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The instrumental category covers works for a single instrument, mostly keyboard and plucked instruments. Keyboard instruments include the piano, harpsichord and organ. The most popular keyboard form is the piano sonata (Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert made major contributions). During the Romantic period smaller forms became very popular, among them miniature tone poems and national dances such as mazurkas and polonaises. Many virtuosos/composers also wrote technical display pieces for their own use in concerts, including transcriptions of songs and opera arias. J.S. Bach, Handel, Couperin, Scarlatti and Soler are among the most important composers for the harpsichord. There is also a vast range of music for solo guitar (Sor, Giuliani and many 19th century and contemporary Spanish and Latin American composers) and lute (Weiss, Dowland). The relatively limited number of solo works for other instruments includes music for the solo violin and solo cello. Bach’s sonatas and partitas for violin solo are perhaps the best-known for these.

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Title Catalogue No.
JABERI, A.: Ballades Nos. 4-9 (Eroica) (Jaberi) GP818
JABERI, A.: Piano Sonatas Nos. 1-3 / Ballades Nos. 1-3 (The Báb) (Jaberi) GP694
JACK-IN-THE-BOX - A Collection of Amusing and Entertaining Works by Classical Composers 8.570124-25
JACKSON: Trumpet and Organ Works 8.554773
JACOBI, W.: Piano Works (Blome, Groschopp) GP726-27
JACOBSEN, J.P.: Schuss in den Nebel (Ein) / Die Pest von Bergamo NHB10762
JACOBSON, M.: Theme and Variations / Music Room Suite / Mosaic / The Song of Songs (J. Jacobson) 8.571351
JACQUET DE LA GUERRE: Harpischord Suites Nos. 1-6 8.557654-55
JANÁCEK, L.: Piano Works (Complete) (Jirasky) UP0071-2
JANACEK: Along an Overgrown Path / Piano Sonata, From the Street 8.553586
JANACEK: In the Mist / Concertino / Variations for Zdenka 8.553587
JANACEK: On an Overgrown Path / In the Mist / Sonata I. X. 1905 / Theme and Variations CD93.181
JANACEK: On the Overgrown Path / In the Mists / 1.X.1905 CDS70
JANSON, A.: Nocturne / November 1962 / NØRGÅRD, P.: Libra (Olsen, Gothenburg Chamber Choir, Eriksson) PROP7740
JARNACH, P.: Piano Sonata No. 2 / Romancero I / 3 Rhapsodien / Aria (Turban, Lessing) C67188
JARRELL, M.: Instantanés / Assonance II / Assonance V / …dombres lointaines… (E. Molinari, S. Cooper, Swiss Romande Orchestra, Eötvös, Tamayo) MGB-CTS-M44
JASPAR, H.: 3 American Graffiti / No, I never wrote a Suite (Live at the Havana Guitar Festival) (Jasbar) Gramola99061D
JEISLER, D.: Introduction, Chorale and Variations / Cello Sonata No. 1 / 5 Songs / Adagio (Swedish Composer in Paris) (1957-1992) PRCD9111
JENKINS, J.: Fantasia-Suites (Hamburger Ratsmusik, Eckert) Phoenix141
JENKS, A.: Drones (Jenks) OM2022
JENSEN, N.P.: Flute Sonatas / Fantasias (R. Most, F. Stengaard) 8.226054
JERSILD, J.: Chamber Music (Ensemble MidtVest) 8.226072
JIA, Daqun: Percussion Works (Zhengdao Lu, Stick Game Percussion Ensemble, Gu Feng Percussion Ensemble) 8.579028
JIMÉNEZ, G.: Piano Solo Works / Cello and Piano Works - En los ojos de las llamas / 3 Pieces / La luz de enero / Mediterráneo (Villafañe, Marinis) 8.579040
JOB FLOW JOB - Afterwork Classics (Sampler for MÄNNER Magazine) 8.578250
JOHANSON, S.-E.: Fancies / Tvinnat Silke / Tio Epigram / Piano Sonata No. 2 / 8 Variationer over en korsfararsang fra 1100 talet / Flute Sonata PRCD9122
JOHNSEN, H.P.: Church Music - Easter Sunday 1757 / Trio Sonata No. 10 / 6 Fugues for Organ (Cantata, Sonata, Odes and Fugues) PRCD9088
JOHNSON, R.: Lute Music (North) 8.572178
JOHNSON: Lute Music 8.550776
JOLIVET, A.: Flute Works (Complete), Vol. 1 (Boulègue, Dumont) 8.573885
JOPLIN: Piano Rags, Vol. 1 8.559114
JOPLIN: Piano Rags, Vol. 2 8.559277
JOPLIN: Treemonisha Overture / GERSHWIN: Rhapsody in Blue / JOHNSON: A Negro Rhapsody / ELLINGTON: New World a-Comin CDS351
JORDIN, A.: Between Always and Never (Jormin) SCD1154
JORGENSEN: ... And the Lotus Rose, Quietly, Quietly ... 8.224201
JORGENSEN: Confrontations 8.224137
JUON, P.: Piano Music (Kramreiter) MGB-6196

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