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Catalogue list by Genre

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Classical Music > Concertos

These are works for one or more solo instruments and orchestra. The most famous of all concertos is Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, actually a set of four concertos each devoted to one season. Most great composers have written concertos, with Vivaldi and Mozart being the most prolific – Vivaldi wrote hundreds of concertos for many different instruments and string orchestra and Mozart wrote 27 piano concertos and five violin concertos. In the 19th century, many instrumental virtuosos wrote concertos as vehicles for their own performances; Paganini wrote six violin concertos, Liszt wrote two piano concertos and Chopin wrote two as well. The most popular piano concerto of all is probably that written by Tchaikovsky, who also wrote one of the most popular violin concertos.

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Title Catalogue No.
NARDINI, P. / VIEUXTEMPS, H. / SCHUMANN, R.: Violin Concertos / RAVEL, M.: Tzigane (Szeryng, South West German Radio Symphony, Rosbaud) CD94.229
NARDINI, P.: Violin Concertos, Op. 1, Nos. 2, 4-6 (M. Rossi, Milan Classical Chamber Orchestra) CDS392
NAVARRO-ALONSO, P.: Quattro Stagioni (Le) / Concerto in B Minor (Alpha, Ekkozone, Reumert) 8.226591
Naxos Audiophile Kingdom 8.554915DX
NAXOS SELECTION: Highlights 8.571000
Naxos-Artaria Editions Sampler 8.520103
NIELSEN, C.: Clarinet Music - Clarinet Concerto / 6 Humoresque-Bagatelles / Serenata in vano (Shifrin, Purvis, R. Reynolds, B. Hoffman, Arm, Yontov) DE3527
NIELSEN, C.: Flute Concerto / IBERT, J.: Flute Concerto / JOLIVET, A.: Flute Concerto / Suite en concert (Alanko) ODE802-2
NIELSEN, C.: Symphonies Nos. 1-6 / Concertos (Znaider, Langevin, McGill, New York Philharmonic, Gilbert) [4-SACD Box Set] 6.200003
NIELSEN, C.: Violin Concerto / Aladdin Suite (excerpts) (Menuhin, Woldike, Felumb) (1952, 1957) 9.80465
NIELSEN, C.: Violin Concerto / Clarinet Concerto / Flute Concerto 8.554189
NIELSEN, C.: Violin Concerto / Flute Concerto / Clarinet Concerto (Znaider, Langevin, McGill, New York Philharmonic, Gilbert) 6.220556
NIEMINEN, K.: Palomar / Clarinet Concerto, "Through Shadows I Can Hear Ancient Voices" / Vicoli in ombra (Gallois, Raasakka, Sinfonia Finlandia) 8.572061
NIGHT MUSIC 1 8.556815
NIGHT MUSIC 2 8.556816
NIGHT MUSIC 4 8.556818
NIGHT MUSIC, VOL. 1 8.551121
NIGHT MUSIC, VOL. 3 8.551123
NIGHT MUSIC, VOL. 4 8.551124
NIGHT MUSIC, VOL. 10 8.556824
Night Music, Vol. 11 8.551131
NIGHT MUSIC, VOL. 5 8.556819
NIGHT MUSIC, VOL. 6 8.556820
NIGHT MUSIC, VOL. 7 8.556821
NIGHT MUSIC, VOL. 8 8.556822
NIGHT MUSIC, VOL. 9 8.556823
NILSSON, T.: Orgelma¨ssa i fyra satser / Bronslur Concerto / Rondo / Det finns en va¨g / KOCH, E. von: Trombonia (Torgé, Nilsson) PROP9924
NISHIZAKI, Takako: Fritz Kreisler Edition, Vol. 3 8.557869
NOCTURNE - Classical Favourites for Relaxing and Dreaming 8.556620
NORDGREN, P.H.: Violin Concerto No. 4 / Cronaca (Storgards) ODE873-2
NORDSTROM: Finnegans / Nuagess dautomne / Drommespor II / In the Woods 8.226522
NORGARD: Siddharta / Percussion Concerto, For a Change 8.224031-32
NORGARD: Viola Concerto, Remembering Child / Between DCCD 9002
NORGARD: Violin Concerto / Dream Play / Voyage into the Golden Screen 8.226014
Norwegian Violin Favourites 8.554497
NYMAN: Piano Concerto / Where the Bee Dances 8.554168

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