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The instrumental category covers works for a single instrument, mostly keyboard and plucked instruments. Keyboard instruments include the piano, harpsichord and organ. The most popular keyboard form is the piano sonata (Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert made major contributions). During the Romantic period smaller forms became very popular, among them miniature tone poems and national dances such as mazurkas and polonaises. Many virtuosos/composers also wrote technical display pieces for their own use in concerts, including transcriptions of songs and opera arias. J.S. Bach, Handel, Couperin, Scarlatti and Soler are among the most important composers for the harpsichord. There is also a vast range of music for solo guitar (Sor, Giuliani and many 19th century and contemporary Spanish and Latin American composers) and lute (Weiss, Dowland). The relatively limited number of solo works for other instruments includes music for the solo violin and solo cello. Bach’s sonatas and partitas for violin solo are perhaps the best-known for these.

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Title Catalogue No.
TAILLEFERRE: Hommage a Rameau / Suite burlesque / MADERNA: Concerto for 2 Pianos / Serenata per un satellite / DONATONI: Cloches III S2010
TAKACS, J.: Piano Music (Labra-Makk) Gramola98793
Takako Nishizaki Plays Suzuki Evergreens, Vol. 1 8.572378
Takako Nishizaki Plays Suzuki Evergreens, Vol. 2 8.572379
Takako Nishizaki Plays Suzuki Evergreens, Vol. 4 8.572381
Takako Nishizaki Plays Suzuki Evergreens, Vol. 6 8.572383
Takako Nishizaki Plays Suzuki Evergreens, Vol. 7 8.572494
TAKEMITSU, T.: Toward the Sea / All in Twilight / Ring / Folios (Helasvu) ODE839-2
TAKEMITSU, Toru: Dorian Horizon / Wind Horse / November Steps (Hiroyuki Iwaki, Kenichiro Kobayashi, Tadashi Mori, Nabuaki Tanaka) NYNG-003
TAKEMITSU, Toru: Original Solo Guitar Works (Complete) (Shin-ichi Fukuda) (Japanese Guitar Music, Vol. 1) 8.573153
TAKEMITSU: Piano Music 8.570261
TAKEMITSU: Toward the Sea / Rain Tree / Rain Spell / Bryce 8.555859
TALLIS (Eternal) 8.572081
TAMAS, J.: Piano Concerto / Lichtspiel / Improvisationen / Eisblumen (Early Piano Works) (Dratva, Basel Chamber Orchestra, Goodwin) OC750
TAMMITTAM ENSEMBLE: Piano and Percussion in the 20th century CDS97
TANEYEV, S.I.: Violin Sonata / Piano Music (Peshkov, Solovieva) 8.557804
Tango Argentino 8.555721
TANSMAN, A.: 24 Intermezzi / Petite Suite (Reyes) 8.572266
TANSMAN, A.: Guitar Solo Works (Complete), Vol. 1 (De Vitis) 8.573983
TANSMAN, A.: Guitar Solo Works (Complete), Vol. 2 (De Vitis) 8.573984
TANSMAN, A.: Piano Music - 11 Interludes / Visit to Israel / Caprices / 4 Piano Moods (Koukl) GP788
TANSMAN, A.: Piano Music - Ballades Nos. 1-3 / Arabesques / Suite dans le style ancien / 5 Impressions / 8 Cantilenes (Reyes) 8.573021
TANSMAN, A.: Works for 2 Pianos (Duo Daccord) SWR19053CD
TANSMAN: Guitar Music (Complete) 8.223690
TARP, S.E.: Piano Music (Lemoh) 8.226053
TARREGA, F.: Guitar Music (Bergstrom) 8.572365
TARTINI, G.: Flute Concertos / Sonatas (Mercelli, Rogliano, Ensemble Respighi) TB692090
TARTINI, G.: Sonatas for Solo Violin (Šiškovic) CDS721
TARTINI, G.: Sonatas for Solo Violin, Vol. 2 (Šiškovic) CDS7869
TARTINI, G.: Trio Sonatas / Violin Sonata, "The Devils Trill" (Rogliano, Ensemble Respighi) TC692004
TAVENER, J.: Essential John Tavener (The) (5-CD Box Set) 8.505239
TAVENER: Piano Works 8.570442
TCHAIKOVSKY / BALAKIREV / GLAZUNOV: Arrangements for 2 Pianos 8 Hands 8.557717
TCHAIKOVSKY, B.: Piano and Chamber Works (Solovieva, Korostelyov, Dichenko) GP716
TCHAIKOVSKY, B.: Piano Trio / Cello Sonata / Cello Suite (Kazazyan, C. Marwood, Solovieva) 8.573783
TCHAIKOVSKY, P.: Symphony No. 5 / The Seasons (Philadelphia Orchestra, Eschenbach) ODE1076-5
TCHAIKOVSKY, P.: The Nutcracker Suite / PRAETORIUS, M.: Terpsichore / WARLOCK, P.: Capriol Suite (arr. for guitar quartet) (Los Angeles Guitar Quartet DE3132
TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: 18 Morceaux, Op. 72 (Kamenz) OC724
TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: 18 Morceaux, Op. 72 (Shamray) 8.572225
TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Album for the Young (The Snow Queen) (Makarova, Rosenberger) DE6004
TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Opera and Song Transcriptions for Piano (Severus) GP795
TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Piano Music - 12 Morceaux / Souvenir de Hapsal / Valse-Scherzos / Capriccio / Valse-caprice (Mami Shikimori) 8.573543
TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Piano Works (Complete) (Trabucco) CDS665
TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Potpourri (Coburn) 8.573844
TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Seasons (The) / CHOPIN, F.: Ballade No. 3 / KYMLICKA, M.: 4 Valses (Kubalek) DOR-90102
TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Seasons (The) / Piano Sonata in C-Sharp Minor (Rachkovsky) 8.570787
TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Solo Piano Music (Complete), Vol. 1 (Ponti) CDX-5087
TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Solo Piano Music (Complete), Vol. 2 / Violin Concerto, Op. 35 (Ponti, Rosand, Luxembourg Radio Orchestra, Froment) CD3X-3025
TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Symphony No. 4 / The Seasons (Philadelphia Orchestra, Eschenbach) ODE1104-5
TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Symphony No. 6, "Pathétique" / Dumka (Eschenbach) ODE1131-5
TCHAIKOVSKY: Album for the Young / SCHUMANN: Album for the Young (excerpts) (Dorfman) (1954) 9.80196
TCHAIKOVSKY: Ballet Suites (Transcriptions for Piano 4 Hands) 8.570418
TCHAIKOVSKY: Piano Concerto No. 1/ CHOPIN: Etudes (Solomon) (1929-1930) 8.110680
TCHAIKOVSKY: Piano Concertos Nos. 1 and 2 (Moiseiwitsch, Vol. 3) (1944-1945) 8.110655
TCHAIKOVSKY: Piano Music (Prunyi) 8.550504
TCHAIKOVSKY: Piano Music, Vol. 1 8.553063
TCHAIKOVSKY: Piano Music, Vol. 2 8.553330
TCHAIKOVSKY: Piano Sonata in C-Sharp Minor, Op. 80 / Grand Sonata, Op. 37 SCD1053
TCHAIKOVSKY: Romantic Tchaikovsky (The) 8.552216
TCHAIKOVSKY: Seasons / Chanson triste (Prunyi) 8.550233
TCHAIKOVSKY: The Best Of Tchaikovsky 8.551102
TCHAIKOVSKY: The Seasons (excerpts) / RACHMANINOV: Preludes / SCRIABIN: Piano Sonata No. 2 CDR90000-001
TCHEREPNIN, A.: Piano Music, Vol. 1 (Koukl) GP608
TCHEREPNIN, A.: Piano Music, Vol. 2 (Koukl) GP632
TCHEREPNIN, A.: Piano Music, Vol. 3 (Koukl) GP635
TCHEREPNIN, A.: Piano Music, Vol. 4 (Koukl) GP649
TCHEREPNIN, A.: Piano Music, Vol. 5 (Koukl) GP650
TCHEREPNIN, A.: Piano Music, Vol. 6 (Koukl) GP651
TCHEREPNIN, A.: Piano Music, Vol. 7 (Koukl) GP658
TCHEREPNIN, A.: Piano Music, Vol. 8 (Koukl) GP659
TEBALDINI, G.: Organ Music (Complete) / Sacred Choral Music (Mercati, Costanzo Porta Choir, Greco) TC862090
TEDESCHI, L.M.: Chamber Music (Rogliano, Sorrentino, Ciccozzi) TC862001
TELEMANN, G.P.: 12 Fantaisies, TWV 40:2-13 (Fedotova) Gramola99114
TELEMANN, G.P.: 12 Fantaisies, TWV 40:2-13 (G. Roselli) 8.579054
TELEMANN, G.P.: 12 Fantasies for Solo Violin (Hadelich) 8.570563
TELEMANN, G.P.: 12 Fantasies for Solo Violin (Lessing) C10852
TELEMANN, G.P.: 12 Fantasies, TWV 40:2-13 (Robertello) DE3396
TELEMANN, G.P.: 6 Ouvertures, TWV 32:5-10 (Gaku Nakagawa) 8.573819
TELEMANN, G.P.: Fantasies and Partitas (Schellenberger, Radauer, Süß) C130182
TELEMANN: 6 Sonatas for Two Flutes without Bass 8.554132
Ten Years Of Success 8.554103
THALBERG: Fantasies on Operas by Bellini 8.223355
THALBERG: Fantasies on Operas by Donizetti 8.223365
THALBERG: Fantasies on Operas by Rossini 8.555501
THALBERG: Fantasies on Operas by Verdi, Rossini and Bellini 8.223367
THALBERG: Piano Concerto in F Minor / Souvenirs de Beethoven 8.553701
THALBERG: Soirees de Pausilippe (Les) 8.223807
THALBERG: Variations on Operas by Rossini 8.223366
THANKSGIVING - A Classic Thanksgiving: Songs of Praise 8.555294
The Art of Yim Hok-man 8.225963SACD
The Best of Naxos 8 8.551201
The Eternal Harp DOR-90019

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