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Classical Music > Choral-Secular

This category includes cantatas and oratorios with secular or religious themes, frequently composed to celebrate great events but also for entertainment. Among the most popular secular oratorios are Haydn’s The Seasons, while his The Creation, also intended for concert performance, treats a sacred subject. Handel’s oratorios, many with sacred themes, are also among the most frequently performed.

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Title Catalogue No.
VASKS, P.: Choral Music - Plainscapes / Our Mothers Names / Silent Songs (Latvian Radio Choir, Klava) ODE1194-2
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, R.: Mass in G Minor / Silence and Music / MACMILLAN, J.: O bone Jesu / Mairi (Stuttgart Vocal Ensemble, Creed) CD93.250
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Willow-Wood / The Sons of Light / Toward the Unknown Region 8.557798
VECCHI: Amfiparnaso (L) 8.553312
VERBUM: An Anthology of Choral Works by Kortekangas, Saariaho, Lansio, Heinio and Kyllonen ODE796-2
VERESS, S.: Sancti Augustini psalmus contra partem Donati / Elegia / Das Glasklängespiel (Miskolc North Hungarian Symphony, Meszaros) MGB-6131
VICAR, J.: Choral and Orchestral Music (Way to the Sun) (Polášková, Czech Childrens Choir Jitro, Moravian Philharmonic, Vronský, M. Štilec) UP0187
VILLA-LOBOS, H.: Choral Works (Stuttgart Vocal Ensemble, Creed) CD93.268
VILLA-LOBOS, H.: Guitar Manuscripts (Complete) (Bissoli, Minas Gerais Philharmonic, Mechetti) (3-CD box set) 8.503289
VILLA-LOBOS, H.: Guitar Manuscripts (The) - Masterpieces and Lost Works, Vol. 1 (Bissoli) 8.573115
VILLA-LOBOS, H.: Symphony No. 12 / Uirapuru / Mandu-çarará (Sao Paulo Symphony, Karabtchevsky) 8.573451
VIOLONS DU ROY (LES) - Celebration DOR-90024
Vocal and Choral Music (Danish) - RING, O. / SCHIERBECK, P. / NIELSEN, C. (Rosendahl, Kolstrup, Højen, Danish National Girls Choir, P. Faber) 8.224730
Vocal and Orchestral Music - REYER, E. / SYMANOWSKY, K. / CORNELIUS, P. / BEETHOVEN, L. van / GLUCK, C.W. / HASSE, J.A. / MOZART, W.A. Phoenix420
Vocal Ensemble Concert: Singer Pur - CAGE, J. / RENNER, J. / KERSCHEK, W. / MOODY, I. / VEIT, W.H. / LIGETI, G. (Sagenhaft!) OC1853
Vocal Ensemble Music - SEIZED BY SWEET DESIRE - Singing Nuns and Ladies, From the Cathedral to the Bed Chamber (Musica Ficta, Holten) 8.572265
Vocal Music - NIELSEN, C. / KUHLAU, F. / WEYSE, C.E.F. / HARTMANN, J.P.E. (The Golden Age of Danish Partsongs) (Ars Nova Copenhagen, Hillier) 6.220568
Vocal Music - STENHAMMAR, W. / ZEMLINSKY, A. / LANGGAARD, R. / HENRIQUES, F. / DELIUS, F. / PETERSON-BERGER, W. (Sange af J.P. Jacobsen) 8.572070
Vocal Music - TARIVERDIEV, M. / BOGOSLOVSKY, N.V. / FRADKIN, M. / BESNER, V.Y. (Where are you my brothers?) (Hvorostovsky, Orbelian) DE3315
Vocal Music - WEILL, K. / DOWLAND, J. / GABRIEL, P. / GABRIELI, A. / CERTON, P. / RODGERS, R. / MANCHICOURT, P. de (… just songs!) (Die Singphoniker) OC801
Vocal Music (German) - MENDELSSOHN, Felix / BRAHMS, J. / SCHUMANN, R. / SILCHER, F. (Letztes Gluck: Songs of German Romantics) (Singer Pur) OC824
Vocal Recital (Tenor): Wunderlich, Fritz - RAPHAEL, G. / NEUMEYER, F. / BAUSZNERN, D. von / HELM, E. (Music of the 20th Century) (1954-1960) SWR19075CD
Vocal Recital: Anderson, Marian - BRAHMS, J. / MAHLER, G. / SCHUBERT, F. (1951) 9.80437
Vocal Recital: BORST, Martina / KLEPPER, Regina - MENDELSSOHN, Felix / SCHUMANN, R. / REGER, M. (Duets) C10764
Vocal Recital: Prey, Hermann - LINCKE, P. / KOLLO, W. / GILBERT, J. / KUNNEKE, E. / TEICH, O. / SIEG, F. (Ich sing mein schonstes Lied) C10289
Vocal Recital: Sirkia, Raimo - SIBELIUS, J. / ADOLPHE, A. / MADETOJA, L. / FRANCK, C. / BERLIN, I. (Valkea joulu) ODE885-2
Vocal Recital: Stobaeus, Kristina - MEHLER, F. / PETTERSSON, S. / HERMODSSON, E. / AHLQVIST, D. / STOBAEUS, K. (Kom liljor och akvileja) PROP7736

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