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Classical Music > Choral-Secular

This category includes cantatas and oratorios with secular or religious themes, frequently composed to celebrate great events but also for entertainment. Among the most popular secular oratorios are Haydn’s The Seasons, while his The Creation, also intended for concert performance, treats a sacred subject. Handel’s oratorios, many with sacred themes, are also among the most frequently performed.

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Title Catalogue No.
NEUJAHR IN WIEN (New Year in Vienna) - Musical Bonbons by Strauss I and II, Lanner and Ziehrer 8.552006
NIELSEN, C. / LAUB, T.: Choral Music (En snes danske viser, Vol. 1) (Musica Ficta, Holten) 8.573562
NIELSEN, C. / LAUB, T.: Choral Music (En snes danske viser, Vol. 2) (Musica Ficta, Holten) 8.573877
NIELSEN, C.: Choral Music (Danish National Choirs, Schønwandt, P. Faber, S. Wendt) 8.226112
NIELSEN, C.: Choral Music (Så syng da, Danmark!) (Choir 72, Bojesen, Vadsholt) 8.224710
NIELSEN, C.: Moderen (The Mother) (version for choir and orchestra) (A. Riis, Philharmonic Choir, Odense Symphony, Delfs) 6.220648
NIELSEN, C.: Songs for Choir (Ars Nova Copenhagen, Bojesen) 6.220569
NIELSEN, C.: Vocal and Choral Works (Sung in English) (The Unknown Carl Nielsen) (Beck, Reuter, Ars Nova Copenhagen, Bojesen) 8.226610
NOBUTOKI, Kiyoshi: Kaido tosei / Omoide (Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music Symphony Orchestra, Takuo Yuasa) NYCC-27300
NONO: Cori di Didone / Da un diario italiano / Das atmende Klarsein CD93.022
NORBY, E.: Regnbueslangen (The Rainbow Snake) / Rilke-Lieder / Edvard Munch Trilogy (Holten) 8.226096
NORGARD, P.: Choral Music (Rilke Ensemble sings Per Norgard) (Nielsen) SCD1090
NORGARD, P.: Libra / Reves en pleine lumiere / Kredslob (Danish National Vocal Ensemble, Malmberg) 6.220622
NORGARD: Lygtemaendene tager til byen / SORENSEN: Den lille havfrue 8.226046
NORGARD: Mystic Morning / Like a Child / Ut Rosa 6.220510
NORGARD: Singe die Garten 8.224115
NORHOLM: Americana / MacMoon Songs / Fuglene 8.224168
NORHOLM: Choral Works 8.224700
NORTHERN HIGHLIGHTS - The Ultimate Finnish Orchestral Favourites ODE991-2

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