light / Toward the Unknown Region 8.557798
VECCHIA, W.D.: Sacred Music (Schola San Rocco Chorus, Erle) TC920401
VERBUM: An Anthology of Choral Works by Kortekangas, Saariaho, Lansio, Heinio and Kyllonen ODE796-2
VERDI (THE VERY BEST OF) 8.552121-22
VERDI ALLA SCALA, Vol. 1 - Cori, Preludi, Sinfonie (1931-1961) 9788865440216
VERDI, G.: Messa da Requiem (Cunitz, Höngen, Ludwig, Greindl, Bavarian Radio Symphony Chorus and Orchestra, Jochum) C195892I
VERDI, G.: Messa da Requiem (Gigli, Rome Opera Chorus and Orchestra, Serafin) (1939) 8.110159
VERDI, G.: Messa da Requiem (Highlights) (Filipova, Scalchi, Hernandez, Colombara, Hungarian State Opera Chorus and Orchestra, Morandi) 8.572976
VERDI, G.: Messa da Requiem (Schwarzkopf, Di Stefano, De Sabata) (1954) 8.111049-50
VERDI, G.: Messa da Requiem (Stella, Dominguez, Gedda, Modesti, Vienna Symphony, Karajan) (1954) C728082B
VERDI, G.: Messa da Requiem (Stoyanova, Prudenskaya, Pirgu, Anastassov, Bavarian Radio Chorus and Symphony, M. Jansons) 900126
VERDI, G.: Messa da Requiem (Tabakov) C10646-47
VERDI, G.: Messa da Requiem / 4 Pezzi sacri (Tabakov) C51021
VERDI, G.: Messa da Requiem / Quattro Pezzi Sacri (Filipova, Scalchi, Hernandez, Colombara, Hungarian State Opera Chorus and Orchestra, Morandi) 8.550944-45
VERDI, G.: Messa da Requiem / ROSSINI, G.: Overtures (Markevitch) (1957-1960) ICAC5068
VERDI, G.: Opera Arias (Beczala, Polish Radio Symphony, Borowicz) C865131A
VICTORIA / LOBO / LASSO: Masses 8.553240
VICTORIA, T.L. de: Choral Music (Saint Clements Choir, Conte) DIS-80146
VICTORIA, T.L. de: Officium Hebdomadae Sanctae, In Passione Domini (La Stagione Armonica, Balestracci) TC552901
VICTORIA, T.L. de: Vocal and Choral Music (Missa O quam gloriosum, Mottetti e Inni) (Il Convitto Armonico) TC552902
VICTORIA: Masses 8.550575
VICTORIA: Missa Ave Regina CDS261
VICTORY: Ultima Rerum 8.223532-33
VIENNA BOYS CHOIR: A Jewish Celebration in Song 8.559419
VILLA-LOBOS, H.: Choral Works (Stuttgart Vocal Ensemble, Creed) CD93.268
VIOLONS DU ROY (LES) - Celebration DOR-90024
VIVALDI, A.: Juditha triumphans devicta Holofernes barbarie (Modo Antiquo, Sardelli) TC672290
VIVALDI, A.: Sacred Music, Vol. 1 (Aradia Ensemble) 8.557445
VIVALDI, A.: Sacred Music, Vol. 3 (Aradia Ensemble) 8.570445
VIVALDI, A.: Sacred Music, Vol. 4 (Sévigné, Soulis, Aradia Ensemble, Mallon) 8.573324
VIVALDI, A.: Stabat Mater / Gloria, RV 589 (Herfurtner, Joowon Chung, A. Scholl, Salzburg Bach Choir, Bach Consort Wien, Dubrovsky) Gramola99165
VIVALDI: Dixit Dominus / Gloria 5.110064
VIVALDI: Dixit Dominus / Gloria / Nulla in mundo pax sincera 8.571072
VIVALDI: Dixit Dominus, RV 595 / Gloria, RV 588 6.110064
VIVALDI: Gloria / BACH: Magnificat 8.554056
VIVALDI: Gloria, RV 589 / Beatus Vir, RV 597 8.550767
Vocal Ensemble Music - SEIZED BY SWEET DESIRE - Singing Nuns and Ladies, From the Cathedral to the Bed Chamber (Musica Ficta, Holten) 8.572265
Vocal Music - BRITTEN, B. / GOUNOD, C.-F. / GLIERE, R. / RUTTER, J. (Ceremony of Carols) (Etherea) DE3422
Vocal Music - FOERSTER, J.B. / GOLDMARK, C. ROTT, H. / DIEPENBROCK, A. / WALTER, B. / SCHOENBERG, A. / STRAUSS, R. (Mahler Contemporaries) UP0164-2
Vocal Music - HOLST, G. / BEACH, A. / RHEINBERGER, J.G. / MENDELSSOHN, Felix (Hymn to the Dawn) (Etherea Vocal Ensemble) DE3431
Vocal Music (Baroque) - SENFL, L. / SCHÜTZ, H. / ROSENMÜLLER, J. / BUXTEHUDE, D. (Music before Bach) (Wunderlich) SWR19051CD
Vocal Recital: Bergonzi, Carlo - GRUBER, F.X. / BACH, J.S. / GOUNOD, C.-F. / BIZET, G. / BERLIN, I. / HANDEL, G.F. / SCHUBERT, F. (Weihnachten) C030821A
Vocal Recital: Groop, Monica - Christmas Carols and Arias (Loista joulun tahtonen!) ODE857-2
Vocal Recital: Holm, Renate - BACH, J.S. / REGER, M. / GRUBER, F.X. / CORNELIUS, P. / EBEL, E. / NEUNER, C. (Suber die Glocken nie klingen) Gramola98902
Vocal Recital: Kowalski, Jochen - BACH, J.S. / HANDEL, G.F. C10532
Vocal Recital: Nilsson, Birgit - BEETHOVEN, L. van / ERIKSSON, J. / BACH, J.S. (Birgit Nilsson at the Churches of St. Jacob and Gustav Vasa) SCD1137
Vocal Recital: Paasikivi, Lilli - MAASALO, A. / SIBELIUS, J. / HANNIKAINEN, P. / PALMGREN, S. / COLLAN, K. / TURUNEN, M. / MELARTIN, E. ODE1036-2
Vocal Recital: Sirkia, Raimo - SIBELIUS, J. / ADOLPHE, A. / MADETOJA, L. / FRANCK, C. / BERLIN, I. (Valkea joulu) ODE885-2
Vocal Recital: Wunderlich, Fritz - BACH, J.S. / HANDEL, G.F. / BUXTEHUDE, D. / SCHÜTZ, H. / TELEMANN, G.P. (Festive Arias) SWR19026CD
VOICE (Eternal) 8.572183
Voices of Angels 8.503071
VORISEK: Symphony in D Major / Mass in B-Flat Major CDR90000-058
VOX SILENTII: Videte Miraculum - Medieval Bridgettine Chants from the Naantali Convent PRCD2021

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