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Many film and TV productions feature specially-composed soundtracks, often using classical symphony orchestras or classical instrumental combinations. Many soundtracks also use existing classical compositions. The most famous example of the latter is the soundtrack of 2001: A Space Odyssey which uses the opening bars of Richard Strauss’s Also Sprach Zarathustra.

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Title Catalogue No.
GIGLI, Beniamino: Gigli Edition, Vol. 8: Milan, London and Berlin Recordings (1933-1935) 8.110269
GIGLI, Beniamino: Gigli Edition, Vol. 9: Berlin, Milan and London Recordings (1936-1938) 8.110270
GIGLI, Beniamino: Gigli Edition, Vol. 11: Milan, Berlin and Rome Recordings (1941-1943) 8.110272
GLASS, P.: String Quartet No. 5 / Dracula (excerpts) / String Sextet (Carducci String Quartet, ODuill, Rosefield) 8.559766
GOLDEN 20s (THE) (Brock, Edelhagen, Kowalski, Morgenroth, Prey) C49226-9
GOLDEN 20s (THE) (Brock, Edelhagen, Kowalski, Prey) C49227-6
GOLDEN 20s (THE) (Kowalski, Prey, Edelhagen, Kuhn) C49225-2
GOMEZ, V.M.: Blood and Sand / The Fighter (Gomez Quintet) (1941, 1952) 9.80994
GOODWIN: Drake 400 Suite / New Zealand Suite 8.223518
GORGEOUS GUITAR - Best Loved Classical Guitar Music 8.578176
Great Hollywood Epics 8.990024
Great Love Songs 8.990020
GREAT MOVIE THEMES (Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, Carl Davis) 8.570505
GREAT MOVIE THEMES 2 (Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, Carl Davis) 8.572111
Greatest Movie Classics 8.225919
GROTHE, F.: Film Music (The Original Motion Pictures Scores) (Smola) C10399
GUITAR FAVORITES (N. Kraft) 8.553999
Guitar Recital: Del Sal, Adriano - SOR, F. / MORENO TORROBA, F. / TARREGA, F. / RODRIGO, J. / MORRICONE, E. 8.572657
Guitar Recital: Romero, Angel - IRADIER, S. / MASSENET, J. / BARRY, J. / ROMERO, C. (The Incomparable Artistry of Angel Romero) DE3294

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