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Classical Music > Choral-Secular

This category includes cantatas and oratorios with secular or religious themes, frequently composed to celebrate great events but also for entertainment. Among the most popular secular oratorios are Haydn’s The Seasons, while his The Creation, also intended for concert performance, treats a sacred subject. Handel’s oratorios, many with sacred themes, are also among the most frequently performed.

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Title Catalogue No.
HAAPANEN, P.: Talescapes / TALVITIE, R.: Muistin pitka jyrina / BERGMAN, E.: Yo / OREGAN, T.: Lamentation (Hyokki) ODE1155-2
HAILSTORK, A.: American Port of Call (An) / Symphony No. 1 / 3 Spirituals (Virginia Symphony, Falletta) 8.559722
HANDEL, G.F.: Alexanders Feast [Ode] (Samann, Schoch, Mertens, Junge Kantorei, Frankfurt Baroque Orchestra, Martini) 8.572224
HANDEL, G.F.: Alexanders Feast [Oratorio] / BACH, J.S.: Alles mit Gott und nichts ohn’ ihn (Balestrieri, Abraham) DSL-20604
HANDEL, G.F.: Concerti Grossi - Opp. 3, 6 (Linde) C10610-11
HANDEL, G.F.: Israel in Egypt [Oratorio] (Ehrnhardt) C5151
HANDEL: Trionfo del Tempo e della Verita (Il) 8.554440-42
HANDSTEIN, J.: Giuseppe Verdi (Das Wahre erfinden) (Amberger, Ducker, Heidenreich, Himmelstoss, Stockerl, Wachtveitl) 900904
HANDSTEIN, J.: Tchaikovsky - Der Wille zum Glück / TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Symphony No. 6 / Solovushka (Bavarian Radio Chorus and Symphony, Jansons) 900915
HANSON, H.: Symphonies (Complete), Vol. 1 - Symphony No. 1 / The Lament for Beowulf (Seattle Symphony Chorale and Orchestra, Schwarz) 8.559700
HARK! THE HERALD ANGELS SING - Famous Christmas Carols (Bavarian Radio Chorus, F. Helgath) 900507
HARRISON: Suite for Symphonic Strings / Strict Songs for Eight Baritones FECD-0014
HARTMANN, J.P.E.: Key Masterpieces (The) - Symphony No. 1 / Piano Sonata / Suite in A Minor / Volvens spaadom / Liden Kirsten (excerpt) 8.226103-04
HARTMANN: Overtures 8.226061
HAYDN, F.: Jahreszeiten (Die) (The Seasons) (Salzburg Mozarteum Orchestra, Bolton) OC905
HAYDN, J.: Jahreszeiten (Die) (Giebel, Wunderlich, Engen, Muller-Kray) (Schwetzinger Festspiele Edition, 1959) CD93.714
HAYDN, J.: Jahreszeiten (Die) (Gewandhaus Chamber Choir, Leipzig Chamber Orchestra, Schuldt-Jensen) 8.557600-01
HAYDN, J.: Jahreszeiten (Die) (The Seasons) [Oratorio] (South German Madrigal Choir, Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele Orchestra, Gonnenwein) CDX-5045
HAYDN, J.: Jahreszeiten (Die) [Oratorio] (E. Mathis, Crass, Hollweg, Bavarian Radio Symphony Chorus and Orchestra, R. Kubelík) C477982I
HEAR MY PRAYER - Hymns and Anthems 8.557493
HEARNE, T.: Consent / Sound from the Bench / Ripple / Privilege (The Crossing, Nally) CA-21126
HEAVENLY VOICES - BACH, J.S.: Arias 8.557947-48
HEISE, P.: Songs for Male Voices (Danish National Choir, Schønwandt) 6.220598
HELFMAN: Di Naye Hagode 8.559440
HELLDÉN, D.: Choral Music (Röster i vinden) (Lidingö Chamber Choir, Idar) PROP9902
HELLDÉN, D.: Flöjten spelar dansen går … (Lidingo Chamber Choir, Helldén) PROP7759
HENZE, H.W.: Floss der Medusa (Das) (Nylund, Schöne, P. Stein, South West German Radio Vocal Ensemble and Symphony, Eötvös) SWR19082CD
HENZE, H.W.: Lieder von einer Insel / Orpheus Behind the Wire / 5 Madrigäle (South West German Radio Vocal Ensemble, Ensemble Modern, M. Creed) SWR19049CD
HINDEMITH, P.: Mass / Apparebit repentina dies / Lieder nach alten Texten / 6 Chansons (Stuttgart Southwest Radio Vocal Ensemble, Creed) CD93.295
HOCH, F.: Agli spettatori / Dune / Figura esposta / Trasparenza per nuovi elementi (Andreae, Beltraminelli, Bernasconi, Jordan, Wüthrich-Mathez) MGB-CTS-M9
HOLMBOE: Requiem for Nietzsche 8.224207
HOLMBOE: Works for a Cappella Choir DCCD 9204
HOLTEN, B.: Choral Works (Venus Wheel) (Flemish Radio Choir, Holten) 8.226062
HOLTEN: Marriage of Heaven and Hell (The) 8.224214
HONEGGER, A.: Nicolas de Flue (Bideau, Lucerne Academy Choir, Junge Philharmonie Zentralschweiz, Koch) MGB-6154
HÖRT! DIE ENGELSBOTEN SINGEN (Bavarian Radio Chorus, F. Helgath) 900506
HOWELLS, H.: Stabat Mater / Te Deum (Collegium Regale) / Sine Nomine (The Bach Choir, Bournemouth Symphony, D. Hill) 8.573176
HOWELLS: Hymnus paradisi / Sir Patrick Spens 8.570352
HURD, M.: Pop Cantatas - Jonah-Man Jazz / Prodigal / Rooster Rag / Swingin Samson / Captain Corams Kids (New London Childrens Choir, Corp) 8.572505
HUTTER, G.: Secular Choral Music (Philovox Ensemble, Composers Choir, The Singers - Minnesota Choral Artists, Schuneman, D. Shaw, ) 8.559868

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