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Operas and operettas are basically plays (tragedies, dramas and comedies) set to music. Most feature solo voices and choruses and the whole is accompanied by orchestra. The operetta is a light music version of the opera form, but the French 'Opéra Comique' and the German 'Singspiel' also represent lighter forms of opera. The most frequently performed opera composers are Mozart, Rossini, Puccini and Verdi, while the most successful operetta composers are Johann Strauss II, Offenbach, Lehár and Sullivan.

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Title Catalogue No.
SCHMIDT, Joseph: Arias and Songs (1929-36) 8.111318-19
SCHUMANN, Elisabeth: Mozart and Viennese Operetta Aria Recordings (1926-1938) 8.111100
SEMBRICH, Marcella: Victor Recordings 1904-08 81026-2
SEMBRICH, Marcella: Victor Recordings 1908-19 81027-2
SERRANO, J.: Alma de Dios [Zarzuela] (Berchman, Simon, Ramalle, Montorio, Navarro) (1954) 9.80814
SIECZYNSKI, R.: Lieder / BEER, J.: Polnishe Hochzeit (Wiener Schmäh auf Polnisch) (Edelmann, Kowalska, Pinderak, Pietak, Kiepura) Gramola98980
SIRKIA, Raimo: Romances from the Movies ODE403-2
SOUTULLO, R. / VERT, J.: Del Soto del Parral (La) [Zarzuela] (Rosado, Berganza, Ausensi, Argenta) (1955) 9.80826
SOUTULLO, R. / VERT, J.: Ultimo romantico (El) [Zarzuela] (Berganza, Rivadeneira, Torrano, Cisneros) (1956) 9.80820
STRAUS, O.: Lustigen Nibelungen (Die) [Operetta] C10752
STRAUS, O.: Lustigen Nibelungen (Die) [Operetta] (Kohler) C5088
STRAUS, O.: Tapfere Soldat (Der) [Operetta] (Kohler) C5089
STRAUSS II, J. / LEHAR, F. / TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Great Waltzes 8.571076
STRAUSS II, J.: Die Fledermaus (The Bat) (Schwarzkopf, Gedda, Karajan) (1955) 8.111036-37
STRAUSS II, J.: Fledermaus (Die) 8.660017-18
STRAUSS II, J.: Fledermaus (Die) (Highlights) 8.553171
STRAUSS II, J.: Fledermaus (Die) (Sung in English) (excerpts) (Munsel, Resnik, Melton, Reiner) (1950) 9.80693
STRAUSS II, J.: Fledermaus (Die) (Sung in English) (Metropolitan Opera, Ormandy) (1950-1951) 9.80716-17
STRAUSS II, J.: Fledermaus (Die) (Vienna State Opera / Krauss) (1950) 8.110180-81
STRAUSS II, J.: Fledermaus (Die) [Operetta] (Edelmann, Cologne West German Radio Chorus and Orchestra, Haider) C5167
STRAUSS II, J.: Furstin Ninetta [Operetta] (Aberg, Eliasson, Stockholm Strauss Orchestra, Csanyi) 8.660227-28
STRAUSS II, J.: Gottin der Vernunft (Die) (Groiss, Ma-Zach, Kumpfmuller, Equiluz, Cortes, Fodinger, Slovak Sinfonietta, Zilina, Pollack) 8.660280-81
STRAUSS II, J.: Jabuka (Das Apfelfest) 8.660216-17
STRAUSS II, J.: Most Famous Waltzes, Polkas, and Marches 8.571064
STRAUSS II, J.: Nacht in Venedig (Eine) (Buckard, Gylbert, Stockholm Strauss Orchestra, Eichenholz) 8.660268-69
STRAUSS II, J.: Nacht in Venedig (Eine) (Schwarzkopf, Gedda) (1954) 8.111254
STRAUSS II, J.: Nacht in Venedig (Eine) (Vienna State Opera soloists, Paulik) (1951) 9.80685
STRAUSS II, J.: Nacht in Venedig (Eine) [Operetta] (Lippert, Samek, Jaus, Mörbisch Festival Choir and Orchestra, Schüller) OC450
STRAUSS II, J.: Wiener Blut (excerpts) OC595
STRAUSS II, J.: Wiener Blut (Schwarzkopf, Gedda, Ackermann) (1954) 8.111257
STRAUSS II, J.: Zigeunerbaron (Der) (Patzak, Loose, Krauss) (1951) 9.80626-27
STRAUSS II, J.: Zigeunerbaron (Der) (The Gypsy Baron) (Schwarzkopf, Gedda, Ackermann) (1954) 8.111329-30
STRAUSS II, J: Fledermaus (Die) (Highlights) (Schonherr) (1950) 9.80061
STRAUSS II: Zigeunerbaron (Der) (excerpts) OC238
STRAUSS: Nacht in Venedig (Eine) OC251
STREICH, Rita: Rita Streich Sings (1956) 9.80094
SULLIVAN, A.: Mikado (The) (Opera Australia, 2011) OPOZ56016CD
SULLIVAN, A.: Mikado (The) (Voorhees) (1960) 9.81099
SULLIVAN: Gondoliers (The) (DOyly Carte) (1950) 8.110209-10
SULLIVAN: H.M.S. Pinafore (1930) / The Pirates of Penzance (1929) (DOyly Carte) 89002-2
SULLIVAN: H.M.S. Pinafore (DOyly Carte) (1948) 8.110175
SULLIVAN: Iolanthe (DOyly Carte) (1951) 8.110231-32
SULLIVAN: Macbeth / King Arthur / Merry Wives of Windsor 8.223635
SULLIVAN: Mikado (The) (DOyly Carte) (1950) 8.110176-77
SULLIVAN: Patience (DOyly Carte) (1951) 8.110233
SULLIVAN: Pirates of Penzance / Trial by Jury (DOyly Carte) (1949) 8.110196-97
SULLIVAN: Princess Ida (Morgan, Round, Godfrey) (1954) 8.110317-18
SULLIVAN: Ruddigore (DOyly Carte) (1950) 8.110295
SULLIVAN: Sorcerer (The) (DOyly Carte) (1953) 8.110785-86
SULLIVAN: Yeomen of the Guard (DOyly Carte) (1950) 8.110293-94
SUPPE, F. von: Beautiful Galatea (The) [Operetta] C60134
SWEETEST THING (THE) - 16 Great Love Songs 8.880034

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